Monday, August 25, 2008

soccer...sorry, "football", anyone?

i am staying in london instead of going to the fringe....i just couldn't handle anymore planes or trains.
the london gig was off the hook. life is working.
i am holed up in a hotel for a week, trying to catch up on emails and life.

1. i am listening to new music this week and starving for content.
please post here any incredible albums that you think i might not know. i'm getting in shape for the "leeds" video and downloading single albums to listen to back-to-front while i work out.
hit me. any era, any genre.

2. i am kind of bored. yesterday, i bought a soccer ball, and some charity-shop sneakers, to cheer myself up.

3. i noticed on my walk home that there is a big field (albeit its sort of gross and ridden with drunks and junkies) near my hotel.

pick-up soccer/football game, anyone? let's fucking do it.
3 pm, shepards bush, this wednesday the 27th.
i am not kidding. we need at least 8 people to have a decent game. if we have too many people, we'll figure it out, we can rotate being athletes and hooligans, drinking beers on the sidelines and getting into brawls.
we'll play til about 5 or 6 and then HAVE TEA somewhere.
shepards bush is a total hole, but we'll find a place i'm sure.
please do wear appropriate footwear.

in other news....

the stencil mission is going well....people are posting up teasers on the shadowbox.
if you still want to enter, the deadline is far off and details about the mission are HERE.
here are some inspirations.....

by BHA/Sarah



(click any of the above images to be taken to the thread with full size images and lots more of inspirational stencil-y stuff)

here is another great one from my talk at mass art:

by dena bach

in related stencil-y-ness:

my friend olga sent me this incredible link....
a couple created an interactive choose-your-own-adventure stencil-romance project in the streets of San Fran:
i fucking love the world.

more soon. i am cleaning out my head.

love & rocket (comes with all meals here, on the side. kind of like lettuce, only not.),


p.s. the keyboard player for oasis walked by me at breakfast this morning. SIGN FROM JESUS??? i think so.


Denis said...

They're a local Chicago band, but I would recommend Aleks and the Drummer. Thus far they have all of their info on their Myspace:


Anonymous said...

listen to Pretty Balanced, please

I think you will like them, they are one of my favorite bands next to the Dolls

Charlie said...

How does one recognize the keyboardist in Oasis? I thought there were only two brothers with big gobs and fringes in that band ;)

-Manic Street Preachers: The Holy Bible (ok, pretty mainstream, relatively speaking, but This Is Yesterday moves me any day)
-New Model Army: Thunder and Consolation
-Defiance, Ohio: Share What Ya Got (you can download all their albums free from their website)

Hope that's of some use, keep up the good work.

Mariam said...


I feel like such a twat leaving this on here, but I think you might be more likely to read it than if I sent you an email, and also, this post is about London and I am a Londoner. So, slight relevance? I think so.

Anyway. My name's Mariam, I'm 16 years old, and my soul is mortally wounded by the fact that 1) I wasn't in the country for your London show recently, 2) You are playing an 18+ venue in October the day after my 17th birthday [and I am vertically challenged so I don't think I can pass as 18 if I bought a ticket, and 3) Your upcoming video shoot is also 18+. I'd booked tickets to see another band on the date of your London show, and then found out that you were playing the same night and intended to come to the venue midday to see if I could meet you and say hi. Then my flights back to the UK were changed and I ended up not arriving until the 22nd. No problem, I thought, I can probably see her at her video shoot. Then I hear that you're playing the KOKO club in October. I check that out and it's the day before my birthday. Awesome, I think, best present ever. And then I check the venue website and it's 18+. Then the same thing is announced with your video shoot. Poo.

Reading back over the post...would it be strange for me to show up to the potential football match? I promise I'm not one of those weird fans [I mean, weird? Yes. Fan? Yes. Weird fan? No!] who will chase you around and like...try and smell your hair, or something creepy like that. D: I'd just really like to meet you and even though I suck something awful at it, play football.

I'm going to stop typing now because this comment is not as awesome as I hoped it would be.

Elle said...

I will be a hooligan in spirit from the other side of the pond. 3pm your time would mean 10am for me. Is 10am too early to start drinking?

Mason Proper
They have links to a bunch of free downloads on their page (Shorthand EP is creepy and fun). Their new CD is amazing (I got a promotional copy), but it won't be out until next month.

rory said...

I'd recommend The Sundays, a mid-80's/early 90's band that are sort of like a female fronted Smiths but with some elements of Cocteau Twins. Speaking of, if you are unfamiliar with the Cocteau Twins I also definitely recommend them, in particular the album Treasure.

Cat said...

Musical recommendations...

Catherine Anne Davies - She's only released some demos, but they're wonderful

Rykarda Parasol - Alt Country at its best

Nouvelle Vague - Bossa Nova covers of 80s stuff

Bat for Lashes

Nina Nastasia

pseudogrupo said...

Try anything from David Fonseca =) Name of the albums "Sing me something new", "Our hearts will beat as one" and "Dreams in colour".
I also suggest the album "Golden Era" from Rita Redshoes =)

Greetings from Portugal

JennyW said...

Blondie - Autoamerican.

It's got fucking everything, and you can't go wrong with Deborah Ann Harry.

See you in October. x

i am jbarket said...

Doesn't seem like your usual, but take a listen to mozez - so still.

Not only is it an amazing, uplifting kind of album... trip hop-ish, makes you want to fucking hug people... but the guy is just do down to Earth and kind he should get a medal.

Jamie said...

You should definitly listen to:

Hit the Floor! by You Say Party! We Say Die!

The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New


Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, Misery Is a Butterfly, and 23 by Blonde Redhead. (I can't pick just one. They're all amazing!)


The Emperor said... is your friend. I highly recommend it. No, no, it's not some spam site I'm pitchin' at ya. Pandora is an internet radio station where you punch in an artist you like and it just keeps playing similar artists that you may or may not have heard. It's my saving grace at work.

Or, for just a band, check out Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves. Old time Soul Music (A la James Brown/Al Green) from a white dude from Boston. Nice! Catch you on the flipside.
-The Emperor

Anonymous said...

Roy Harper-Stormcock

If you like that one, then by all means start getting more of his stuff. He is incredible.

Chuck said...

Shrug (band from Dayton, OH) - Whole Hog for the Macho Jesus (you probably won't be able to find it in stores, but it's available online, and they Rock with a capital "R")

Jans Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala

Witchseason said...

Hmm - at the risk of being an old fart I'd say mosey on over to my vinyl MP3 blog ( and download any albums that you think you might like. It's mainly *old* stuff, but there's a lot of cracking music there that I've ripped from my vinyl albums.
Oh, and I'd wet myself if you (Amanda) left me a comment!

