Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

i smell like paint marker

going at breakneck speed.
i'm at home.
i signed a shit ton of CDs tonight.
geeta took pictures...
this is only about half of them.

2000 got driven to my house by some fantastically kind people after the more traditional mail delivery service failed us.
fuck the postal service! fuck UPS! long live random friends of friends driving from New York to Boston with 2000 CDs in their car.

the pre-order has been SLAMMIN. we're all sort of in shock. the response to the pre-order was so overwhelming that it shut down the
server of the host company. they were impressed.

according to them, we outdid ACDC.

take that, ACDC.

if you haven't pre-ordered, there's not much time left and the prices are going to go up come tuesday when the record's actually out.
do it:

on that note: the REAL website ( is going to house all the album artwork and credits and suchlike) will be up later in the week.
i was hoping to have it done sooner but life is a fuckshow.

i had a minor nervous breakdown last night after going to see a chorus line with my mother.
it wasn't the musical that did it. i was just ready to pop.
this whole last week has just been packed with weirdness.
i went to new york to do a bunch of stuff and felt disoriented the whole time. good things did happen, random things.....
i got to hang out with regina in new york, which was really nice because we haven't connected much lately (read her latest blog....she talks about how i bitched at her for never posting any personal blogs, yay! i've infected her).

karma happens....a few days after i posted about tegan and sara on my site (i plugged their record, the con, it's OUTSTANDING), i wound up - totally coincidentally - being in a photoshoot for out magazine with them. i'd met sara before, but only in passing.
they're both amazing people. tegan took some photos of me for the neil gaiman book and the hair and make-up people tried to make us look like a bunch of 1950s degenerates....

note the switchblade comb i am threateningly holding.

my inner theater dork came in her pants when THIS dude walked into the photoshoot -

yes, virginia, you're correct. it's edward albee....incredible, groundbreaking playwright (author, most notably, of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Zoo Story). i very rarely get shaky and fan out. but i got shaky and fanned out. i gave him a copy of the record. maybe he'll listen to it. he was so kind in person.

in other recent news:
the impromptu soccer game in london was a smashing success.
about 60 people showed up all told. most people watched and drank beer. we who played didn't bother with actual positions....we just ran around trying to kill each other.
goalposts were made of shirts.

we started the day by splitting into teams:

my team:

the OTHER team:

team love:

the AFP was max's idea. they were out of Ms.

the local drunks LOVED us:

among those who were too cool to play....max, robyn, steven, olga, becca:

we were ultimately challenged by a group of ACTUAL soccer-playing londoners to a match.
these dudes were from trinidad and jamaica and it was about 12 of them against 45 of us. it was a fair game.
we won....4 to 2.

these two from:

this dog was awesome.....

then we all loved each other:

these three:

bonus pic:


and a little youtube clip someone posted....

i'm going to post up some teaser photos from the past few weeks of video shooting soon....
two totally different experiences (leeds united in london, oasis in NYC).

3 days til the records out, comrades.
this week i'll be doing in-stores in boston, portland (maine) and new york.

and i MIGHT be doing my dawn record giveaway. stay tuned, i'm trying to hook up a superfancy texting system to let people know the night before where i'll be hiding.



ps random dept:
voltaire has posted a parody of coin-operated boy called coin-operated goi up on his myspace.
it's hilarious: