Monday, December 31, 2007

US tour day 3&4

i made it through the boston show with half a voice.

i always feel so shitful (to use a meow adjective i've picked up)
when i can't sing, which is most of the time.
why does this happen?

being sick didn't help. not having a trained voice doesn't help.
i really am going out there and making shit up every night. believe
me, i do NOT have a plan nor know what i'm doing. period. i've gotten
really well-practiced at i-got-no-clue-how-to-really-do-this-well-here-
i can sort of play piano, and i can sort of sing. i've been figuring
this out as i go along. blindly hoping i'll get it right most of the
time and assuming i'll mess up approximately 27% of the time.
i completely spaced the lyrics to "girl anachronism", which we played
second, because my brain simply went haywire. its always interesting
to see what comes out of my mouth at those times.
it's not quite english, it's not quite gibberish. brian commented
that last night it sounded sort of swedish. WHATEVER IT TAKES.
the fact that the shows was still stupendous makes me realize, once
again, it ain't the tools, it's the delivery. but i almost don't want
it to be true. i don't want to be able to get away with it. i was
talking with melissa (aka meow) about this. she can do shows in
character (ie as Meow Meow) with a broken voice, no problem. whatevs.
it's cabaret, it's punk, it;s rock, there's no rules. but if she's
doing an opera gig: all bets are off. the voice has to be there or
the gig doesn't go off. what do those fucking people do?

i want an understudy.

strangely, four or five different people (all girls, actually), have
told me over the last few days of shows that i inspired them to learn
how to play piano.
that inspires ME to learn how to actually play the piano, because now
i feel guilty. it's all relative.

after the orpheum show (sold out, to our amazement....over 2300
people in our hometown....we were very excited by that) i entouraged
home because meow, lance, katie kay and all the members of the
luminescent orchestrii were staying at my house, some in beds, some
on floors. beer and wine and assorted folks found their way over and
though i should have gone straight to bed, i stayed up, drank
(resPONSIBLY, wine only and two glasses at that, i hear it kills
germs) and chatted for an hour with my brothers and sisters. was it
worth it? fuck yeah. still. i woke up with no voice. i spent the day
stuck crusted to bed in my apartment, still feeling flu-like and
unable to cope with the realities of life (like packing for the
upcoming two weeks of tour...i'll have to do that tomorrow morning).
many cups of tea later, i am still wondering if i'll have a voice for
the new york show.

if you're coming, cross your fingers. i am already plotting an
elaborate hand-drawn dresden-dolls karaoke machine and i'll have to
find someone to run it.

i took this picture outside the philadelphia show since the marquis
on south street was so pretty right at dusk

.....and as i was standing on a newspaper box making a fool of myself
trying to get the perfect shot sxip and sarah from lumii showed up in
the frame.
i ran down and said hello right after that, it was our first reunion
in a while...and sxip said that at that very moment i caught the
photo he'd been saying to sarah
"someone should get a picture of this marquis"...then they turned
around and saw mah ass.

love it

did you know you can take an online colorblind test?:

i tested normal. thank god, now i can be a pilot if i want to.

last but not least, here is a very kinky looking Evelyn Evelyn-
inspired "bondage Elephant Elephant" that showed up at the boston show:


have a safe new years....they're CRAZY out there, those fucking people.



someone said...

No matter what you are singing, we will still enjoy it. I had a wonderful time at the Philadelphia show.

Jack said...

The tools develop with the passion, whether you want them to or not.

All the pretty little horses,

andrea said...

i think you're right, it's the delivery. it's ok though. i've seen you guys play when you've had no voice and you pulled it off. you still perform like it's the last show you'll ever play. and come one, you've got songs that a scratchy voice only makes sound more emotional. i'd rather see a band that's sick and tired but still plays like they're going to beat their sound into you then a band that's got it all going right but plays with no passion. see you in STL.

all my love,


Anne said...
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Anne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne said...

Please get some vocal training. You're putting yourself in danger of not being able to sing at all, or nodes, or related crap. And it will happen much sooner than you think. Go to Berklee! They have people who can help you out, and who won't make you sound like an opera singer. You owe it to yourself.

