Wednesday, January 09, 2008

US tour: days 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and ELEVEN

the flu hunged around. but it's mostly gone.

now brian has it and so does jaron, our monitor tech. we're in tampa florida, taking a day off.
things started going very fast and i got back into the tour rhythm, sleeping 10-12 hours a night, waking in the dark in parking lots, staggering into a venue, becoming coherent in time for soundcheck and watching the rest of the day turn into a blur. pouring everything out on stage, meeting people all night, falling asleep, waking up, repeating and trying to battle exhaustion effectively.

occasionally breathing deep turn the phone and computer on and put on my "i can still do business, i swear" t-shirt and trying to negotiate my life off tour.
i got to a yoga class in chicago before the show.
i went to two yoga classes on our off day in nashville.
i went to cafe coco (my nashville again cafe) a total of 4 times, in one day.
Again is an addiction.

new years eve was a beautiful family affair....
photos from The Grand Ballroom, NYC

brian during "in the flesh" from The Wall

meow meow:

me & lance on "mandy"

1 - check out the hot drummer (thats me)
2 - katie kay's getting action on far right!!!!!)

meow stage-diving during "we are the champions"

brian and sarah from luminescent orchestrii


brian and jaron luksa, our kick-ass monitor tech


amanda and meow

all the above:

i wish i could separate out each day of tour from the cluster and enjoy it as an isolated event.
night after night i feel like an overloaded sponge.
our fanbase is so fucking incredible. i can't get over it.
i read constantly about the decline of the recorded music industry and about how people aren't going out to shows anymore because there's nothing to believe in anymore....and i want to drag each and every one of those cynical bastards out of their cubicles and go "NO!!! LOOK! LOOK! LOOOOOOOOK!!!!"
i'm tired as shit. thank you so much, all of you.
thank you for making our lives this month so wonderful.
i want to burst with joy from all the glee and craziness and love we feel every night coming out of the audience.

random thoughts:

some journalist read my blog about going out barefoot in the snow and wrote a preview of the show calling me crazy.
i kind of like being called crazy, it's sort of romantic. but i really don't feel crazy. i feel pretty sane.
i think a lot of people think that i'm crazy because of the lyrics, the music, the image. that bugs me.
my theory, and we were discussing this in the bus last night. there are four kinds of music:

1. negative negative music.
2. positive negative music.
3. negative positive music.
4. positive positive music.

the first adjective describes the lyrical and musical content of the band (ie: what kind of music is this?)
the second adjective describes the overall vibe of the band and the quality of performative connection (ie what kind of people are these?).

we tried to come up with perfect examples of each and an overarching phrase to encapsulate:

1. negative negative music = "we are sad the world sucks and fuck you too you bloody cunts" = sex pistols, gg allin
2. positive negative music = "we are sad the world sucks but don't you feel the same way and let's all bond together in mass sorrow and anger" = rage against the machine, the smiths, nine inch nails
3. negative positive music = "let's all dance and sing and be happy but don't fuckin' bother me you bloody cunt i'm a rock star" = any bitchy pop band out there (you name it, i ain't gonna take the heat)
4. positive positive music = "yay! we love happy music and everythings great and we love you too" = polyphonic spree, yanni

dave argued that the dresden dolls fall into the "positive negative" category. i think we straddle that line between positive negative and positive positive. depends on the song. i mean, ALL the songs aren't about pain.
o god. no, wait. maybe they are. well, fuck it.


six days ago it was MINUS 17 degrees in montreal. today it is 70 in tampa. this schedule is not human.


t-shirt slogan ideas from the last while:



and the winner



i am trying to come up with a plan for next year. i think i am going to take the spring almost fully off and start gearing up in june for the release of the record.
i might do a few casual solo dates here and there when i travel around to visit friends (right now thinking about chapel hill, DC, nashville, santa fe, paris and berlin).
if you have any ideas for good venues (think: small, weird, good...maybe 300 capacity as i want to keep these shows small, easy and family) tell me now!


i was reading about amma the hugging guru in india and was thinking ....
....good promotional idea for the record.

what if i just GAVE AWAY THE RECORD FOR FREE with the catch that you PHYSICALLY HAD TO WREST IT FROM ME??
yes, you must meet me at 6 am, on the golden gate bridge the day i am playing san fran, at the eiffel tower plaza in paris, in tiergarten in berlin, on the docks near pier 51 in NYC, on the cliffs of dover the day of the london show.......i'll be there. with a box of records to give away. but you have to wake your ass up at 6 am (and so do i for the matter) and if you make it over, you get the record and a hug and my supreme admiration.
i wonder how many people will actually show. i wonder if this idea is even REMOTELY feasible.

did you realize that Cuisinart is actually "cuisine art" (as in, french-for-kitchen ART).
i didn't catch that until about two years ago and shared the information with brian last night, to whom it was also a revelation. thought i should share.


some random tour pix:
everybody on stage with us in chicago during Fight For Your Right....(yes, we got in trouble with the venue)....can you find the band?

hugging and loving

luminescent orchestrii:

"yes, juliet" at the vic in chicago

tea-pouring brigade at orpheum in boston

lexington high school drama dept. performing to "snow song" by neutral milk hotel, orpheum in boston:


gravity plays favorites in st louis

jonas woolverton and the rou cyr:

covering "golden age" by beck in st louis

more soon......



