Wednesday, August 20, 2008

alone & grateful & losing

things have been going extraordinarily well but too fast.
and i am dizzy.

i did a mini-tour of the states (new york, chicago, toronto, LA and san fran) and then without going home I came over to europe and did four festival shows with brian,
now three more solo shows in germany and london. then i'm going to haul myself up to edinburgh just to be there. then i am coming back to london for the video shoot
for "leeds united". fancy fancy fast fast fast.

my life is shifting. touring solo is unfamiliar, but it's so so so good. i'm getting used to it.
playing solo and then playing with brian and going straight back to solo was certainly weird and educational.

the thing that i didn't anticipate or think too much about is how different my gauge is when i'm playing alone.
i had gotten so used to always factoring brian into everything it that breaking myself of the pattern is weird.
it's all me now, there's no drummer factor, at all. this has it's pros and cons. it's a little lonely but it's also not.
sometimes being onstage with brian, when we weren't connected, made it feel impossible to connect to the crowd.

when alone, the shows can become completely impulsive and random, and they have been.
but i feel a little like pavlov's dog waiting for the shock to kick in.
i'm sure it's similar to the feeling you have when you get divorced or break up with a long-term lover.
you're excited by the liberation but you also miss the routine, however complicated.

i've been feeling more grateful than usual.

grateful to ben folds, for making this fucking amazing record for reasons i am still trying to comprehend.
grateful to neil gaiman, for appearing magically and writing for me and being my friend.
grateful to emily white, my manager, for being back in my life and being so passionate about music and her work.

this is starting to sound like the acknowledgments of a book.
but i'm feeling it, fuck it.

grateful to beth hommel, my incredible assistant, for coming into my life right when i needed help badly and making EVERYTHING go.
where i would be without her right now, i'm not sure, but i'm pretty sure i'd be on Planet Fucked.
grateful to brian, for being in a band with me and teaching me more than he'll ever know.
grateful to psycho dave, for touring with me and getting me a band-aid last night.

grateful to the universe in general for setting shit up. i can't believe it worked.


i have been losing and breaking things.
i don't like travel for this reason.
i feel like i've gotten RELATIVELY more responsible as the years pass.
i don't lose things as easily as i used to. i used to lose keys and wallets with astounding frequency.

but when you are, for several weeks in a row, on a daily treadmill of taxis, hotel rooms, planes, trains, cluttered dressing rooms with no tables,
restaurants and friend's houses, with people milling around you and loud music playing, things get lost. they get broken.
i try to let things go.
i try not to get upset.
i try to see wasted money and lost irreplaceable clothing as ephemeral, and then i wonder if that only makes me more prone to losing things.

in LA, i lost my iPod. i bought a new one. but the record's leaked ANYWAY.

in hamburg last night, i lost my favorite jacket. but it's relatively warm today.

somewhere in california i lost my cap. i really liked it. but my head must not be covered for survival.

in Utrecht i cut my hand open on my ukulele case. but the cut wasn't too bad and i have a nice pretty bandage and my sister had some neosporin.

in chicago, i lent emilyn "cupcake punk" brodsky my socks. she offered to give them back at the end of the night, actually, but things had just gone too far. it wasn't worth

also in chicago, someone stepped on my mac. the screen became modern art. that someone was kate lane.

BUT.....they know me at the mac store, so a few days later the guys in new york HOOKED ME UP with a new screen. for free. life is wonderful that way. (thanks mac store!)
and kate lane felt really bad and so in exchange, she gave me her pony sweater that i had been coveting. and so i got my mac fixed AND i got the pony sweater. i was almost glad it happened.
am i terrible?

dear amanda,
you stupid cunt.
why don't you keep your iPod in one fucking place and keep track of it when you lend it to people?
and why didn't you put your jacket away in your suitcase? you loved your jacket. now it's gone forever.
and why did you leave your fucking computer on the floor where someone could step on it?
you are an irresponsible child and i hate you.
will you ever mature and take care of your shit?
way to go, fuckface.

dear amanda,
i know, i know, i know.
please forgive me.
tour is a bitch. life becomes random.
i am trying.
please love me,

i am somewhat terrified because i am about to embark on a fucking 3 month tour with TWELVE PEOPLE (zoe, jason, lyndon, my crew and the whole danger ensemble)
in venues the same size as the ones we've been playing. there's been almost no privacy and space and we're currently a touring party of TWO (me & psycho dave). .
it's going to be an interesting life. we might kill each other.
I wonder what i can do to never lose anything.

maybe i should just not HAVE anything.
but i sort of NEED things.
clothes keep me warm, my iPod carries my music, my computer keeps my life in place.
i am in a bind here. fuck.


random photos from tour....:

backstage feeling torn between solitude and ponies.

me & dad in LA, singing leonard cohen. it was awesome.
sadly i don't think anyone filmed it.

at the troubadour in the balcony:

(photo from

San Fran:

with vermillion lies (who are AMAZING!!!! check them out:

(photo from


the PONY SWEATER!!!!! (thanks kate):

(both by

(Photo by Denis Farr)

New York....(new york was sooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood)

(sign photos by

i did an introduction to the set by imitating bob dylan and lip-syncing ben folds....

awesome photo collage by bob lopez/almus.

there's a good live clip of it (from chicago) HERE

time to look at the cows.