Rachel Weiss said...


sophie said...

queen adreena - taxidermy
ruby throat -

sin said...


yes because it's me and i'd like you to listen


Sean said...

Hey I wish I could make it to the game but I'm continentally challenged for that.

I'm crazed on British hip hop right now. Example is one of my new current favorites, so is Professor Green. It's very refreshing in that it's more dance music-based rather than the stale old RnB based junk from the States.
I also like a lot of the Dubstep movement going on over there as well. I like Kode 9 And The Space Ape a lot!

Pelle said...
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idwd said...
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Suzanne said...

Well, you know The Magnetic Fields, I bet, since you covered one of their songs once, but I recommend them to everybody. And thinking of Neil Gaiman, the Mirrormask soundtrack is hella cool. It's by Iain Bellamy.

Have you ever heard of Spiers and Boden? They're a British folk duo (fiddle and melodeon, mostly) and they are awesome and on myspace. They are also part of a sort of folk-big-band group called Bellowhead, also really awesome.

Please come to Fayetteville AR or Tulsa OK sometime, Amanda. We would love to have you.

Owen said...

Hiya Amanda - if you want to listen to more songs by Dilly Keane ('Look, Mummy, No Hands') then download some Fascinating Aida (the trio she was in in the '80s when 'Mummy' was written). Maybe try some Maximo Park? Everyone should listen to Buffy Sainte-Marie and I suspect you might like Alex Harvey - download some Sensational Alex Harvey Band ('Midnight Moses' or 'Last of the Teenage Idols' would be great for you to cover).

adriand said...

Have you been following Kristin Hersh's latest record which she is releasing on the thing? The new album is soundng very nice, almost as good as the Paradoxical Undressing show that she was performing in Edinburgh.

ICA show was fantastic apart from an overzealous door-woman.

Griffin said...

I'll recommend The Bastard Fairies. They're weird and kind of depressing but oddly addictive.

pearl said...

soviet kitsch by regina spektor (its her older one so it sounds slightly different but its amazing)
lust lust lust by the raveonettes

the_ashtray_girl said...

I wish I could be there, But I'm harassing Voltaire in Atlanta next week so I need to save my money. (really I just owe him 10 bucks that he donated to a Charity in my name. He is quite awesome is he not?) Anyway

There's a cool band out of south carolina called Leslie, You may like them. They have a song called sex gospel that rocks my face off.

Manic Street preachers are awesome, as are New model army. The Cruxshadows, if you don't know them yet, Are kinda goth techno-ish, but I can groove to anything, so I love 'em.

there's also a really old blog I left on myspace of my top bands you don't know about but totally should. You're on my friendies so it should open.

half of them are split now, and they're all pretty much local, but everybody starts somewhere, right?

Enjoy your tour, I will be plastering North America's largest weirdo convention with flyers and photos promoting the new album, and Atlanta will be stenciled!


LMS said...

Check out "Night of the Furies" by the Rosebuds. It's so 80s it hurts.

Em Wyllie said...

Oh, to be in London for football with Amanda fucking Palmer. Kickass...

Anyway, Albums that you'd likely not know...

Some Canadian gems
The Summer of High Hopes - Emm Gryner
The Baroness - Sarah Slean
Grow Up and Blow Away - Metric
Set Yourself on Fire - Stars

Madame Twitch said...

I just discovered Haydamaky a couple weeks ago and I'm pretty hooked. They're a Ukrainian band and nothing's in English, but the music is great.

Also, check out Golem. Equally awesome.

yorksdevil said...

I thought British folk stuff might be a blind spot on the old music radar. I would recommend the likes of Kate Rusby, Eliza Carthy, Kathryn Tickell, Rachel Unthank and Julie Fowlis.

Gugun Deep said...

hiya it's Gugun
AKA your 'Sheikh' from "Shores Of California"
hope all's well -- attended your Wiltern gig awhile ago, you tore it up, thnx so much 4 that :)
as it happens, i *AM* in London right now!
did my damnedest to attend ICA yet had a prior commitment: my cousin (a fellow east indian) had his massive wedding up in Leeds all this wk/wknd...

three o'clock in Shepherds Bush followed by tea sounds lovely
but can you be more exact? it's still a lotta ground 2 cover...
give a shout if you like:
07908449372 (my UK mobile)

Spooky said...

If you're looking for new music I highly recommend Creature Feature's first (and so far only) album, The Greatest Show Unearthed.

sarah said...

Uhm, you should listen to Bon Iver.
Maybe you'll like him, maybe not. I like him, not as much as you though.
I know you listen to Regina Spektor, but you need to scavange for some of her songs. Try Matt Costa. He's awesome. The Beastie Boys are fun to work out to. Oh! And totally listen to Nouvelle Vague. She's way awesome. (:
Mkay, that's all.

.Cecile-Maalaki said...
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Louzy said...

The 4th edition of the World Statues Festival is coming up. On the 30th and 31st of August the city center of Arnhem will be standing still, 300 living statues will give their best.

Also, it figures that you'd invite the Londoners to come play footie when I'm in the Netherlands. But hey, I'll see you in October in London so it's all good.

Carly said...

Not quite sure that I know the rules to pick up football. Will there be a tutorial beforehand? If so, I'm there.

(I will also need to know where to go if you are actually serious about the sporting event of my year.
Blog or email:

Sonya said...

The Canadian Indie-ish band Metric is tied with Garbage for my favorite band of all time with MADLY good reason. Emily Haines has such remarkably phenomenal lyrics and the music itself is just different enough to be refreshing and surprising. I recommend you go in this order for albums: "Live It Out", then "Grow Up and Blow Away", and save the very best for last with "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?" Oh man. SO. GOOD. You will thank me. It may, in fact, change your life. And when you discover how much you adore them, check out Emily Haines' solo work, Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton. (And you're welcome.)

The American band Pain, (not the European metal band called Pain,) is also wonderful. They're ska, and they have great humor. You need the album "Wonderful Beef" for the songs "The Song of the 7 Inch Cowboy", "The Bottlerocket War", "Suckerpunch", and Gavin". You need "Midgets with Guns" for "Chuck Al Hashib", "One-Legged Girl", "Fight", and "Milk". You need "Full Speed Ahead" for "Excalibur", "Jonathan Fallow", "The White Recluse", "Futz Said Julie", and "Upright". And find their version of "Jabberjaw". They are very uplifting, and they were probably the band that first showed me that music could be pure fun. (A fun sidenote, the song "Gavin" goes like this: "Gavin killed a nun/she had it coming and she got what she deserved/God helps those who help themselves". The band is broken up now. The lead singer is a preacher somewhere down south now.)