Amanda said...

i do believe this was the best blog to date, amanda.

you posted photos that one of my best friends took and there's even a photo of ME from chicago.

quite exciting.

Anika said...

Too many lovely wild pictures to count. (and for my evil internet connection to bother loading, damn you dial up!) This is the second time I have been here first and by the time I stop manically typing someone else who LIVES online (unlike myself, who has dial up) will have beaten me. Oh well. The tour sounds fantastic. I hope somewhere in all the mad lovely chaos that you have time to find peace too, over the many blogs we have come to feel concerned about this even in advance, well I have anyway.
I would gladly wake up at 6am and meet you in a precarious location to receive (or wrestle for) your solo record. But you would have to have some Australian tour dates. The Harbour Bridge in Sydney seems an obvious choice, but what about Melbourne? On Princes Bridge where you talked with Ben Folds? Ooh I think that would be perfect…

Big big love.

Anika said...

oh, what did I tell you. By one minute! Ha ha. Hello person above me who is also called Amanda.

lentower said...

ms a

"again" for you is not an addiction. it's home away from home. stop angsting about it. just go and feel home!

6 am, end of long wharf, (and if i'm not thousands of mile away,) and i'll wrest a cd out of your hand. worth the cab fare - the mbta doesn't unhibernate in time to get me there at 6am

you and brian should offer a seminar with immense tuition to the music industry executives, on how to get fans to believe in shows again

best -len

btw, mind blowing incredible winter tour

Natalie Rose said...

Haha, the prom dress. I love it. "I'm a fairy princess!"

Beautiful, Amanda. Don't get sick-- take some vitamin C. Better yet, get some Sunny D and orange flavored Airborne (or the knock-off brand). Mmm, vitamins and nostalgia.

Thank you so much for the pictures. Photography & music feed my soul.

I saw you at the NYE concert. I wish I'd said hello.

dani said...

the great northwest misses your lovely self! have you ever thought about playing the triple door in seattle? it's the most swankified place in town:

it's so old timey, and look! it seats 300! plus, according to the website, "for those get-up-out-of-your-seat acts, the tables directly in front of the stage can be cleared to make way for a dance floor." and it's all-ages before 9:30! which i think is one of the coolest things about what you do because finding shows when you're underage just sucks out loud.

Moriah said...

I would so love to wrestle a record from you at six in the morning. Fuck, I would so love to wrestle a dead hamster from you at six in the morning. I could only do it if it were in Austin though. You should really come some time. It rhymes with Boston if that gives you any incentive.

I don't have much else to say without sounding like a rabid fangirl so I'll just leave on that note.

Love from Texas (but not by choice) <3

Marciel said...

Oh Amanda! Please come to Cleveland, Ohio!
You can come play at the Euclid Tavern. It will be fab.

I came to see you & Brian in Chicago and it was the best show I have ever seen!

Rest up this Spring and I'll see you in the Summer/Fall for your tour.

Andy Pants said...

I personally can listen to Polyphonic Spree and the Dresdon Dolls and the Smiths and sppreciate each of them for their emotional honesty.

You can write a depressing introspective song every now and then for yourself. But ultimately music should make you excited to be alive. To me all of this music is in the same category.

I don't see Amanda Palmer the negative punk piano player. I see Amanda Palmer someone with passion and excitement and someone whose fucking alive.

But maybe I'm just weird.

girlwithacamera said...

Six AM, pier 51. (Really? Pier 51? Not an alley in the LES or the arch near the Williamsburgh bridge or the little park at the corner of Bleecker and West 11th?) But... I would be there, if only for the incredibly theatrical story it would become in later tellings.

I took the midnight photo... I'm glad you dig it. And go Katie Kay! I have so many outtakes of her making out with that dude.

I would totally wear a "Why Don't You Love Me I'm Awesome" shirt.

This has been a random collection of thoughts. I hope the last 5 days of the tour go as well as the first 11 and that you and brian come out the other end feeling healthy and satisfied.

eleanor ruby said...

please do a couple tiny shows at the usual places in the boston area... and maybe northampton? am i asking too much here? probably. the ironhorse is wonderful (as you probably know)... and about five seconds from where i live. that would be neat. i'll even buy you a coffee at the beautiful coffeeshop around the corner.

