Monday, December 03, 2007

fuck packing

it's officially winter and it's cold and it is 4 am and i have not
started packing for australia. obviously i must blog.

i still don't know where i'm going to stay. that is, we've picked a
joint in melbourne with some freak types who sound right up our
alley, but we've got no address.
so i think i may land in melbourne many hours from now, suitcase in
each hand, and look forlornly at upside-down street signs while
dingos eat my baby.

actually i plan to take a cab straight to the spiegeltent and hug it.
i've missed it so since edinburgh.

i didn't pack because a string of people happened tonight....andrew
called and said there was a jazz band at a place in cambridge, so i
went there, thinking i'd have time to pack after, then geeta was next
door and i haven't seen her much lately and i shared a bottle of
lambic with her, thinking i'd have time to pack after, then my old
friend from elementary school, fred, came to visit nick at around 1
am downstairs and started telling us about converting to judaism and
the three branches of judaism, and i needed to absorb myself in that
for a while, thinking i'd have time to pack after, then i needed to
talk to katie kay about post-war trade and she's on LA time, so we
talked for a while (we're making POST-WAR TRADE UKULELES....i'm so
happy), thinking i'd have time to pack after, then i started cutting
my fingernails. and took some self-portraits with my furry cat hat.

i am so excited to go back to ozland. everyone there is magic,
there's a friendly syrup in the air. i am so excited to see steven
and the other performers in the danger ensemble. i am excited to
drive the aussie coast with them as we groove tunes and talk butoh
and plans for our bizarro stage antics. i am even excited to have a
10-day slumber art party with them on somebody's floor.

i am also very very more than psyched for the upcoming dolls tour.
brian and i have been practicing and it's soul food to play with each
other again. we had the traditional every-song-we-could-think-of-on-
the-violent-femmes-first-record jam, this time with brian on guitar
and me on drums. meg white watch out. and i have better sex tapes
too. oh wait.

film recommendation:
the lives of others. we watched it the other night after rehearsal.
german. recent. long. starts a little slow. but GOOD GOD it's fine.
can't do much more justice than to say holy shit, perfect movie.

best reply from the last blog:
a web of safety benefits only a spider. all rewards come from risk.

i sat next to a man in the cafe pamplona tonight (yes, thinking i
would pack later) and he was translating papers.
he made a phone call and to the other person on the line he said:
"oh, just sitting her, working on papers and having some coffee. and
happy to be alive."
he told me he'd been coming to the cafe pamplona since 1959.

it started snowing today in big fat gorgeous chunks. it's still
coming down.
i think this calls for a picture, let's outside.

post-script: 6:52 am: completed packing mission, compacted vitamin collection, created many fingerless gloves. snow switched to rain, sun has risen.


juey said...

It's nice to see you happy again!

And touring with Brian.

I'm sad, that I'm so very far away from that tour. I'd really liked o have seen you live.

(I'm sorry, can't say anything smart)


The Outlook said...
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maddog said...

...and in my dreaming sleep she came to me,
all fevered heat and tumbling hair.
Again and again,
until she had nibbled me down to the bone -
now you are truly mine;
now I can call you my own.

and I was glad

Caroline said...

Behold...another lurker crawls out of the woodwork.
The title of your post made me laugh because I utterly loathe packing. It always feels like I'm going to lose memories when I leave if I don't remember everything.
Can't wait for the tour. I have tickets for the Atlanta show. =]

calebzia said...


Jessica said...

i simply cannot wait to see you tour this winter. i will be at the st. louis show. also, fuck yeah gravity plays favorites! it will be my fourth time seeing you dolls and there is a chance that i will don a church choir robe and stretching my arms to the sky in praise and thanks.

Sarah said...

I love packing. It reminds me that the cave I live in isn't the only beautiful place in the world. I scrupulously pick out all of my favorite clothes so they may share the memorably weathering experience; hopefully returning with evidence of where they have been, trails I shall only have burned in my memory.

Best of luck

Editorial said...

I'll second the recommendation for "The Lives of Others", it's a great film.

Sad to note that Ulrich Muhe died soon after the film was released...

Emma said...


I am so fucking excited about seeing you play at the Spiegeltent on the 12th. And I'm so happy that you love being in Australia. That rocks.

If you land and have no fucking idea what to do, email me, I shall rescue you with good bars/live shows, etc.

andrea said...

it's bound to snow here soon too.
it's good you got all the packing done. it always feels good to know you got something done. i feel good today. i wrote 4 papers yesterday rangeing from 4 pages to 10 pages. damn it feels good to know i'm done with that shit! i still have one more 10 page to go. it's for women's lit. and "eat pray love" is playing a huge part in that paper so thanks for letting me know it existed.

have some fun in australia.

all my love,


Andy said...

Just enough snow to make the roads bad, you left town just in time.

I'd love to see a whole show of femmes covers, or at least a set of them.

June Miller said...

I try to stick with one carry-on case, for the most part. Just stick a bunch of clothes inside a backpack with my toothpaste/toothbrush/hygienic shit in a ziploc bag, and that's pretty much how you get me traveling. Not very organized. Some might even call it 'half-assed.' Screw 'em.

I don't think there are proper words to describe how happy the second picture makes me. It's lovely.

But that hat just makes me go 'Wee!' because it's so fun.

I told my friend about Post War Trade a while back, when y'all first announced it, but I'll have to show her the Myspace. She's the one with strange dreams of being tangled up and submerged in yarn. She'd undoubtedly contribute some crazy wonderful shit.

Have fun at your 10 day slumber art party. You know, upon reading that statement, I really do have to admit to being envious.

Anika said...

Love the hat. is it just me (and this is merely an observation not an opinion one way or the other) but are your eyebrows slowly migrating northwards? i haven't looked at any pictures all that recently, and i do not know where you eyebrows naturally grow, but anyway... has anyone else thought this?

*giggles just a little at the trivial-ness of this comment compared to her others*


David said...

I would love to see Amanda's real eyebrows. I bet they're spectacular, just like the rest of her!

David said...

And yeah, your kitty hat is really cool!

Yay! You and Brian touring! Are you going to record anything?

Karma-Cola said...

Hope that you manage well in Australia.

Your hat is KICK-ASS.
Just like the rest of you.


Vani said...

Yay! You and Brian have brilliant chemistry together, its wonderous what you two can do. I was watching your War Pigs cover, awesome stuff.
And I like your kitty hat! Also, hurrah for the Violent Femmes, I heard that you used to be part of the Horns of Dilemma...