For something else, 100% worth a listen, Sing Sing is the band, the album I have is "Sing Sing and I". "Lover," the first song on the CD, will never leave your head but it is so wonderful you will be happy to have it there, with you.

Dog Fashion Disco is well worth a listen, too, but I don't know them well enough to recommend an album. And Angelfish, Shirley Manson's old band, is something you could pick up and enjoy, as well. Stars is also very cool, my favorite album being "Set Yourself on Fire".

And if you haven't seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, SHAME ON YOU and go fix that right now. Drop what you are doing. GO! Find it on Myspace, they have the best quality. It's 40ish minutes long. Hysterical and beautiful.

hsa333 said...

"Once Upon a Wave" by Pirate Jenny is one of the best albums I've heard in years. Some great lyrics and great music. Darkly amusing!

Leni said...

Despite being atrocious at football and living 100 miles outside of London, that's kinda tempting.

Love to send you a promo copy of my album which is, as yet, unavailable on itunes. There's some free mp3s here, though:

Dunno if it's your thing, but I thought I might as well post it as not.

ian said...

I think you should check out the band dynasty electric from Brooklyn. id call it electropunk for lack of a better word.

I saw them at a show in pittsburgh last week and they were amazing.

.Cecile-Maalaki said...

two music recommendations for this day :


and also definately the last album of Bloc Party , which is much better than the precedent ;)

enjoy ;)

Pelle said...

Music you could listen to:

The FLCL soundtrack made by the Pillows (or just look for the Pillows. I don't really like their new stuff as much as the old though). It's a soundtrack which I enjoyed a lot, the music just makes me really really happy.

Danny Elfman is someone you might know, I love the music he made for Edward Scissorhands.

The soundtrack of Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind is beautiful too. Composed by Jon Brion.

Last but not least; Horrorpops is a band I recently discovered and like. Punk rock :).

I'm seriously thinking about going to London just to play football with you. Hmm, think think.

Well someone else asked it too, so I'll just ask it as well: Can you be more precise? I'd love to come, but it's quite a journey from the Netherlands.

My email:

CarnivalCabaret said...

The Stencil-stuff looks really good... I'm sad I am not in London to play football with you ^^

I ain't no Juliet said...

Beirut - you will love them:

Comaneci - an italian and not very famous band:

Verdena -

circleseven said...

From Chicago: Electro husband-wife duo: The Countdown

Seabound is another fantastic band.

And if you feel like dancing... imperative reaction :)

Laura said...

80's punk Godess "Toyah" is always good for a listen.

p.s Football is for pussies, Rugby is where it's at :O)

Dustybreeze said...

Knives Don't Have Your Back by Emily Haines, it has a depressing vibe to it but the piano is beautiful.

i'm usually not the type to post on these sort of things (i just made an account) but since you posted the link to that wonderful article i figured i owed you my two cents.

Julia said...

I can't come to the football match because I'm working, but if you come into the Forbidden Planet shop on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday I WILL give you a 30% discount, unless my manager is standing at the till.

Yes, I am trying to bribe you to come into my shop. Sorry about that. It seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shake your hand and say thank you for the music!

There is a band called Love Is All who I adore at the moment, and also a bat-shit crazy band called Bearsuit from Norwich who are all sweet verse and bleepy noises, then terrifying screams during the chorus. I highly recommend them!


Lauren said...

I have no idea how much you'd like them, but I just fell in love with this bandmate's-brother's-friend's band called The Morning Benders from San Francisco. All of their albums are great, but I encourage you to check out Talking Through Tin Cans. They have kind of a Shins/Lennon/Oasis-type thing going on except way more California.

I'd totally, shamelessly self-promote my own bands album, but it's not out until the fall. I know, I know, it's hard to wait, but listening to The Morning Benders will make it go faster. ;)

Have fun with soccer and sorting life out in London.

Rosie Cotton said...

check out SR Gents ( for some french rock/blues/jazz/i dont really know how to classify them, goodness :)
i was gonna give you a CD when i saw you on 21st in london...but i didnt see you! argh! anyway, i think you will really love them.

much love, kaite xx

Karlyn said...

mc chris! He is completely different from the dolls but he is my hero. He deliberately does not capitalize his name, so naturally no venue ever gets it right.

Cas~ said...

you should check out:

-the earth sings mi fa mi-by the receiving end of sirens
-miser (selftitled)
-dialog-by paper rival

Kvitshtest said...

Rise up with fists!!! by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.

tabitha said...

first time writing on your blogger...

if you HAVEN'T heard of them, then you should definitely check out Judgment day! the best string metal i've ever heard! they even opened for jason webley once (which was awesome!)

the other band that rocked my socks recently, was All Ages! i went to the concert (to watch an opening band i missed cuz i got there to late) and the only people there were the other bands and a few close friends... it was AWESOME!!! oh, and their music is better live!

June Miller said...

Well...I'd really have to recommend "The Butterfly Collection" by The Nerve Agents, their last album unfortunately. They were this AMAZING hardcore band from about ten years ago that had a huge impact on the North/East Bay punk scene. Elements of Black Flag/The Cro-Mags even, totally chaotic, and Eric Ozenne has one of the strangest, most distinct voices I've encountered. Really good for when you wanna run your balls off, I guess. Although, the last track is really where it's at: The (again, fucking CRAZY) bassist, Dante, composed a beautiful song for the piano called "The Cross" that stands out just for being so delicate and gentle against all the madness of the rest of the album.

Also, The Murder City Devils, "In Name and Blood." They were from Seattle originally, but again they're long-gone. It's funny that you're doing an album depicting you perishing in different ways, because that's totally what these kids did on this album. The lyric booklet features different 'crime scene' photos of the band members all bloody and dead-like and stuff. Good times.

Any MF DOOM (THE SUPER MOTHERFUCKIN' VILLAIN!) you can get your hands on, you definitely should. The man's CRAZY and I love him. Box sets may be your best option, because he's got a lot of shit that he starts recollecting and putting out as albums, so I can't really recommend just one to you. But anything with the tracks "Kookies," "Money Folder," "A Dead Mouse," "Vomitspit," or "Never Dead" you should nab.

"The Tremulant EP" by The Mars Volta. It was one of their first releases, and personally my favorite. I always had a fascination with the song "Concertina."

I will spare you any AFI recommendations.