Caroline said...

I absolutely adore the photo collage.

I lost my iPod at O'Hare airport once, it had my guitar recordings on it but they were lame, so hopefully someone is enjoying them.

shannon said...

i love ben folds, too.
and i think you are amazingly real.

Denis said...

I despise travel for this exact same reason. My focus tends to be on other things than keeping everything together.

It was great seeing you solo. Was most certainly a different experience, but was intriguing watching you build your own energy, as opposed to the interplay that occurs between Brian and yourself on these stages.

Dan Colbert said...

I know its a little bizarre and quite unsettling that someone who dosent even know you would write you and try to make you feel better but i just want to let you know that i think your absolutley wonderful.
the changes that are happening are for the better. You are one of the few true artists left in this word and i adore you for everything youve ever done. keep at it. there are great things in store for the future.

love and peace
sex and prosperity
art and life.

Katie said...

i have always been shockingly ambivalent about ben folds. i'm one to take a stand on any and everything, so something that remains eh (like lemon meringue pie and CDs and knitting with linen) is an oddity.

i think i remember checking out ben folds five cds at the public library when i was younger and listening to them, interspersed with dave matthews and jazz standards.

(by the way, ben folds five may not exist. it sounds, in conjunction, horribly familiar).

i saw him perform at edgefest and was slightly less than pleased. his voice was loud and my seats were shit and i was much more engrossed with my companion than the what-might-have been magic occurring on stage.

it was not until after the amanda palmer show i attended at the boston pops this year (with a new friend, drenched in white satin) that i had even kind of considered ben folds, other than skipping one of his songs when it came up on shuffle.

but still, i am ambivalent. i'm not thrilled with the new album (relationship being his production of)-- it's not quite what i was expecting and so... but assumptions most frequently lead to disappointments.

it is not bad. but i had thoughts and the concept is the same but the execution similar. but i am a fickle creature and it has been on repeat for a few days (as is habit). we'll see what i think in a few more days.

i have never lost an ipod. i do lose clothes (although they are mostly donated to others) and other things.

i just lost a moleskin filled with poetry and other ramblings. and i cried-- but they were just words. some had been typed. most had been photocopied, because public praise is addictive. there are very few things that are missing and very few things that had not been seen. but in their entirety, they were my last six months-- movie tickets and paper clippings, letters and post cards, so thick the spine was almost breaking.

i left it in boston, somewhere near downtown crossing. i hope someone has found it and loves it or is at least eh about it.


angelica said...

Gosh Amanda, you're not alone at all.Brat.I think I read something like 'you & Brian are not romantically involved anymore?' I have not kept up...i guess i expect a direct answer to my query.
there's a huge Orb on one of the photos & some guy's looking at you totally smitten...Oh Amanda you are just feeling artistic inspiration, (clinical mainstream has labeled this :melancholy...*rolleyes*)

Patrick said...

I was at the chicago show. I had been hoping my first concert of yours would be one including both of the Dresden Dolls, but I have to say it was amazing. Vermillion lies rocked. And the pony sweater was fucking brilliant.

Justin said...

Ha, that collage is now my background pic. Thanks.
I really hope i can see you live sometime soon, come to the shitty midwest? haha.

Jon Santi said...

does it make you mad that you're album was leaked?

PogonA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
entropyartist said...

Wonderful, lovely Amanda,
sweetest opening of any show. ever (and i do not mean "sweet" in "skater" way, but in the "awww" way, though i suppose that the former applies as well)

you know that you are one of the few artists who has such rapport with fans, right? You are so inviting and honest and human, and it's incredibly special.

best of luck with keeping track of possessions, and wonderful luck with both the sweater AND the mac. You must have some good karma stored up from something.


PogonA said...

Sounds like you're tired of everything.
Don't blame yourself so much for losing things that really doesn't matter so much in your life. It always happens. And it doesn't worth to call yourself "stupid cunt"! :)
Maybe you should take a short rest?
Losing jacket or iPod is not the worst thing. The worst thing is to lose yourself. I hope that's not gonna happen to you. Ever.