Piano lessons? Not so much.

lentower said...

ms a

you are a performance artist first, and brian has become one too, then musicians etc. second, third, ...

though at the top of your voice and fingering you are among the best

the fact you want to give us all, your very best,
and so honestly tell us when you're not
just endear you to us all the more

but yes to

* more voice training
* sight reading
* (more?) piano training
* continued care of your voice
* continued care of your HANDS

best -len

ps: play drums more
it be awesome, brian came up to speed on the keyboad, and you did a complete switch

christina sestina said...

i saw you lovelies at the boston show and ... i really, really could not stop smiling. the entire time.

meleobro said...

take care of your voice nena...
happy new year...

kinkandcoumadin said...

I saw you at the Boston show, and honestly, aside from your hoarse talking voice and occasional nose blow, I would've thought you were fine. There was so much energy in the show, I found it hard to believe you were sick!
Please try to take care of yourself, and thank you for the awesome show. Excellent first DD concert :)

donnied said...

Amanda, the Boston show was GREAT ... thanks for "The Gardener" .. that was incredible ...

Doro said...

I see Lumii and I smile. I love these people.

I started playing the piano because we have one and the dolls songbook was supposed to be released and I couldn't play and I figured I'd better start.

I played The Flowers at a recital a week ago.

Suzanne said...

You inspired me to learn to play the piano as well. Just so you know.

Robin said...

Amanda, you were AMAZING at the Boston show, voice or no voice! ^_^

June Miller said...

I love those pictures so much. You can totally tell Sxip's just like '..And there's Amanda!' It's a perfect shot, indeed.

The same choir teacher who told me about the honey plus lemon in tea method also informed us to make it look as if nothing's wrong and everything's fine when you forget whatever it is you're singing. As long as the audience sees lips moving and something being performed, they don't really notice. It's definitely all in delivery. I think you're doing something right, don't worry. You'll do fine. They're gonna love y'all regardless and be dressed fabulously.

But you sort of play the piano? Sort of? A'ight, whatever.

I'm over this year. Let's move into the new. Have a good'n, ma'am.

bug said...

I cannot tell you how desperately I wish I could somehow be at ANY ONE of your shows. Texas misses you. Good luck!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I agree with lentower's performance artist comment. The i-got-no-clue-how-to-really-do-this-well-here-
goes-nothing method is what attracts me to what you're doing.

When I saw your solo show in Melbourne I was absolutely petrified. You seem so... yourself and so very comfortable with that.

It's not scripted or staged it's purely you. It's not bound by the rules(expectations?) of other shows. Honesty, passion and a raw power that is rarely revealed completely.

and I don't think you're 'getting away with it'... it is what it is.

Hats off to ya!

Anna said...

it's new years eve & i'm currently stuck, with a broken leg, in a small town in maine. i would give most anything to be dancing at your NYC show.

instead, i'm listening to your cover of "new year's day". do you realize how much raw fucking power you've put behind this song? your voice is flawless, no piano trip-ups. but then, it wouldn't matter a lick if you punched the wrong key or cracked a note. the performance is still so SOUL-POUNDING that i, in my one-legged state, am want to freak out dancing alone in my room.

i haven't learned piano due to you, but i've discovered the magic (& money) that is living statuary. you can't feel guilty about not knowing how to statue!

so thank you. we all love you. you know it. happy year of the earth rat.


Akustica said...

Hi Amanda!
I found your music with help 2 months ago. And now really wanna go to your concert. I live in Moscow Russia. Tell me please are you going for touring in Europe this year? Festivals maybe?

donnied said...

Understudy ??? LOL ... There's no crying in Brechtian Punk Cabaret !!!

Laurel said...

I was at your New Year's Eve show in New York. I loved it! What a show! You guys rocked hard. It was my first time seeing you live and I was entranced throughout the show.

Thanks so much for Sweet Dreams...what a wonderful surprise and an absolute delight to hear the Dresden Dolls and company cover Eurythmics! They were my favorite band growing up. Annie Lennox does vocal exercises I believe -- my source being one of their videos!-- and her voice is better than ever even now...saw her live do keep your Voice! I love you guys. It was the best New Year's Eve ever! Thanks so much!

lentower said...

let me say this a different way ...

from the distance prespective i have of your career, you seem to have most improved it by collaborating and learning from other artists.

which has had re-mark-able and extra-ordinary results.

but, beyond yoga, you appear to not spend a lot of time improving the basic skills of a singer and musician.

i learned to draw, a few years back, after trying a lot of instructors who couldn't tell me what i was doing wrong. it totally changed the way i see art, architecture, and anything else i see with my eyes.

the kind of basic training and improve your basic skiil set could have similar pay-backs and pay-forwards for you . of course, it can also be very hard work, if you resist it or get into denial about it.

best -len

btw, the young friends who you have inspired to take piano training are probably better off on that path, then the way you learned. ; - ]

David said...