(Though if your interest was piqued I highly recommend the "A Fire Inside" EP, the "All Hallows" EP [if only for the artwork alone], or "Black Sails in the Sunset." I don't know if you'd like how hard "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes" is.)

Okay. Those have to be the top ones. Sorry about that.


What the eff? I want to be a British soccer hooligan. I want proper tea! Oh, cruel fates, why!?


The SF stencil story made me smile. It shall be bookmarked. I want to check it out. What clever individuals, they are. I love it. My friend and I are camping by the shore/scouting places out in SC for the next couple days, so maybe we'll hunt some of them down on the way back north.

I want to see if we can check out the Frida exhibit at the MOMA, anyhow. Fuck yeah!

The one who did the WKAP body art on the message board was hardcore. Awesome, I say!

Jet Girl said...

I know its kinda really old and not your genre, but have you attempted Patsy Cline?

pseudous said...

I forgot...this may help ;-)

A big hug for you =)

strangerwithcandy said...

Bands you might like: Yeah Yeah Yeahs (any album is fine). Slowmo Erotic (they're a local band in L.A. and their sick sense of humour is something you might like). I would ask you to listen to me but that's just dumb but you can listen if you want But other great people you should listen to are Blonde Redhead, Brand New - their album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, and most definately: Beirut. Yes yes yes.

Alright, not sure if you've even read this but in case you do Imma leave dis hurr.


bug said...

I'm not exactly on the cutting edge of music, but here's few I don't know if you'll know of or like:

Attic Ted (, album "Attic Ted Land". I'd advise you to listen to "climbing up" first on their myspace playlist—it's one of my favorites.

Cornershop (, I don't know what album in particular; Staging the Plaguing of the Raised Platform (you can listen to it on myspace) is one of my favorite songs

Kate Bush, albums "Never for Ever", "The Dreaming", or "Hounds of Love". I'm sure you know who Kate Bush is, but still...The Dreaming in particular has some wonderful and intense songs ("Suspended in Gaffa" is probably my favorite)

daryl said...

Take the tube from Shepherds Bush and go to Ladbroke Grove lot's of good record shops, Knowing England you will playing your football game in the Rain,
All the best

T said...

I have been having an Oasis sort of day. Absolutely a sign.

TEEM said...

Fela Kuti- The Black President

Antibalas- Who is this America?

The Jealous Girlfriends

Jon Leighton said...

Carly said...

Also, check out Florence and the Machine if you haven't already. Saw them at Reading this weekend and they were really good.

Roderick Bodmen said...

they're really not a band that i associate with the dresden dolls, but you should listen to "The Glow Pt.2" by The Microphones. Then again, you should listen to anything by the Microphones.

Jon Leighton said...

I posted my little recommendation before actually reading the rest of your post.

I can't remember the last time I played football, but I do remember that I was shit at it. However, the last time I drank beer was yesterday and I was great at that! So if I can be bothered to haul my ass over from Oxford I'll bring beer :)

halogoggles said...
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halogoggles said...

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into

vvvaia said...

totally up for the footy thing except i suck at football but i dont really think that matters after a few beers anyway! if anyone wants to call/email me with the deets and i will get my ass down there, yo

(07751383752 or

SmurfPop said...

I may come to play football, although I'm piss-poor at footie and I'm also extremely worried about making a completely wang of myself.

Miss P said...

Hi there Amanda! Have a nice time in your football battle; hope weather is nice.

I am also here to recommend Kate Bush; I noticed somebody else mentioned her and I had to jump in and really insist you go and listen. There's a pretty reasonable greatest hits called "The Whole Story". Her odd oldie pop might be perfect for your stay in London. My girlfriend hates her, that's a sing it's going to be perfect for you.

Have you heard of The Soft Drugs? Their new EP is great.

Grab yourself some Bel Auburn. Their EP can be downloaded

Have a blast! Luvs from Mexico :)

Matthieu said...

You should listen to Nina Kinert. Her most recent album [pets and friends] is amazing. Also, if you're into swedish indie techno bands, you should listen to Bondage Fairies, and Firefox AK.

srusse said...

I recommend The Dø

srusse said...
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srusse said...
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Viviana said...
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Viviana said...

For some interesting music:

Les Reines Prochaines.

"The lady was hungry"
"No water in my eyes"

...and many other german titles I cannot possibly remember but the songs are absolutely great ;-)

Great show in London, Amanda! Enjoy London and Sheperd Bush Football (sorry I'm working ;-) and tea.

Liz said...

1) Michael Andrews composed the soundtrack to "Donnie Darko". Without the multiple iterations of "Mad World", it's only about thirty minutes long, but it's a good half-hour.

2) I've got class until 6:00PM on Wednesdays, but if you manage to give details about where the field is more precisely, and/or where you will be going for tea, I can scramble to meet you as soon as class lets out.

Sindri said...

Hm..I don't know if you'll like him, but I'm pretty much obsessed with Backseat Goodbye. Theres a ton of songs up on his purevolume.

Also, this doesn't have anything to do with your post, but I saw you in nyc at the spiegeltent and decided that you're even more amazing live than in recordings. It was my first concert, and I think I might have been the youngest one there, though I'm not sure (I'm 12). It was the best night of my life, though my grandmother who brought me was a bit freaked out about you drinking wine on stage, and Vermillion Lies' song 'Planet Porn'.
A few days later, I went to Boston and went into a shop that was selling gnomes, and I was talking to the guy in it and you came up, and he said he knew you and had hired you before you and Brian had met and formed the Dresden Dolls. That was probably the second best day of my life.

Just thought I'd tell you :)

Kenny Wisdom said...

Army of Larry already said it.

That's two votes.

of Roy Harper: "spiritual godfather to a generation of British soul-bearers like Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock, John Wesley Harding and Joe Strummer."

A taster:

No excuses now!

Kevin Doran said...

Amanda, location details, pleasey; Shepherd's Bush is a big place!

Vince said...

The new Coldplay record is very nice (that new single is way too catchy), as is the latest Phenomenauts album (For All Mankind), and Tincture, from the now broken up Spider Silk Dress.

Rail said... want to come play football. seriously.


Jul'ya said...

I'm from Toronto (just missed your show, was working out of town), and I'd like to suggest the local band Rock Plaza Central.
List of instruments on their last album includes bass, mandolin, trumpet, accordion, glockenspiel, drums, banjo and guitar. And it was about a war between robotic horses and the angels.
Here's a link to sample tracks on their website. Give one a listen, they're a hard group to describe.
Thanks for your music.

springkuikentje said...

You should try C-mon and Kypski! They rock.