Zabet said...

The Amma thing is facinating. Read the book _Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure_ by Sarah Macdonald. Fascinating stuff. I'm slightly obsessed with India, but it might just be I'm a sucker for anywhere with good bread.

Rose said...

wresting CDs / getting hugs / getting up wicked early = my idea of a perfectly crazy/awesome day!

Some time- when you're all well, and have had a break, and are ready to tour- a show in Portland (OR) would be amazing.

This is my shameless plug: come to Reed College! I know everyone would be so, so happy to have you. (Jason Webley et al play fairly often, to give you an idea of the crowd.) I know it's maybe a long shot, but if you and Brian are at all interested, please let me know! I would do so much work to get you wonderful people here.

much love,

Rose said...

...and P.S., I was at the Montreal show. It was amazing (the first time I've seen you)- Die Mannequin was also excellent- and having the opportunity to say hi & express thanks on your way out after the show was great. (my friend was the one who yelled, "you slept with my friend at smith college!" in reference to those t-shirts... yeah. we were rather giddy to see you.) thanks for being awesome.

Damien said...

Are you planning anything special, pre-show, here in Atlanta, on Friday? Anything sneaky and fun, where someone could wrest CDs from your hands? Some of us can't make it to the show (poor poor pitiful me), but would still like to see you.

lentower said...

Natalie Rose:

the next time, you see me, PLEASE say hi!

best -len

Chris said...

Houston is desperately needing some solo Amanda. If you can get here, I can find a place for you to play and stay and even set you up with a car! Email me.
Chicago was so amazing. I have photos that I will try and post on the forum.

Natalie Rose said...


I am probably one of the least morning-ish people in the world, but I'd get up (okay... probably stay up) any hour to get a hug from you Amanda. And if there's a CD involved? Hot dang! I might have to do a bell hop.

the_skyisfalling said...

A -
Fist and foremost: COME TO CALGARY. There is a lot of love and possibly free room and board and DEFINITELY wine, cheese, and (if you like) conversation to be had. What it boils down to is this: You come here, play for us, and I will house you for as long as you like. Just please either make it all ages or after July 2nd. There's lots of nice spaces to be had. (heh)

Secondly - It makes me happy that you and B are back on the happy boat. Send him my love!

You will hear more from me. You always do.


Sara said...

I'd meet you anywhere, anytime, any day to get the chance to get your record... let alone see your face in person!

I'm glad you're living the life... keep having fun, keep loving and keep doing what you do best (and that of course is not limited to music!). ;)

Sarah said...

The only way I can do this in an organized fashion is to formulate a list:

1. Lovely pictures!!

2. The Largo in Los Angeles is a
Super Small venue I think you might enjoy playing. Or the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, that's another really cool small spot. Have a think about it.

3. Another T-shirt quote: "Tell me you love me & sound like you mean it Betch!"

4. I'm really glad that you are taking some time off for yourself...beyond that, when you do finally go on tour I'll be out of university (graduating in may...yay) so I'll have ample time to bum it to a few of your long as finances fall in to place.

5. Lastly...I would try my hardest to make it wherever you were giving away your record...though I would still pay for it, I would make the trip so I may purchase it from's just a nice technicality to have as a memory.

Best wishes always.

bug said...

Physically wrest, huh? Like an awesome game of capture the flag with a bunch of freaks streaming after you shrieking like the Wild Hunt and big hugs and caffeine at the end?
If I could get a hug and a record, too, I might be able to swing a roadtrip out to a solo show (which I assume will be necessary, since getting to anywhere outside Texas is a roadtrip all on its own, but the tour dates aren't posted yet, so I'm hoping you'll at least play New Orleans or something).
I only wish, more than I can say, that I could make it out for the Dolls tour. And thank you so much for taking the time to show us all these beautiful pictures and people! It is more than likely that I will spend the rest of the night making a WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME I'M AWESOME shirt.
Happy touring!!!

kuba said...

you're crazy? damn, in my eyes you're one of the most sane people on the planet. and still if that's crazy, then fuck, i want the whole planet to be crazy...

also... awesome photos... i want to see your show sooo freaking much... eh... please don't miss poland on your eruopean tour. you guys have fans here also.
and if you do the giving-cds-away-at-6-fucking-AM thing
here then fuck me if i'm not gonna come. i'll bring hot tea :P

send love from poland to all wonderful people you work with, that make you happy!


Emma said...

Your blog makes me so happy. *grin* Loved all of the photos - especially that last one of you on drums. It looks like sheer bliss, you know? Drumming rocks. My Dad was a drummer, it's in my blood.