Yeah, unlike Little Miss Sunshine's brother, who IS color blind. But you should stick with your present gig, since you do it so well and we love your music!

Take an 8:22 break to check out this freaky short video.

Happy 2008 Amanda.

Camille said...

oh amanda, you were absolutely amazing at the boston show. fucking brilliant. and by the way, thank you for bringing LHS drama along! some of the friends i went with go there (they actually met you at the LHS production of les mis a couple weeks ago, i don't know if you remember) & they really appreciated that. (:
peace & love & all that good stuff;

Heather said...

Amanda, I have been a fan of your (and Brian's) music for about four years now and I finally got to see you live at the Boston show. It was an incredible experience. You were amazing, as were your opening acts. I hope to attend many more of your shows in the future. Happy New Year and good luck with the rest of your tour!

<3 Heather B.

Heather said...

Amanda, I have been a fan of your (and Brian's) music for about four years now and I finally got to see you live at the Boston show. It was an incredible experience. You were amazing, as were your opening acts. I hope to attend many more of your shows in the future. Happy New Year and good luck with the rest of your tour!

<3 Heather B.

Alex said...

Dear Miss A.
I'll skip the presentations, don't think it's useful untill it becomes needful. I'm writing because all of this is touching me mor eand more, the music, the voice, the diary... AND I've just recently (2 weeks?) got to pay attention to the D. Dolls. I feel very sorry about that, as it seems that I've missed some pretty good occasions to see you play live, but have no idea of when you're coming bac to this part of the world.
I've been touched by this last blog entry, and stunned by the one at "Friday, February 16, 2007
i fuck i fight in new york city " (don't ask how i got there, ask glooggl). Living is a though and marvelling thing, isn't it? Something like your song "Sing". We sometimes just don't know if we're crying for the beauty of for the sorrow.
I hope and wish you as much light as there will be night, these two are oh so necessary to get along and be human, imperfect and humble.... Happy new cycle! (and please allow us the freedom to like whatever we want, be it the tools, the delivery, the packaging, the price... honestly we can't define what it is that keep us with an artist, as we can't define art! These are matters for marketing managers who must preserve their jobs)

calebzia said...

i saw you last night in new york and wow wow wow wow, i'm pretty sure i told brian how awesome it was but i didn't really get a chance to talk to you, you were being showered in admiration and i just really didn't think myself worthy of asking for an autograph or anything,
i was in the grey suit, i very shyly(and i'm sure quite drunkenly) gave you a few black roses, you winked at me and i melted
i love you....and i truly love what you do

i could tell you were a little frustrated with your voice but you've gotten very good at hitting the note even when you physically can't

i've never felt so compelled to tell a musician how awesome they are

please keep making music

Editorial said...

I agree with all the others- get some singing lessons! Improving the 'tools' will make it much easier to concentrate on the 'delivery', not to mention making it less likely that you'll fuck up your voice.

(Disclaimer- my other half is a singing teacher).

Elizabeth said...

The following has no relevance to your blog whatsoever. But it is an epic story and therefore beautiful

This is the story of one gorgeous Irish boy, one wronged and vengeful girl, her three amazing friends, and one street sign. If this shit were made into a movie it would have a Dresden Dolls soundtrack.

Elizabeth was 17 and crazy about Mr. Mckenzie, the gorgeous Irish boy. So she did what any red blooded, sensible American teenager would do and fucked him. It was mediocre at best. Of course he didn’t give a damn and things fell apart. Elizabeth listened to Missed Me. A lot. He then began to say nasty things about her. The fucker.

Elizabeth likes trophies. The capital city, only an hour away, happened to have a McKenzie Street sign. She was determined to add it to her collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts. She tried to get it many times and many brave cans of WD40 gave their lives. Finally, on the fifth night of trying, Elizabeth, Heather, Hayley, and Amanda backed Elizabeth’s little blue truck into it. It didn’t stand a chance and crumbled just like the spineless rat bastard who shares its name. They listened to The Dresden Dolls the whole time.