About soccer... Sorry, have to work!
Besides, I don't think i can afford the ticket to fly to Londen just for a few hours.
When you're back in The Netherlands... You should try again :-P

Petsky said...

Hiya, I'm a Diamond alum who bailed after seventh grade, doing better now.

My album recommendation:
•"Home Wreckordings" by Rebecca Moore

It's quirky, tuneful, and really moving.

~Petsky Rosalie Piyamaradu

Mix Tape Radio said...

Listen to Experimental Dental School they will blast your face off with incredible goodness. They're touring with Deerhoof in the fall.

Martin said...

I might be able to make the football - it all depends on whether I can get time off work, but I shall definitely try.

As for recommendations, there's already a mountain of stuff to work through, but I suggest...

Pretty much anything by the Mountain Goats, but especially 'Tallahassee', 'The Sunset Tree', or 'All Hail West Texas'.

Cloud Cult: The Meaning of 8 (and buying their album helps to save the planet)

Alela Diane: The Pirate's Gospel

Duke Special: Songs from the Deep Forest

Oh, and you should get the EP '234' by Dawn Landes, as it's awesome.

Plus Fables by Immaculate Machine is really, really good.

I should stop now.

Court said...

Dirtfoot - a louisiana band described as Gypsy Punk Country Grumble Boogie. I think this is right up you alley.

HARLEQUiN said...

if you like jrock, the GazzetE is awesome xDD

also The Birthday Massacre, Tegan & Sara, I am Ghost, and Pensive.

ahhh soccer is good =]

Daniel said...

Some recommendations:

Reverend Bizarre
St. Vitus
Jex Thoth
Ivory Graves
I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper
Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Bloody Panda
Kayo Dot
The Candles Burning Blue
The Orne
Lords of Acid
Peeping Tom

Hayley said...
The Mint Chicks!
Fantastic band from New Zealand.
All their stuff is good but 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!' and 'Fuck the Golden Youth' are the two spectacular albums.

Elise said...

jeeze. I go to RISD, I should get my ass on that stencil contest.

Just for the record Risd> MassArt

Lac23 said...

:Wumpscut: - Evoke
A little different... awesome though.

JackalFive said...

I've been listening to the "Secret Agent" channel on Soma FM a lot recently. It's all espionage inspired music (that being lounge, groove, jazz, and down-tempo electronica) and even has quotes from James Bond movies between songs, which I think is a riot.

Notable bands I've found so far on there: Seks Bomba, and Puddu Varano.

dkdkdk said...

buck up amanda. hope these bands will help
Vic Thrill + The Saturn Missile, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Bastard Fairies


Andy Pants said...

The Doddos - Vister

The Grates - Teeth Lost Hearts Won

Holly Throsby - A Loud Call

Timothy said... has great music, they do streaming of various bands that might not otherwise get radio play.

Yannic said...

Hi Amanda!
If you want to enjoy funk, this is the the one:

This is a recopilation of the favorite songs of JK from Jamiroaquai. There are another Cd's from Groove Armada and Fast Boy Slim, very nice both.

and finally, just for fun, you can go here
This is a new former band from Montreal, Quebec, who play jazzistics version of some 80'hits. "Pump up the jam" is really cool.

I hope you enjoy :)



PD: I like the first pictures you posted in the blog for your cover.

Anjona said...

I would recommend the soundtrack for Cirque du Soleil's show, La Nouba. It's an interesting mix of many different styles of music and quite refreshing.

lala said...

Hop Along Queen Ansleis.

Luke/HL said...

Porcupine Tree... just about anything really. They're the single best band the UK has produced in years.

And I'd come play football with you. I'm even a fan! I'm just too far north >_<

Have fun, hope to see you in Manchester!


Locus said...

To add to the 100 comments...

I really think you should check out Dax Riggs. He's delightfully psychotic. It's not new or anything...

June Miller said...

Okay, sorry, I have one more.

If you want something to kick back to after a workout, perhaps you should check out some of The Herbaliser. A most fitting name, indeed. But they're pretty cool. They sample a lot of kicky jazz numbers, as well as take different sound clips from old films, and set them over some pretty pimpin' beats. Half the time, they usually have someone sweet rapping over it--usually someone from the UK I've never heard of before. Of their albums so far, I'd recommend "Very Mercenary," as it seems to be the illest. It has this track called "Starlight" which I adore to no end, and features this other bad-ass you should check out sometime named Roots Manuva. But that's a WHOLE 'nother comment.

I could go on and on and on. I will not, this time.

loxymoxy said...

oh man, if I lived in England, I would totally be down for that football game.
no matter how seedy the park :)

Fujiya & Miyagi have some really cool music I just found out.

also, Kimya Dawson, Maylene and the sons of disaster, Au Revoir Simone, and Cat Power.

dr-rory-borden said...

lame i know but lady soveriegn's song 'love me or hate me' is the shit.
laura imbruglia is awesome i LOVE her songs 'looking for a rabbit' and 'tear ducts' she has a myspace page and they would be on that...i think.
also probably heard of them but killing heidi is fucking sweet as also.
also make sure u come to aus wen i have money and play close to where i live so my bb gun (volvo) can make it there!

The_Kill said...

for listening to, i recommend Air Traffic. and the cd is called Fractured Life.
pretty good. one of my faves.

sundownsensei said...

Local band from Tampa with an Americana vibe. Have Gun Will Travel.

They have very striking lyrics.

I especially like the Song
Oh Come All Ye Sinners.

They have a MySpace page too.

Petsky Rosalie Piyamaradu said...

An addition:

•Inger Lorre (from the Nymphs, but more famous for peeing on a Geffen record executive's desk) has a brilliant obscure solo album called:

"Transcendental Medication"

Not the most original thing, but quite an emotional pounding. Jeff Buckley plays guitar on it.

(NB: I second, and Experimental Dental School)

~Petsky Rosalie Piyamaradu

flyingczechman said...

Dear Amanda,

why don't you broaden your horizons and check Czech chanson from late 80'ties? There is really a very famous album called V penzionu Svet. Please check this CD out, I bet you get inspired. And once you fall in love with the music, you should get those czech texts translated. They are incredible.

You may like this one too ...

The Rouge Doll said...

Oh gosh, this is my favourite topic!

Have you heard of Cake Bake Betty? I am completely in love with her. If you can track down her album, do it. It's called Songs About Teeth and my absolute favourite song from it is called 64 Little White Things. I think she's from America? I have forgotten. I'll track down the link for you.