Also, this:


Made me giggle like an idiot for a good five minutes. I'd wear one in a second.

What's more, I'd totally be up for wrestling a CD off you at 6am. This time when I hug you I promise not to be so excited/drunk. (Way to scare your musical idol, right? Sorry 'bout that... *blush*)

And dude, if you're going to be in Paris when I'm in Sweden, I will fucking get over and come and see you play. That's a deal, right there. So I guess it's Eiffel Tower for me.

Once again, your blog makes me happy! You sound so happy! Hope you keep having amazing kick-arse shows!

(And post some of your Australia photos!)

Hunger For The Great Light said...

Well, it's not in a city that you mentioned as a stop, but if you're still looking for places to play and don't mind driving a few hours through society's ass crack... There's a little club (300+) in a small city in central Kentucky called Lexington. It probably bears no resemblance at all to your Lexington, but it's not as bad as it's surrounding state. Well...not quite... Anyway, the club is called The Dame ( and I know there are a TON of people around here that have never had the chance to see you live who would LOVE to.
It's probably a little over four hours from Nashville if memory serves so it's probably too far out of your way. Just thought I'd drop down on my knees and beg anyway.

*collapses to ground, clutching Amanda's ankle, sobbing and begging for her to come to this dank little nothing town that NEEDS a little life*



jerz said...

I fell in love with DD in Chicago at lolla. I'm a 40 yo guy, and it ain't easy to make me cry but you did it.
Thank you I REALLY NEEDED IT, I HAD just found out that my 18 yo son was gonna be a daddy, and i stood there amongst the made-up 20 something crowd and cried for the first time in a loooong time. Your music was so beautiful and heartfelt, it made me feel so deliciously bittersweet.
I'm coming in to Tampa from Miami today to catch your show and I can't wait, been looking forward to it for a while. please come down this way more often. i'll be in the front row mezz. with son-daddy aaron, almost 20 and proud daddy of little alexzandria....
thanks amanda, brian... you guys mean alot to me.

June Miller said...

All of those pictures make me terribly, terribly happy.

I hardcore caught whatever was buzzing about, last week. I couldn't get out of my bed for two days straight there. Lots of tea was involved.

You should be giggling at those cynical bastards who think live music is dead, or whatever they're bitching about. I'm sure you are. I'd be like Nelson on "The Simpsons." HA HA.

Technically I'd have to get up, 3:30? 4:00? to get to the Golden Gate by 6:00, since I'm a couple hours north. And I'd wanna get there a little early, because I'm not too sure where the parking area is, there. I've never actually walked on that fucker, can you believe it?

But to answer your question, yes, I'd love to.

I think you're pretty sane, too. Eccentric, a little. But not really crazy. I think that journalist was kind of a douche, though, namely because he titled his article 'Blow-Up Doll.' I don't know. I appreciate puns more than any person should (really, it's kind of sad), but who the fuck wants to be likened to a damn blow-up doll? Whatever. Hey, but if he reads the comments: WHERE BROOKLYN AT?!! WHATWHAT!!


Again is definitely an addiction.

Chuculain said...

Oh man, I can't believe I missed you playing In the Flesh. My brother has only recently gotten me into Pink Flyod as he's been playing it around the house and In the Flesh is my favourite track.

I wanted so badly to go to your show on New years, but being the lowly student I am, and flying from Dublin, Ireland I couldn't afford it.

I hope I get to see you in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.
And I'd love to do something beautiful for the Brigade, I'll put my thinking cap on.

Much love,

Bill Knighton said...

Chapel Hill! Say it's so. I traveled to Boston to see the MFA solo show a couple of years ago and again for O.C., but I'm kind of blue collar and travel funds are limited. Of course I'll be in Durham for saturday. The MFA show was easily the most moving live music I've ever heard.
Any chance you'll be bringing Jaggery?

steve said...

Glad to see DC on your list of possible solo tour stops. If you're looking for small(ish) venues, have you thought about The Black Cat? Don't know if you guys had a good experience there, but for the audience, it's a super venue. And the Mall is a great place to be around 6 a.m. Sunrise over the reflecting pool. Dew settling on giant Lincoln sitting in his giant chair. Wrest a CD from you? I'd battle ninjas for it.

Adam Douglas said...

You should come to Texas. Athens Texas to be exact. there's a little building called the image warehouse. holds about 100 people. you'd love it.

I'd defiantly wake up at 6am to see you and get a copy of your new record. i know tons of other people would too.

Anonymous said...

firstly i have to say that i love reading your blogs. your way with words is amazing.

in the past you've talked about the people who inspire you.. do you ever think of yourself as an inspiration to others? to fans, and to those who also read this blog?

from a personal view, i would love to be able to write like you, and i hope that one day i'll be able to. to me you are an inspiration.

i cant wait to hear the new album.

Jen said...

I just spent about 20 minutes remembering my old account name and password in hopes to tell you this (I hope that doesn't come off strange....)
anyway-The CD thing is amazing....if you ever came anywhere close to where I am (Washington) I would probably get all of my friends who are also fans and we would all bus to wherever the hell we were to meet you.
Along with this I just wanted to say that I'm terribly sad that you aren't going to be coming close to me (within a reasonable distance anyway...)
Come make a stop in Seattle maybe? Spokane is full of too much ignorance and stupidity to get 300 people-thou I do know some really cool crazy places downtown that would welcome you with open arms ;D if your ever up here anyway.

Keep up the amazing work and the fans will always be here-I know I will anyway.

BirdGirl said...

St. Louis fucking rocked. Becks "The Golden Age" was amazing! I can honestly say you guys put on one of the best shows I have seen. And I have been to a lot of shows. See you next time around.

steph g said...

For Nashville venues of the 300 or so capacity, try The End--it feels like a living room, and is right across the way from Cafe Coco so you can get your fix.

And I saw the show in Birmingham. Y'all were incredible. The energy, the interplay, especially when you were struggling with not feeling super... it was as jaw-dropping as I would have hoped.

The fact is, the art you make and then recreate onstage--though it's not exactly recreation, it's a reimagining, it's giving it new life, letting it grow--it all makes the world feel like a less lonely, more beautiful place.

But I sometimes wonder if you find your fans offputting. The screams of 'I love you Amanda!'. Isn't there an important distinction between loving the work and loving the person? Does it get freaky that people declare their love for you over and over when they don't know you? Or, in doing things like self-promotion and blogging are you deliberately tearing down that wall, becoming more human and letting people know you, and so soaking in the love-fest?

Don't misunderstand--I love the fans, or most of them. But the occasional one seems so rabid and insistent that I wonder if it gets creepy.

Anonymous said...

"...As Confucius says, 'Don't simply be good. Make good things happen.'" (Maude)

"Did Confucius say that?" (Harold)

"Well...." Maude smiled. "They say he was very wise, so he must have."

"some journalist read my blog about going out barefoot in the snow and wrote a preview of the show calling me crazy."

Heh, I wonder what The Countess Mathilda Chardin (although fictional) would have to say about that?

lentower said...

if one is not a morning person, making it hard to get a CD from ms a at 6am, the solution is simple!


littlehitler_inpigtails said...

Well, first I would be there at pier51 all night to get your album and to give you a squeeze. You should please play some solo shows in Brooklyn, please please! Play at my warehouse, play anywhere! Just come!

Second, to knock out a cold...
Take raw ginger roots (as many as you like) and peel them, and take as many whole lemons as ginger roots (again to your liking) and blend them in your Cuisine Art

Boil the thick ginger-lemon paste in water, depending on the strength you know, to make it stronger add less water etc...
Then strain.
Drink the liquid as hot as you can take it, add honey if you want and/or cayenne pepper.
Drink as you would regular tea…as often as you want.

For me this works EVERY TIME to just kick that cold to the curb.

Also, I don't know if you can answer this but how long have you been a vegan? That's pretty rad of you, but isn't it almost impossible on tour? I love vegan cooking...

Well, I was at your New Years Eve show and I was really drunk and oh so happy to be there watching you guys. I wish you had covered Two Headed Boy!
BUT Mein Heir was a stunner. Soooo very awesome.


Flozza said...

Remember Brisbane a few weeks ago? People will wrest T-Shirts from you, AND give you theirs in return at 1am on the sidewalk somewhere in the city.

Do it. I dare you.

Harriet Cardigan said...

I think The Dresden Dolls often gives off a certain manic vibe that can be misinterpreted as crazed, but I'd attribute it to something more akin to a poetic form of borderline personality disorder: extreme lightness of being polarized with the inescapable darkness of existence, volatile social tendencies, and hazardous to small children.

Santa Fe, yes! There are several good cafes that like women who break piano keys.

Michael said...

Fucking awesome show in Tampa tonight! And I had no idea you were just getting over something, I thought you guys sounded great... and you were so cute rocking out on the drums.

I was also psyched to see that you remembered the Tallahassee show, and that apparently I have been to both Dresden Dolls shows in Florida (as well as Bonnaroo '06!). Awwwwesome.

Hope that my ole hometown treated you guys alright in your downtime! (Aside from that write up in Creative Loafing... though I'm glad that it sounds like the solo album is coming out.)


Iris said...