This is a story of success and revenge. Or maybe not revenge, but closure. Very satisfying closure.

Covered in WD40, tired, and fucking ecstatic,
Elizabeth, Heather, Hayley, and Amanda.

We’re fucking awesome.

Kayci said...

I just wanted to let you know I had the pleasure of brigading in Boston, and it is really only you who could inspire in me the confidence it took to stand in my underwear like that, especially in such a huge venue.

You're a strong and talented woman who I find myself looking up to often. Your music and performances throughout the years have calmed my self-destructive habits in ways I can't really explain. It's sad how much I owe to you when you don't even know my name, but thank you... for playing, existing, creating, singing, writing.


NYC Noise Fan said...

I saw the NYE show in NYC. It was my 4th time seeing the full band, and in my opinion the best show yet that Ive seen the Dolls put on, and one of the best shows Ive seen period, up there with Radiohead at Bonnaroo, Jane's Addiction at MSG in 90, Slayer in 86 at L'Amour Brooklyn etc.

The show opened with In the Flesh from Pink Floyd's The Wall (In case you didn't know, lot of kids seemed not to), with Amanda and Brian taking turns on vocals, and went straight into Girl Anachronism, the floor was shaking under our feet when this song came on, literally. Brian was in phenomenal form. I've seen drummers, you name it Ive seen them all live or on vids, but right now it is scary how good the guy is. Fucking amazing touch and precision, plus power, speed all aspects of what appeal to me in drumming. Amanda's voice held up remarkably well, the tone and color of it, and expressiveness she was hitting all the notes. Plus the crowd surfing with Meow Meow? Plus Beastie Boys Fight for your Right to Party w/Luminescent Orchestri (great band btw check them out as well).

What else, - thank you for giving us such a great performance, you left blood sweat and tears on the stage on this one and we could feel it out in the audience. If I could I would follow you around the states like a stalker or a dead-head, you guys are that good. Also, if you read this, please post the full set list of this show so we can reminisce. Thank you, George K.

Hubris said...


Read: 2 more days till Toronto!!!

tanja said...

please amanda. don't ruin your voice. fuck. i sing too (screammmm) and i had to take 6 months off cause my voice was so broken. i luckly didn't have knots... - well, i felt like dead and then learned singing technics and still have problems with it....oh oh. it's the worst thing. makes you feel so caged. we just want to scream, don't we...

tanja said... - fun lessons

Bobbing_For_Applesx said...

ok, my bad...i see what you were aiming for with the tour days...


I really hope you feel better. I was talking with a few people who went to your show (I was there too) and we all agreed that your lack of health would have called for a horrible-yet-forgiveable-shit-show, but it really wasnt. we were entertained. no lie. and we're actually kind of astounded that you didn't drop dead on stage. (we weren't hoping that you would...)

we really wanted to let you know that we love you and that you should feel better :]

take care!

Shannon said...

The Boston Show was fan-fucking-tastic. I don't know how else describe what it is like to experience a Dolls' show. You know what its like to be on the stage but you will never quite understand what it is like to see you perform. Every time it is different. Because you aren't an opera singer. Sure their art is beautiful but no opera will ever just put every once of their being into a single note. They restrain. You don't. Of course you have a beautiful voice. God listen to your records.

But we fans don't buy out theatres to see you perform pitch perfect like a... do I dare? Do I have the nerve to make the following pun?

I dare say I do!

We fans don't buy out theaters to see you perform pitch perfect like a coin-operated girl. (Yes I said it bitches. Who wants to go?)

We follow you across the country to see a woman belt her heart out to a room full of strangers that are all wishing that they could be a brave as her.

Yea sometimes you get caught up in the performance and fuck up the words. We love it! I mean it just proves that you are human. Don't we all become a tad flustered sometimes and lose our words?

I need to stop right now.

You played The Beginning of the End. Goddamn I love NIN.

See you in VA. (and maybe NC as well)

Jane said...

Who cares whether or not you can sing or play? Its not about that. Its about putting your heart into it, its about sharing your soul. Its about how you make us feel. And the way I feel about you is beyond words. Nothing made me happier than seeing you play in Boston and NYC this year. Don't take that feeling away from me.

Alex said...

