Monday, March 24, 2008

Footage of The Evelyn Twins

I am slowly crawling out of my mute stage, but it's no fun.
will relate more soon but i am holed up working hard on the text and
layout for the new songbook (i finally titled it & i went with the
very stately: The Virginia Companion).


i had to retreat out of my hole for a moment to share this youtube
clip with you.
it is a clip of the conjoined twins Evelyn & Evelyn performing their
very first live set when jason & I were out in Seattle finishing up
their record last month.
they were REALLY REALLY NERVOUS, it was their first public appearance
ever and getting them to do it was a herculean task.
this was a song they had just written called "you only want me 'cause
you want my sister"
at the end of the clip, they take a break for a snack.



KK said...

haha that was fucking awesome!
i saw the twins play that song before it was finished at the lily pad in november. they didn't seem shy, but i think it's because they didn't know anyone else was in the room. tell them that they should write a song in "chicken" because if i remember correctly, they're able to speak it..

kelley kip

(p.s. i have to do a job shadow for my economics class, and i want to do something with music, preferably, but i'll do pretty much anything, so if you know anyone at all that i could job shadow, that'd be absolutely amazing and i'd love it! my email is thanks)

the deviant tart said...

hahaha i am so glad i was there for this! i have some really great footage of the twins, but my computer has decided it hates me, and won't let me upload it! so sad! until that works, i'll just have to wear my evelyn evelyn shirt with pride!

(you mentioned in your last blog that you were thinking of utilizing the us mail system to get rid of some of your "treasures..." i think this is a fabulous idea! i hope you'll let us know when you do...also, have you considered an online "yard sale?" could be a fun idea...good luck!)


Elise said...

That is SO precious. I love the Twins!

P.S. If you ever want to journey to Providence for a day or just for fun, I would be glad to host you :)

Get better! <3

sarah said...

awh! they're so cute! :]
i wanna meet them!
great song too. :*

Marika said...

The Evelyns are crazy talented. Any future plans for a tour? I'd go!

ElectricWhore said...

Geez, I'm an idiot, I've always thought Evelyn and Evelyn were real conjoined twins and not the creative minds of Webley and Palmer. Gahhh, I need to take a break from cyperspace.


Ben said...

Amazing performance! Thank you for the link. Not to keep rotating back to Madonna and the "Sex" book. On July 7, 2010 would you sit with a photographer and go through your own taboo list? Or strike a pose on the side of the road? Or hold her book in your hands? That date is specific because it is how old Madonna was (12,486 days) on the release of the book. Sliding scale (and a great site called means that your birthdate plus 12,286 = 07.07.10. So unless you know the date the hitchhiking photo was taken, gotta use the book release date.

Andy Pants said...

I hate to say it but I think the one on the left is a little more attractive than the one on the right.

- said...

They're just darling!

June Miller said...


Aw, they're so aloof. Clever ones they are, though. I enjoy their catchy jingles.

samantha said...

that was amazing!!

Will Evelyn Evelyn be visiting Australia??

I really would love to see them!!

tess emily said...

i made a drawing named after one of your lyrics.


not the carefullest of girls.
please click image for full-sized.


tess emily said...

wait actually don't click on anything just paste the links, cos the thingie wouldn't accept my tags for some reason and now my last comment doesn't make any sense. oops times two.

Brian's Love...Oh, Rachel said...

I love you, Amanda!

sarah said...

i can never help but to read other people's comments and i just adore how you make people so inspired, myself included.
i cannot wait to hear this new voice.

oh, and if you haven't made your set list yet for june 20th, totally throw in a happy birthday song for sarah know how happy that would make me? :]
keep inspiring.

Chelsea said...

So, I just started working at the quintessential northern michigan hick bar in a desperate attempt to gather money which I will use to flee far, far, far, from the be-mittened state. Anyway, the one lovely thing that this bar has is an internet jukebox; granted the only thing this fabulous thing is ever used for is to play "sweet home alabama" (because michigan apparently = alabama), and horrendous country shit, I however, get a perverse enjoyment in sneaking over to this jukebox between getting customers buffalo wings and bud in a can, slipping in a dollar, punching in "THE DRESDEN DOLLS", and watching the confused/angry/panicked reaction of the clientele as one of your beautiful songs begins to drown out garth brooks. Thank you.

impoverished-artist said...
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Shawn said...

I think snack time was my favorite 10 minutes of that entire night. So good!

I just wish the EP hadn't sold out so quickly! I would love to buy a copy of it. Support the twins!

Erica said...

If you're not in on the joke (which I wasn't for about thirty seconds) it's actually quite disconcerting to hear the audience laugh at the supposed freakshow.

Shawn said...

I should add that I took some photos at this show. You can see them here: Flickr! :)

Nessa said...

" ElectricWhore said...