Ok, well, here is her Myspace:

I am also in love with Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set. Her latest album is called The Moon Looked On and I love her lyrics. Favourite song from the album would have to be Peccadilloes. Her site is here:

Oh oh oh and Andrew Bird! I am a sucker for his lyrics. Armchair Apocrypha is his latest album, I believe. I would have to say Imitosis or Dark Matter are my favourite.

Oh gosh, I could go on for a while. I could mention Angus and Julia Stone or Bat For Lashes or Emily Haines, but I won't. Probably because you already know of them. Anyway!

Nathan said...

The Helio Sequence is a great electronica-ish band. They're signed to a major, and probably on iTunes, so check them out.

Yoerk said...

Hey Amanda!!
Damn, I can't be there to play some Fussball with You and the others...

You got to check out Mother Tongue!! Any album!
Or Scout Niblett...sure You know her.I had her on my radio show last year.
Perhaps You'd like Julia Hummer from Germany, too...

So, Best Wishes!!
See You!

Xim said...

random, but if you haven't heard of Poe, her albums are great - both "Haunted" and "Hello."
have a happy ball-kicking

Sandra said...

-hmm I don't know if you know them, but Flux Information Sciences. They are on Michael Gira's (Swans) label.

-Silver Apples

-Vive la Fete

-Severed Heads

- Fad Gadget ( this band is a MUST! sooo good)

-Nero's Day At Disneyland

-Lucrate Milk (they really rule)

-DAF (if you don't already know them, great german stuff, get the older albums)

okay i'll stop now! enjoy.

Anonymous said...

It's been pissing it down in Edinburgh for the last three weeks (worse than last year) and some of the train lines have been water logged.

Then there's the tram/road works everywhere.

Usually I love the fringe. It's the only time of year the freaks outnumber the neds. But this year I kinda wish I was able to be somewhere else.

You're probably better off in London.

Have fun tomorrow. :)

Eva said...

"Hieb- und Stichfest" by MIA.

It's I guess from 2001 or something.
It was their first album. Right now their music is not half as good...

I planned to send you the album anyway. So if you're not able to get it in the USA, be patient. It will reach you sooner or later.



scarlett said...

totally recommend the album Colour the Small One, by Sia. She's an Aussie chick from Adelaide (but think she lives in the States now) and her songs Breathe Me and Sunday always make me cry...(in a good, this is beautiful music, way…I think it's the violins that get me). She's also done an awesome cover of radiohead's paranoid android.

on a completely opposite tangent, the new album from the Dandy Warhols has me dancing round my apartment of late.

P.S I'm wetting my pants with excitement because my virginia companion arrived today! Awesome! I've spent the entire day trying not to get caught reading it under my desk at work….

scarlett said...

forgot to add that you really can't go past kaiser chiefs and franz ferdinand for the ultimate workout music...but am sure you know this already! :-)

DarthStoo said...

Damn, i'm not going to be able to make the footie...

Cat Power - You Are Free
Korpiklaani - Spirit of the Forest
The Mediaeval Baebes - Mirabilis

Editorial said...

So many comments... but my quick recommendation is Dumb Supper by Cath and Phil Tyler- it's about time the dark side of the banjo was acknowledged, and their shape-note-style singing always sends a shiver up my spine.

P.S. Rocket is usually known as Aragula in the US.

STRU_A1_Sam said...


Nick O'Siris said...

So many people saying they CAN'T get to the football, I think I might actually have to turn up... even though I have to work a nightshift both before AND after it. Still, I'll be pretty much a zombie in that case, and that would probably fit in quite well.

I assume you mean Shepherd's Bush Green? If not, you'd better be more specific or no-one will find you. Toodle-pip.

Inga said...

Playing soccer in Aachen would be fine, London is hmmm too far away for us, but here is some really great music for rainy days (we hope that London is not as grey as aachen is ... ):

Hellsongs - Hymns in the name of 666 (fluffy-hippie-flower-metal-covers)

Kimya Dawson
(maybe you know her, if not ... you should!)

The Paper Chase
(no comments)

The Gothic Archies/ Magnetic Fields
(you should read Lemony Snicket ... but most important thing is the voice of Stephin Merritt ^^ )

Sigur Ros
(noise with peace of mind)

Hope you like it
Lotta & Inga

xtine said...

my recommendation (which will be probably lost in the sea of amazing things already mentioned) is Flight Of The Conchords.

they've billed themselves as "Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo", which kind of tells you they're worth checking out.

XOs from Singapore :) (see, you HAVE Asian fans. this should really motivate you to include the other half of the world in your grand tours :) )

Viviana said...


and Vinicio Capossela. He's Italian so probably you cannot understand the lyrics but it doesn't matter. He's so fu@@@@ good.

I would start with the album "canzoni a manovella". The song "Maraja" can give you an idea of what you are dealing with.

Good luck with the weather for the football tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

If nobody has named them yet check out Blyth Power

Dang, would have loved to come for the footie but a. its my birthday, b. I'll be at work at 3pm. I could make it for evening tea :D


"j" said...

nicole atkins - neptune city
martha wainwright - martha wainwright

(female singers, very dramatic stuff)

the national - any album
patrick wolf - any album
syd matters - someday we'll foresee obstacles

(some amazing shit)

Laura said...

Hey Amanda, I got my tickets for your Glasgow (King Tut's) gig today. Number 8 and 9 but don't worry it ages to the gig I'm sure it will be a sell out.

Any chance of scoring a couple of backstage passes?.......pretty please.....pretty please with sugar on top.......pretty please with rocket on the side. :O)

muruch said...

Xavier Rudd: Dark Shades of Blue (review & mp3 here)

Xavier is an Australian didgeridoo playing rocker. Awesome and completely unique.

andrea said...

whoa lady, you've got alot of comments on this one! haha
so awesome.

first: I just watched this movie that I think you might like and probably haven't seen. It's called The Life Before Her Eyes. Let's just say that Strength Through Music could be in the soundtrack. It's good. And watch Funny Games. I can't remember if I told you that before or not...but it's a good one to see too. Both are out to rent or buy, not at the theater by the way.

As far as music. I have not found much new stuff that has really made me excited lately. And you'd most likely know all the oldies I could point out. But...the album She & Him is one I've enjoyed. Zooey Deschanel writes and sings all the songs except for a few covers. I like her voice.

Go to and start watching...and start at the beginning. You will either like it or you won't. I like it.

Have you found anything new or old, movies or music lately that is worth sharing? I could really use something good to listen to these days. Books?

Download some Edith Piaf. La Foule. Her voice, her style shakes me.

Have Fun!

All my love,


Juan said...

Amanda... you're telling me a faery-tale.

Hi! I'm writing you from Argentina.