Ohw, now I'm amazed: trying to find back this entry, I endend up on "Friday, April 15, 2005"!! O.O (is that your old blog?) Thx mr Gloogle again. Wondreful post, named "N.I.N. & Tori Amos". Marvellous. Moving with authenticity. As someone said down here: so, you ARE a human being! =)
Best wishes
(I admire very much N.I.N., but hae some troubel liking their music thoug ,lol! seems that I'm human too...)


Hubris said...

*deep breath* tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow! EEEEEKK!

alamedagreen said...

One of the things I find the most beautiful and moving about your voice is the fact that it's not perfect.

Nothing kills the music-high like someone who sounds like they've been digitally altered to sound perfect. Anyone who's ever seen someone lip synch and says they enjoyed it are lying (unless, of course, the point was to lip synch, then it's another thing altogether).

Have just procured tickets to the Tampa gig, am nervous about trying to meet you but determined to at least get a signed CD.

Know that even if your voice cracks, you still put goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes every time you sing "Delilah".

kristie said...

i went to the boston show and it was awesome. your fans love you, just remember that. it doesnt matter to us if you have a cold or if you "dont know what youre doing" you entertain, you are amazing.

mandi said...

hey I was at the Boston show which was absolutly amazing!!! we actually went on a whim bc I am friends with Brian's neighbor Pearla and he gave her tickets and now I am absolutly in love with your music. I thought you guys were amazing !!!

Katrine said...

the song that you sing are great but what really makes the music herat-touching is the emotion you lay into every song.
whatever, did you ever read anything of virgnia woolf?, just to give a short descition of hers: she exermined the world and peoples minds with eyes sharp as a razor.
listen to the adio book of "the waves" or read "to teh lighthouse"`ll see what it makes you feels like.

for any questions:

frostybaby13 said...

Hurray!!! My first show was the NYC, and I got into the 2nd row. That annoying person with the 2008 flashing glasses I took off to stop being annoying. :D Yeah, I'm another one of those girls who was inspired to learn the piano because of you, A! Have a new keyboard waiting at home for me to begin when I get home from NYC - came from, hahaha, Louisiana to get to see the show and WOW it was so worth it. Show was amazing, everything was - the PINNACLE of my LIFE. I was a passanger in a car accident last year, broke back, couldn't walk for a while, and a teenager recommended your band to me - love at first listen!
Hope to see many more shows, and wish you all the best in creating things. My fine art degree is almost complete, but I wasn't really excited about it until I met so many artist in NYC especially at the show. Thanks for all the inspiration! ^__^

PS - I love the sound of your voice. I did hear professional singers can injure themselves if they continue to sing with the throat under stress. That's why silly Celine Dion doesn't speak before her concerts. Don't wanna get that crazy, but take care of yourself!

Bobbing_For_Applesx said...

So...totally unrelated to post, but here goes:

my dad said he read an article in the boston globe the other day about passe artists and musicians and that you were listed as one of them.

My dad thought that maybe you would feel offended by this, but I have a feeling that you really dont give two shits.

I like that mentality. (If it's true then it's very inspiring to look up to.)

Rock on.

cursed out said...

dear amanda,
i was one of those people in the aristocracy seats you spoke of tonight in chicago. you made a life long dream of mine come true, as i was able to sing, "in the flesh" to an entire concert hall full of people from an opera box. sure, they were all paying attention to you, but there is no reason that should ruin my land of make believe fantasy. thank you, thank you and thank you. while i might need you to come back and play "don't cry for me argentina" at a later date to the same effect, at this point i am more than willing to take exactly what i got this evening.

as much as i would have liked to go to the meet and greet this evening, such things creep me out and i did not go. thus i am left to approach you here, in this rather unforgiving forum. which as horrid as it is, (for my purposes anyway), better than a meet and greet. i really hate the fourth wall...

i think that we should go on a date. come back to chicago during your return to normal and i promise you an evening that will be, at the very least, wildly fun and entertaining. and you will not regret the decision at all, on my mothers good name.

i tell amazing jokes.

Ghost Hands said...

Thank you for a wonderful New Years music extravaganza!

It was my first time seeing you live and it was succesful in solidifying my adoration

I hope my art can be as meaningful to others as yours has been to me

William Morris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hugo said...

dearie- i told brian that the bondage was only
temporary - they stick together on thier own they're fingerpuppets
had a small fire at my toy store on christmas eve so we had to toss all the plush but i would have stolen them for you anyway
happy new year to you too!

Hubris said...

