Monday, July 10, 2006


i think i may start to blog purely in haiku

o! camera phone
nine billion megapixels
that they cannot feel

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

femming out

we left the panic tour for a one-off show in san jose...flew out to california and spent, literally, about 16 hours in the state.
the show was outdoors, and we were filled with immense happy joy joy to be invited onstage to play with the violent femmes. we sat in for about 4 songs, including "good feeling", "confessions"...they were so mellow and cool and the whole thing was like a little dose of music medicine for both of us. you couldn't wipe the grinsd off either of our faces....though gordon gano came back to my piano with a towel and bound my arms because i was so happy and banging away that i didn't realize i was stepping all over what was supposed to be a drum solo. hopefully somebody got some good pictures.

the land of contrast continues, back to the airport to come home to boston for another 16 hours, make love to my own bed, and get back on the bus. one good thing did happen: i invited the panic boys over to the cloud club since we were all in town at the same time and ryan, the shy and retiring lyricist, took me up on my offer. there was a raging party here the night before, so wading through the carnage and hungover vibe i showed him our magic house and we watched some ghetto impromptu fireworks from the roof. we had a wonderful time...the way it's supposed to be, everybody in the cloud club sitting around til late late, drinking and philosophizing about nothing important, michael pope in true michael pope form chain-smoking and entertaining us with his every utterance, becca talking about sleeping in the bathtub and wanting a pony, lee probing sweetly deep into all of pschyes and mother issues, noah and pope arguing about media, brianna soaking it all in with her beautiful wide eyes and agreeing with me (thanks brianna) that honesty is always the best policy when dealing with normal-people-relationship adultery. peter sand came by at about 1 am and showed us his vintage volkswagen cartruck (cruck? or trar?). things were still loud down on the stoop when i went to bed, in heaven under my own quilt. now it's morning, we leave for hampton beach in an hour and i won't see this paradise of home for another month. i wish i could beam myself back here every three days for just an hour. it's fuel for me. i think i am going to take this last hour, and instead of blogging like an idiot, ride my bike to the public garden and look at the ducks and get some edamame succotash at whole foods.

ach: some business before i forget. the songbook is OFFICIALLY FINISHED (aaaahhh!) and has been shipped.
you can order it here:
only one snag: the DVD is still in production and is being shipped separately to everyone who ordered the book.
if you already received your copy and are wondering, it's on the way.
don't despair. i've already been getting fantastic feedback on the book, so hopefully the painful wait was worth it.

love & happy The Man Day