I'll recommend you to check out Lacrimosa.
Lacrimosa is a sinfonic/gothic- rock/metal German band with a long discography with some horrible albums and many perfect albums.

I recommend you download FASSADE. I think it's one of the most perfect albums ever written. The music is so empowering, emotional and virtuous.
I strongly believe you should check it out for to very specific reasons.
First, because the female singer sounds very very very like you. Check out the song Senses, track 3 in Fassade.
Second, because I think you and Lacrimosa's Tilo Wolff have a similar sense of melody. You both have the rare hability to create beautiful melodies, and to put emotion ad dramatism into notes.

My english sucks.
You rule. I adore you.

Are you into movies?

Sylvia said...

Gretel e Hansel... Italian band (sings in English), garage, rock, psychedelich... soooo unique!

Louise Shiels, acoustic folk. amazing

Emily Plays, indie shoegaze. from my town... brilliant music. dream soundtrack.

Alameda Green said...

I'm gonna hop on the bandwagon of suggesting for you to find new music. It's one of the weapons in my super-secret arsenal.

And it's a bit girly, but I've recently developed a love of Pony Up!, especially "The Truth About Cats And Dogs". Good vocal warm-up there.

Lowri / Liability Bennett / Havoctheduchess said...

This is a longshot. Because there's no likely way you haven't heard them. Unless, of course, there is. But I would always suggest The Divine Comedy for every occasion. bnope, can't think of any occasion when they're not appropriate. Weddings, Wakes, last moments on earth, bored evenings in. All that jazz. I would recommend the album Victory For The Comic Muse. British music at its best. And... The Super Furry Animals. Same blurb, totally different soundscape. I would recommend listening to the albums Guerilla, or Radiator.

Lowri / Liability Bennett / Havoctheduchess said...

And for up and coming bad ass bands check out The Zen Hussies, Fantasmagoria, and Top Shelf Jazz. now ... I'm pretty sure that they're all Bristol based... But what dfo you know, they're playing in Recydrate The West, along with THE WURZELS (!!!)WHOOOOOP(!!!) this weekend in a secret location in Somerset. And another good reason for going there would be that The Invisible Circus is going to be hosting the Cabaret Stage. So if you're bored by the weekend, the Welsh borders ain't as far as the Scottish ones...

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Laura Marling's album "Alas I Cannot Swim." It's quite refreshing, and her voice is very unique.

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

Ms Palmer,

Some suggestions for albums if i may:)

*Duke Ellington & John Coltrane-'Duke Ellington & John Coltrane'

*Caribou-'Milk of Human Kindness'

*Anything by The Detroit Cobras

*Cathy Davey-'Tales Of Silversleeve'

*Anything by Bela Fleck&The Flecktones

*The Redneck Manifesto-'I am Brazil'

*Camille- 'Le Fil'

*Anything by Karen Dalton

*Sam Amidon- 'All is Well'

I could go on and on and on..but i won't!

If you're bored and free you should try and make it to Ireland for the Electric Picnic this weekend.Methinks you'd have a blast-35000 people in a country estate with good music,friendly vibes & lots of alcohol:)

Shout if you need someone to show you round Dublin circa end of Sept.

Joshua said...

Where in Shepherds Bush? It's a big area isn't it. I'm getting time off work to come so I will be wondering around to find you if I have to! Umm, but more details would be nice. ( for more details. I'm gonna have to leave home at noon to get there so responce before would be nice! Thanks)

See you tomorrow or I'll be very upset.

plastic-stars said...

you should give Hey Rosetta a listen they are pretty damn awesome. they`re a Newfoundland band.
my violin teacher plays with them.

i`ll post a link to their video for `Yes Yes Yes` if you interested.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. this is like the most comments ever... This maybe a repeat, but I'm not reading all of these.

Total nerd here... but I've been hopping around to M.I.A.'s Live Session (itunes exclusive) with the addition of 'Paper Planes' since Pineapple Express made it seem SO cool in their trailer. It is a short album, but my head is spinning after listening to it for 15 minutes anyway.

grayacre said...

Oceansize: Everyone Into Position.

Mile said...

Hi Amanda..
Im from Chile so im going to suggest some Latian American Artist that i cant stop listen to them

-Los tres
They really good specialy there first cd name Los Tres, they have also other good song like torre de babel, or no me falles

-Francisca Valenzuela
Cd: Muerdete la lengua
I think you might really like her
i cant spot listening to her, she is really reaaally chilean pride hahaha

-Julieta Venegas
CD: Julieta Venegas MTV Unplugged
I didnt really like here becouse she sounded to "pop", but when i saw the unplugged i fell in love

-Natalia lafourcade
Cd: Las cuatro estaciones del amor
Speechless...she did this beautiful cd and she didnt know how to read music,she says in a interview that it was really hard for her to explain to the musician of the philharmonic how she wanted to sound, so she had to make all this weard noises and faces to explain it to them, and turn out really good

And english speaking bands..
-broken social scene (any cd)
-Mando Diao
-Emily Haines
-Elliot Smith
-Moldy Peaches
-Yann tiersen (french)
well that all...i hope you´ll enjoy them
P.s: sorry the bad grammar :S

ahvarahn said...

aNd AlL tHe worLd is fOotbaLl shapEd

Meah said...

Yeah, in case you get this far down...Pretty Balanced is good and kinda your styleish...but personally, I recommend the Teeth. They broke up like six months back or something like that, but came back (kind of) as Purples. Anyway. The Teeth are quite possibly the second greatest band ever. Because, of course, the Dolls are the first.

Anonymous said...

Nico Muhly's new album "Mothertongue" is swell -- available on ITunes I believe.
New Musicy, "Art" Music so to speak. You know, whatever that means.

Oliver Schroer's album "Camino" -- great back story. Violin music, beautiful music.

Ghost Bee's album "Tasseomancy" -- it is available on a digital music site called Zunior.
$6 for mp3, $8 for flac!

i hope all is well.
i too am cleansing.

i tried to take a sabbatical, i couldn't do it.

Ozymandias said...

New York show blew my mind. Best show I've seen in years.

Lets see:

Howling Bells - Howling Bells (nice antidote for hangovers)

Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous
(If you want some clever wordplay)

Mastodon - Blood Mountain (absurdly heavy, but sooo good it deserves a chance if you are feeling orthogonal)

Anonymous said...

holy jesus thats alotta comments.

my recommendation is Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra.

Interesting lyrics. Funk.. punk.. rockabilly style. Something a bit different.

The guitarist is 18 years old and she's damnnnn impressive.

CHEKKIT. They're Aussie but they're in London ATM. Go see em! They're wicked fun live.