The Toronto show was INCREDIBLE! I had a complete blast that night. Thanks for bringing chocolate to your freezing fans, for signing my touring guidebook & the DDolls companion, for accepting the demo I gave to you & Brian, and most of all, for delivering a stellar performance. I hope you'll be happy to know that your show's quality exceeded your wonderful studio recorded albums.

Andy Pants said...

My eccentric old ex-stage performer vocal teacher put me onto something that can help your voice get back in shape.

Herbal tea, it only works if it's Thyme and/or Sage. You need to drink it luke-warmish though so it's kind of not disimilar to drinking piss but it really does help.

That and you shouldn't drink alky or smoke before you go up on stage. Or drink coffee for that matter. But everyone brakes those rules from time to time.

The Mighty Doll said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Mighty Doll said...

Amanda, (can I call you Amanda? I mean, I don't really know you.)

Perhaps you are "faking it".

Perhaps you actually can sing and play the piano. You certainly do both better than I do. Trust me, there's no amount of chutzpah that would persuade people to pay me money to listen to me sing.

On Bullshit: I was one of those kids who does really well in school without really trying, or in some cases, without even attending the requisite classes. My talent was for well-written bullshit.

Add to that a family life where most of my behaviour (fuck off, spell check, I'm Canadian) was written off as something contrived in order to gain attention (I'd like you to show me a kid whose behaviour isn't based on the attention-or let's call it feedback- they receive) and I find myself in adulthood worried that others are going to find out that I've been faking it all this time.

Maybe I have, but I've still developed my talents in the intrim. Based on the most recent Toronto show (my fourth or possibly fifth DD show in Toronto), so have you - significantly. Working as hard as you do, it would be impossible to do otherwise.

So here's to faking it!

Natalie Rose said...


I wish I could sit here and tell you it doesn't matter one wit that you haven't ever had vocal training, but it does matter.

Do I love your voice or your music any less because you haven't had vocal training? Of course not! In fact, it's more likely to be a reason I cite for why I love your music. That Amanda, she's raw and untamed. It's beautiful and sexy and dangerous-- well, about that last one.

Truth be told, I'd pay hard-earned money to watch you dance around on stage screaming, "I'M AMANDA PALMER, MOTHERFUCKERS!" It'd be amazing. But, every time I go to see you live with Sarah (my grand vizier, who I keep around in part because she will never hesitate to tell you what she thinks), she says something to the effect of, "Amanda's not going to have a singing career in 2 years."

I want to kick her when she says something like this, especially if I'm basking in my post-concert buzz, but she's right. After only 3 songs at the New York show, we could hear your voice going. Did it alter my enjoyment of the performance? No, but I know it must be painful to be belting it out through a beaten up voice. Besides which, I've seen it happen and I've taken enough voice lessons to know that Sarah is (as fuckin' always) right-- at this rate, two years is a generous estimate.

So while I feel it is rather anti-punk cabaret of me to stronger encourage you to take some voice lessons, at least to understand physically what's going on and what would ideally be going on, that's what I'm doing.

Will it effect your music? Absolutely. (Listen to a song from Jewel's first album, say, "You were Meant for Me" and then one from her second, like "Barcelona," the different is astonishing.) But, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Musicians grow and change and what excites me most as a fan is listening to how their music develops, not how it stays the same. Perhaps vocal training is a kickstart into something greater.

Of course, it has crossed my mind that maybe you're not wholly decided on devoting your like to writing music. You're a person of many talents, and I don't think you should confine yourself to just one if you don't want to. I know that boat-- it's a bloody annoying one. I could do this, or this, or that... oooh! Or even THAT. But where to start...? I have time to do it all... right?

I guess I mention it because I do think voice lessons are necessary for the continuation of your singing career, but it also seems like a bit of a commitment to singing as a career. I doesn't have to be, of course, and I think everyone should take voice lessons because very few of us actually know where to find our voice. I've been taking formal lessons for a year now and I'm still having trouble getting over the mental block of... well, having a voice. Or rather, a VOICE. Big, huge, all-emcompassing, look-out-world-here-I-am VOICE. But, I do think it's a worth pursuit, whatever a person's talents.

That having been said (and weighing on my mind for a while), Happy New Year, Amanda, and thank you for the concert. It was stunning.

Andy Pants said...

Bob Dylan had a terrible voice. And one of the most expansive and greatest careers in musical history.

sexy said...