Geez, I'm an idiot, I've always thought Evelyn and Evelyn were real conjoined twins and not the creative minds of Webley and Palmer. Gahhh, I need to take a break from cyperspace.


OMG... they're not real? HAHA, I got fooled into it too. My jaw dropped. I was amazed when I thought the evelyn's were real, it's just so crazy man... but awesome at the same time.

I feel like an idiot now that I see this comment and realise I was lost too. I watched the footage again and got it...

You're a genious Amanda. Thank you for the laughs. :) I wish I could go to your concerts, but I live very very far away... Maybe someday!

David said...

Thanks for sharing that hilarious video. Your sense of humor is truly boundless! Happy healing to you and your cords.

Rob said...

Argh, all these clips just make me want to see you live again. Damn you and your talent. Are you coming back to the Edinburgh Festival this year? We'll really miss you if you don't! said...

Hey Amanda,
I just found you guys, while browsing the internet.
I am so impressed. Love it from themes to the esthetic.
Thank you so much for bringing some freshness!

L said...

Gah! Video no longer available!... :[

On fingerpicking: I'm absolutely smitten by the awesomeness of Rodrigo y Gabriela...

...or perhaps I've missed the point...

L (plinkety plink)

Alex said...

That was an awesome video clip! I hope your beautiful voice gets better. <3.

Lyra and Will said...

Nothing to do with the film, but bear with me please...

I've long cherished a secret project to go round lots of people I admire and tell them how great they are. I figure that it's always nice to get compliments, and although I don't myself aspire to greatness, I'm a good judge. It's the kind of thing that I think about when I'm driving and something comes on the radio and I think, fuck me, that's great, I wonder if anyone has actually said to so and so that recently. It's not just music either, sometimes it's a book, something someone has done that has put them into the news, all sorts of things.

Of course I never actually do it, because to do so would seem bizarrely stalkerly obsessive. And of course I'm English and I hate the idea of that awkward moment of silence that comes about 3 seconds after making an unsolicited compliment to someone you don't know.

Until now. Until this precise moment when I was finally moved to make you the first entry in my own personal hall of fame of greatness.

I came up through the French school of variete songs, rather than the Weill/Brecht/Minnelli/Bowie route. So my heroes include people like Jacques Brel, who combined the most unbelievable lyrical ability - it's worth learning French just to experience Brel, really (his translation of "to Dream the Impossible dream" (la quete) turns a rather dumb song into a masterpiece of regret and longing, it's astonishing) - with wonderful music and an extraordinary performance. To find such a unique combination of talents in one person is extraordinary, unbelievable.

But I put you completely in the same basket as Brel. It's about as good as you can get - I've been gradually immersing myself in your CDs, and it's funny: I have the same reaction I had initially to Brel, which is that at first it seemed disappointing, then something will hook me in, a turn of phrase, a musical line, and the album gets put on loop for days. It is beyond brilliant.

I suppose I now have to figure out whether any more of my heroes have blogs, and if they do whether they look at them. I'm hoping that you do, or will at some point, because I really do want to tell you how great you are (cue for a Cole Porter song here, but he's dead and I doubt he has a blog).

So if you do read this, I have one recommendation for you, because he is lesser known than Brel (whom I know you've referenced by singing Amsterdam, but maybe that's from Bowie more than Brel?). Boris Vian was a French writer and musician. He wrote the original and completely blood drenched "I spit on your grave", but also the most heart rending novel of love ever written "L'ecume des jours" which has a dream like but often very funny quality. And he was also a tremendous songwriter and performer in a sort of cabaret (small C) style. Fais-moi mal, Johnny (hurt me, Johnny) would suit you as a song, I'm certain of it, or Je suis snob, or je bois (I drink -one great line: "I drink to excess to forget my wife's friends" (the poetry lost in translation will be refunded at the border on presentation of an officially stamped receipt).

You're great, Amanda. Thanks.

Iwen said...

Have the twins seen A Zed & Two Noughts (Peter Greenaway film)? If not, I think they might enjoy it. Here's a little visual teaser from the wonderful imdb:

P.S. Since I am mentioning Greenaway, I might as well note that I personally favor his The Pillow Book over A Zed, but that's just me.

DiePalindromeDie said...

this offends me as a saimese twin

S. said...


Leticia said...

I love you EE!
I am making a collage of you :)
Whe int is ready I will send it.
Lots of love and candy x 2

Sara said...

I was nosey and checking out this girl and her photog skills at the Denver concert, so I have a few pics. Not the best, but you may be interested. I can also give you the photographer's e-mail address seeing as I didn't get her phone number. :-(

I saw you play in St. Louis (vocal chord issues dually noted) right before I moved to Denver (sobriety dually noted), and I must say that I thought the St. Louis concert was kick-ass.

Will also be seeing you, Amanda, solo in Chicago in August! So excited.

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