Martini Martini Myspace


Whitney said...

okkervil river okkervil river okkervil river

TongaLH said...

Men Women and Children - I think you will totally love then if you haven't heard of them already.

Joy said...

I love Stereo Total right now, they sing in German with the sweetest French accent I've ever heard...

Joy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Art Crass said...

Amazing albums you might not know? "I Sing the Body Holographic" by New London Fire is fucking incredible. I'm sure you heard the new Radiohead album. But yeah, check out New London Fire.

Richard said...

Any genre, any era? Seriously?

OK --

Artist: Cappella Romana
Album: The Fall of Constantinople OR The Divine Liturgy in English

Both available on iTunes.

BrassyCassy said...

I listen to XM 52 The Verge religiously, and it's where I find a massive amount of fabulous progressive Indie bands ... one that I've just recently gotten interested in is a Canadian band called Beast. I don't know they've released an album [on iTunes, or in any other place], but here's their MySpace:

The song "Mr. Hurricane," in particular, is worth a listen.

Also, The Frames [a band headed by Glen Hansard, who wrote the original music for and starred in the artsy film "Once"] have released an album entitled "The Cost," which I think is really good ...

I also recommend the band Placebo [especially the album "Meds"], but you've most likely heard of them, at least ...

I'm not sure if you follow musicals, but Jason Robert Brown is a [relatively] new composer who I think is just brilliant, and he's an amazing pianist. His musical "The Last Five Years" is proof of his genius, I think, so if you get around to it, and if musical theater appeals to you as much as the next thing, you should check it out! :)

Animal Collective's "Strawberry Jam" is also an amazing album ... and so is Chad VanGaalen's "Infiniheart" ...

Mother Mother is another band that I've discovered via XM 52 The Verge; they are truly innovative and captivating artists. MySpace:

On a completely different note, I recommend this solo artist named Luke Pickett. His music is really mellow and totally addictive ... I would recommend his album "For Every Petal Lost; Another Gained," which is available on iTunes, because it's got pretty much my favorite of his songs: "And Asleep I Am Your Everything." So good.

Matthew Good's "Hospital Music" is another great one ...

Well, anyway, I'll stop there! :)

You rock my world, Amanda!

Chantelle said...

Par Avion is a Chicago band that I discovered a couple of days ago. Electronica disco stuff...great to dance to.

Darlin' said...

If you're bored, let's do coffee.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've heard of her, but "Alas I Cannot Swim" by Laura Marling, the 18-year-old singer/songwriter, is really worth checking out. She's folky, has a great voice, and is pretty unknown here in the States. She's on iTunes, if you want to give her a listen!

msb said...

morton's foot by rabih abou-khalil

i heard a promo for an upcoming episode of npr's "day to day". they were going to talk about a lebanese oud player who does jazz in europe. oud! jazz!

for weeks, i wandered into record stores looking for his cds. except i couldn't remember how to spell his name, so i trolled through the "world music" sections looking for anything that would trigger the memory. "morton's foot" was sitting in my amazon cart, but i wanted to hear a bit before pulling the trigger.

april 2005. my wife is at a friend's bridal shower. i'm in the 3rd record store of the day, avoiding work. can't find anything but "alou-khalil" (sp?). pick up a couple of zorn cds. a laurie anderson cd.

in the new music section, there's this cd by some band i've never heard of. "yes, virginia". "the dresden dolls". piano & drums.. neat!

dawn and i have been hooked on your music ever sense. and all of the other amazing artists i've experienced through you and brian. vermillion lies. zoe keating. the red paintings. regina. neutral milk hotel. h.u.m.a.n.w.i.n.e. and others..

a bit later i ordered the cd in my cart.

Amanda said...

Fo sho check out Cake Bake Betty if you're not already familiar with this chick. She's boss. I think CD Baby is your best bet for hearing her music:

I also suggest Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground if you're in the mood for something cutesy and Beatles-esque:

Hope I helped :)

Aimee said...

The Glow Pt. 2 by The Microphones
Mount Eerie by The Microphones
Alopecia by Why?

lemme know

Heiko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heiko said... great band from hamburg/berlin - their last album "three" is awesome- i think, you could like it :-)

Orange Seltzer said...

I actually just signed up on so I could comment on your blog, which I read habitually.

Music I think you'd find interesting:
Acoustic and amusing.
This girl is amazing. She has a cover of Britney's Toxic (it's acoustic) and just put out a little album earlier this month.

tattybluetrees said...

I hope the football was fun. I sat at work barely two miles away, slightly sweaty and repellant in an un-airconditioned office, and thought how much fun y'all must be having.

Music- when in doubt, Scott Walker, that's what I always say. Failing that and for something completely other, try Carlo Gesualdo- Count, wife-murderer, madman and infanticide, perveyor of the strangest harmonies and dischords of the sixteenth century.

daryl said...

You missed out on some very Sexy Legs!

Vigor Mortis said...

The band Kiss Kiss is a lot of fun, their slightly new and unique. Alan Sherman is good for a laugh, you can probably find bits of his acts on the internet, for it has everything. Muse and Orenda Fink are good too.

Ps. If you do plan on handing out your CD's on the 16th in New York. Maybe the steps of Saint John the Divine would be a spiffy idea, or perhaps the garden near it. It's on 110th street and has lots of space if you need it to accommodate fans. It's such a magical and special place, certainly carries the Dresden Doll/Palmer Vibe, it doesn't even feel like a "church".

Justin Bravo said...

That song does sound like "Backstabber" a little bit. Haha. That was the song that caught my attention years ago and led me to the Dolls.

And dang, I wish I was a Londoner. I used to be pretty kickass at soccer... football... whatev's.

Anonymous said...

currently im enjoying
the giving tree band
gil scott heron
diane cluck
the dodos
the chapin sisters
josephine foster's new record
curtis mayfield(espcially the album 'there no place like america today"
the andreas kapsalis trio
eddy arnold(one of the orginal country yodelers)
and as always theres some tom waits thrown in there
he's sneaky that way

Nicholas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicholas said...

I've been doing a bunch of cross-genre beat-based mashup music lately:

Hope people like it :)

Katlyn said...

The Republic Tigers - Keep Color

Good stuff.

Christian said...

The Circus Contraption Band has a new CD out that is absolutely wonderful. Check it out on CDBaby... I think you would particularly dig the track "RHP!" (snicker, snicker>)

Thank you for your amazing art!

Renée Vivien said...

Huuum there's this solo project of Tilo Wolff (the guy who created Lacrimosa): "Snakeskin" which is not bad at all... Check this out:

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