I caught your show in Chicago with some friends and it was fabulous (as always)! LOVED your opening Pink Floyd cover. Loved the couple new songs you guys debuted. And loved all the other classics. Basically just lots of love all around for you guys! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Looked like you were having a blast playing the drums on the Beastie Boys cover when all the audience jumped the stage.

Oh and it was SO SWEET of you to invite Molly Robinson to sing a song before you guys came out. We weren't sure how that was going to go but we were absolutely blown away by her. So talented and only 17! Just wow! I can't even imagine what that would have been like for her playing in front of all those people and playing in front of you guys. It just shows what kind of an awesome, caring band you are to do something like that.

If you don't mind a little shameless self promotion, anyone who wants to see a little footage of the Chicago show you can look at our YouTube acct linked from our blog (click my name). I feel kind of crappy about the plug but we did get lots of pictures and videos that I just wanted to share with other fans. I'm waiting for my cohort in crime to get the show review together which should be very soon. We're bad bloggers with busy day jobs but hey what can you do, right?

For what it's worth I think on your albums you could be considered Positive Negative but when performing live you're definitely Positive Positive. :D

Shannon said...

I would really love for you to come to the roanoke area. At hollins university there is a beautiful 550- seat proscenium theatre built in 1924 that is remarkably intimate! We ourselves are not a large school and would love to have a visit from you. I am sure that if you were to work it out with our activities board you might get free food and housing. The roanoke area can be quite beautiful. There is another venue call the shaftman performance hall at the jefferson center that is absolute gorgeous and is the home for the roanoke opera. Roanoke is pretty and full of history. Besides if you come down you'll get to party with NEFA (Near East FIne Arts) which is the closest thing to an artist intentional community that you could get on a campus. They are amazing and believe me you would fit right in.

anarveg said...

brian IS the world best drummer

That's what she said...

It looks like you have so much fun. You're so fortunate to have.... well, the photos say it all.

By the way, your t-shirt ideas: brilliant.

To go off on a tangent: I was listening to the Juno soundtrack with a friend of mine, and there is a song by Cat Power called Sea of Love (heard of it?). Anyway, we thought, "Wow, I could really see Amanda singing this song.” If you ever decide to ever bust out the ukulele, you should play that one (and YouTube it). ;^)

sheila_monster said...

So last Christmas, my older cousin (who I hadn't seen in around nine years prior) made me this huge CD with around twelve albums on it. Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over the Sea" was on it. I listened and dismissed it immediately as Utter Shit, but because of your blog a few weeks ago, I decided to give it another chance. Now I can't stop listening. Thank you.

It would be beyond amazing if you could come to Pittsburgh. We have a venue called Mr. Smalls, which used to be a church. It's really intimate. The Spill Canvas said it was one of their favorite venues, but then, maybe they say that everywhere they go.

Chelsea said...

I saw your concert in was AMAZING!! I've been trying to get to one of your shows for almost five years but have been unable to get tickets and transportation (I live in northern Michigan...enough said) it was more than I could have hoped for. Thank you so, so much!
I was also wondering if you were planning on performing at the Fringe this year...

S som i signatur said...

woah, thats some damn fine photos. I especially love the first one (and the flying mohawk on brian, what a capture!)
speaking of touring, when are you planning on dragging your asses off to Scandinavia? my apartment is tiny but rather but cosy, if needed i could easily spear you some room in the closet for crashing.

Bobbing_For_Applesx said...

I think it would be an interesting experience to see just who shows up at 6 am in front of HiddenSweets in Harvard Square...

I feel like that would be a totally surreal moment for both you and the fans...

Kyle said...

Oh, Amanda.

The show at the WorkPlay was out of this world and definitely worth the seven hour drive.

We'll be sending you some shots we snagged from that performance.

And yaay for mentioning Boone, NC! Truly one of the most boring places on earth.

And, uh, get some rest and stuff.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

"The songs aren't all about pain"

The liner notes for one of my favorite albums (Cordelia's Dad) recounts the moment when the band realized they had recorded 10 songs about death, and one about Hawaii.

Peps said...

a6All I can say is wow. I love you.

And hey, if I'm in San Fran when you are, and you do decide to pass out records and hugs, I'd totally show up in the early morning. Unfortunately, if actual wrestling is involved, I will lose.

But hey, it'd be fun.

frostybaby13 said...

Sniff, sniff, I hope the colds you guys caught get better soon.

Hahaha! T-shirt slogans, my favorite has always been: YOUR SHIRT MAY SAY PRINCESS BUT YOUR FACE SAYS TROLL. I'm a girl too, but that's hilarious.

I was fortunate enough to see the NYC show, which was mind-blowing. I talked to some other fans in the front, told them a little bit of my story...big car accident, drunk driver (not me), broken back, immobilized for 6 your music, got better, was offered a position to be lead singer in a band (so scary), but when I listened to your songs it gave me the courage to step out and do it! Then, coming full circle I wanted to learn to PLAY something too. Piano, like yourself! :) So this Christmas, when I got home from NYC, and seeing the mindblowing show, I wasn't so depressed because I could throw myself into music's embrace!

So, I guess my point is, everybody in this world walks around wishing they could do something important, make a difference, change the world. Then we kind of lose that, or forget it. But YOU, you are doing something important, and you ARE changing the world and making it better because your art touches people's hearts and inspires them to remember that dream of making a lasting difference.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. I'd fly to NY again to grapple a CD, then make up with a hug! :D

Much love,

stef said...

Come back to Little 5?
We love you.
And maybe we'll have glow sticks like last night.

But really.
The show was excellent.
(I went with my 47 year old mom, but you guys are her favorite band too so it's all good.)
We loved it.
Everyone loved it.

We hope you did too.
Thank you for coming.

Brendan said...

Boston Boston Boston!!!!!!! Please grace us with solo!!! Please hand out your cd and hug us at the Hancock or the ru or anywhere. We want more you!

Brendan said...

by the way, im a boy and youve inspired me to learn keyboard, except, im learnin g it the way you did...balls out no lessons going going going. after two nyears I have a good handful of twenty songs in the works. Your technique realy works!!!

Skiv said...

Just putting it out there... but if you were ever standing on a random bridge or something at 6am waiting with a hug, I would totally come pounce on you for it and probably give you something shiny. *nods* This from someone who normally wakes up around noon thirty.

Actually I met you last night. Blue haired girl with cat ears who was the ocean and got you to sign her shoes and shirt and tights. Love to any and all. *peace fingers*

lanilou said...

I couldn't help but think of you + voice foibles when I read this:

"MARIAH Carey wants a voice machine like Stephen Hawking.
The 'Fantasy' singer, who has to stop talking for two days before a big show to give her voice a rest, believes a "robot voice" machine similar to the one used by the paralysed scientist would be useful.

She said: "Before a big show I have to do 'vocal rest' where I'm not allowed to speak for two days. It's so boring having to write notes to everyone! I need Stephen Hawking's voice machine for when I'm on vocal rest.",21598,23006003-5005381,00.html

So. great.

Shannon said...

Completely off topic. After hearing the Boston song at the show at the Orpheum and downloading it off of your site (if I wasn't a poor college student I would so totally tip you but after paying for all the concerts of yours that I will be attending I am really honestly broke) that song has been a great comfort for homesickness while I am living in Virginia. I just wanted to thank you for writing such a beautiful song. I can't wait to see in you in NC AND VA! This is making my entire school year 100X better. Thank you so much for playing the south on this tour. AND for getting such amazing bands to accompany you! I know that the south isn't very glam so thank you for making it down here. It means a lot to us dolls fans that sometimes feel ostracized in these very conservative communities. Please never stop creating and sharing it with us. Thank you thank you thank thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

EtherGoths said...

kick butt post amanda, saw you guys here in Tampa, I would never have guessed you were not totally on the A game. Hope someone posts some Tampa pics somewhere since I was there.
Enjoy the rest of the dates.

EtherGoths said...

btw I forgot to mention but the Drum Solo Brian did in Tampa during Half Jack was the best drum solo I have heard in all the concerts I have gone too since I started back in about 1976 seeing Heart play. ALso Missed Me made a fan of you two playing live out of my wife.

andrea said...

I usually don't get on here and gush because I know you know how much we all like you but damn. The show in St. Louis was amazing. Everytime I see you guys I say, "that was the best DD show I've been to". And then at the next one I say, "no, that was the best DD show I've been to". Well, you can guess what I said this time. I'm starting to think none of your shows I've been to top each other. They are just all so damn good I can't decide. You both continuously blow me away with your performance. Never have I felt such passion come at me from a stage. I respect it, I like it, and I thank you for allowing me to experience it and feel a part of something great.

By the way, after the show I mentioned we have the same boots. I got online the other day to look up something about them and come to find that they've stoped making that style. I'm sure with as much as you wear them you must go through them like crazy. Just a heads up if you want to start ebaying or something.

I watched The Lives of Others. Good recommendation. Sad yet beautiful. You should watch Sophie Scholl if you haven't already. Good German film about her last days.

Take care, hope the flu is gone by now. I need to get me one of those rock for health shirts.

All my love,


bug said...

I dreamed about you the other night, after reading this blog post; I didn't recognize you out of make-up for some reason (in the dream), until you smiled.

David said...

What a great post Amanda, and thanks for all the pix too!

Love the t-shirt slogans. And appreciate too your analysis of music genres or categories. I think it's perfectly sane to write and listen to songs about dark stuff. You are not crazy at fucking all. I believe that it helps us to unload some of our grief and pain, and sharing it as you do is a powerful thing to do. It's beautiful when you weave in stuff like the hugging saint and giving out your CDs early in the morning, with hugs. Come to Bradford, NH and I'm there! And if you can't make, then I'll be buying the CD anyway. So there. Where can we find out more about this record? You're TEASING us!

Libellule rouge said...

I was in Montréal and if you found minus 17 hard, well i'm glad you didn't come in december, it was about minus 30 with the wind!
By the way, this was one of the best shows I've ever heard. I say "one of the" because two years ago when you came at the Club Soda I was in love too :) But I believe you feel the same way as me, even though the cold was on, it was an awesome (how do we write this??) night!!!
Oh and thanks Brian for the hug!
If I can have one of yours Amanda, there's no deal about the 6 am, I dont't care. You can came in Trois-Rivières whenever you want, I will be the first to say welcome!(or Montréal if you prefer, but you know Quebec is really larger than Montréal, so I hope to see you elsewhere, maybe...?)

Just want to say how much I love your work, you guys are always in my heart and ears. I can't wait for an another oh so great and delicious show and cd!!

(And sorry for my english, I'm more the kind to understand your beautiful interpretation of "Dans le port d'Amsterdam" ;) Thanks by the way for your efforts in French, it's such a pretty thing^^)

Rose said...

...Apparently, "ask and you shall receive" is the order of the evening- I'm rather ecstatic you'll be playing the Northwest so soon, and with Mssr. Webley no less! This is going to be hell-raising & beautiful. I hope the Berbati's show will be at the very least 18+ (otherwise I'll be making the trek to Seattle or Eugene or some such place).
Regardless, I'm sending belated ginger&lemon&garlic vibes the way of your illness, & hope to say hello soon!

much excitement (though trying not to disturb your rest) & love,

lahierophant said...

if i was in the city by golly i would show up.

being barefoot in the cold makes me truly feel alive.

loved you in tampa. front row. brian much hotter than i ever thought.

heard you guys loved the pics i took.

let them call you crazy, you and B are some of the most down to earth musicians/performers out there

keep loving what you do and we'll keep loving you for doing it


Leo. said...

oh, goodness! that night in chicago was the best concert i have ever been to in my entire life, with you walking through the audience, & being on stage for the beasties cover...

much love, thank you for everything.

Shauna said...

About Amanda the hugging guru who gives out free albums.... hmm...nice idea but it would end up costing most people more money than an album would cost to begin with, by traveling the length and breadth of the country, and hanging around for hours and hours in the dangerous early hours. We would all get mugged but because we would have no money due to traveling to see you, the muggers would kill us :O - you would be responsible for the deaths of thousands! It's not a good idea. I would looooove an Amanda hug though.. it might be worth the risk of death o_0
I'm inspired by Amma the guru, i wanna hug hug hug people, everyone.

Francis said...

there is a small place in washington called el casadore (sp?). it's a great place for a small revenue abd just getting people to show up. the crowds are usually wonderful.

thanks so much for being great.


Francis said...

as per what i just said above, the town is not el casadore (again sp?) but it's in the seattle area. i think..

is there any way you can show that you actually read the comments that people post?


sarah said...

dearest amanda,
i am in graphic arts in school and i plan on making a shirt. :]
i'm totally making you a shirt as well to send along with your epic get well soon card.
tell me what you want on it, and i will, in the words of tim gunn, "make it work."
love you, a! <3


Fixx Coffee Junkies said...

I was at the show in Chicago! It was amazing, I also know pretty much everyone at the Vic. I was standing next to the GM when all the kids were getting up on stage. One minute I look over at him the next he was gone. It made me smile. I can't remember the last time I smile that big. I have seen you a couple times in Chicago, but that will always and forever be the show I remember. You and Brian are amazing (I'm having a hard time not swearing on this thing). Anyways Thank You! For every ounce of energy that you guys put out the closer I am to remembering why I love music in every way. If that makes any sense at all.
Keiko Lin

Linda L said...

Hi Amanda. I've got a question for you. In the making-of documentary thing on YouTube for the upcoming Dolls album, you said you're recording the songs on a keyboard rather than on a piano because the action of the keys is faster. Do you always perform/record with non-weighted keys? (You mentioned using a piano for parts of Yes, Virginia.) Also, what sort of keyboard do you think sounds the most realistic? (i.e. the most like a real piano)

Good luck with the recovery! Enjoy that guilt-free ice cream. :-)


sexy said...