Spike said...

When I was talking to you at True Colors in Boston as Brian was drawing a carrot on the back of my t-shirt I said to you, "Don't ever stop what you're doing, you two" and you replied, "We can't. Ever." Before True Colors I remember thinking, "Well, those two aren't going to survive The Onion Cellar," you know, cuz you read things and you pick up vibes. But there you were, at True Colors, and so I guess I figured I suck at vibe reading.

Then I read a blog post like this one by you and I think, "Dammit! She said they wouldn't stop." Not that you say you're stopping but, you know, the vibes.

In my whole life I don't think I have ever wanted to count on a band going on forever and ever like I do yours and Brian's. It makes me feel more vulnerable than I would prefer.

srusse said...

Someone did film it, you can find it here:

I wish the dresden dolls lj community allowed anonymous posting or else would let me be a member so I didn't have to create a blogger account just to tell you this!

sarah said...

Oh dearest lady, hopefully the jacket will turn up somewhere. It always saddens me when one steals. Or if a valuable/favorite item is misplaced/lost. Maybe someone will pass it off to you. Hopefully. I'm so glad you're having fun. I cannot wait for everything you've got in store. <333

sarah said...

Oh, p.s., I named my new guinea pig after your show location: Troubadour. I was on you myspace lookin' at tours and there it was, clear as day. What a great meaning it's got too. :D

James said...

I forgot I wrote this. But I meant to send it. Here is the next best thing:

To the Incredible Miss Amanda Palmer:

I lost your but. I apologize.

Last night, at the Spiegeltent in Manhattan, I had a wonderful time listening to you and your friends sing their hearts out. It was excellent. I took pictures (which apparently wasn’t allowed… oops) and a few videos, but the memories will last far beyond the material reminders. It’s a good thing, too; otherwise, I wouldn’t forgive myself for losing the but.

I wasn’t planning on taking it, at first. You lip-synced to Msr. Folds and I saw your fallen signs as personal items, to be taken back by you, not the audience. I stole a flower instead. But by the encore, most of the signs were gone. The audience had plucked them, finding joy in posterboard and black paint. The sign were gone – except for one, lying face down, inaccessible by those with standard wing spans. It lay there – what was underneath? The mystery tormented me – it could have been the Ben Folds sign (whose music I have never really gotten into), or it could have been love. No one knew.

The tension grew, mounted. Was it love? What was hidden under that plain back? I had to find out. I pulled myself onto the stage and stretched across, just barely reaching my target. A few people laughed behind me; at least three cursed that I had gotten it first. Short of breath, trembling, I flipped it over – and found that it was your but. It was not quite what I hoped for, and yet I immediately realized the comedic possibilities. I had Amanda Palmer’s but.

The rest of the show was excellent, and I finally experienced you rocking the ukulele. The show ended, I was in a rush to catch a train – I was not able to find you, to get you to sign your but. Nevertheless, I left with high spirits. On the subway ride Uptown, your but beat a few people. At least five individuals licked your but – one sang the national anthem into it. We missed the last train out; your but accompanied us to a sandwich shop, got banged in an elevator, and wore a rather fancy fedora. We decided to ignore sleep for the night and take the first train out – your but rode the 2 train at 4 in the morning. It startled some drunk women with wookie noises. Eventually, your but – now well handled and significantly curvy – reached penn station.

I had plans for your but. It was going to go on my wall, taken down periodically for amusingly tagged facebook pictures. I would allow Duk to caress your but, tangentially fulfilling a fantasy. Perhaps I would write an elaborate letter on the back of it and return your butt to you at the next show I attended. There were more, but those were the ones on my mind as I stopped briefly – oh so briefly! – at the little juice place I enjoyed in Penn Station (the one right across from the NJT terminal). I bought myself a bottle of water and placed your but on the counter, freeing my hand to get my wallet. I paid; I drank; In a rush, I left. Sitting on the train ten minutes later, passing under the Hudson, I realized my mistake. I had left your but in New York City.

I was not devastated – simply disappointed. Your but was part of a cult of personality, one that I happen to be a member of. It has value, and at the same time none. It has potential as a tool for puns and memories, but none of the pathos associated with your energy, your presence, your voice. And now, likely lying in a trashcan in Penn Station, it becomes just another piece of flotsam in the city. Something that your voice will never be (if we’re lucky). A little piece of performance art had become a souveneir, and from there trash. A normal cycle, perhaps, but accelerated beyond what I had hoped for.

I drift. I have found a few morals here, but the most succinct and mildly clever one is simply “Thirst for art, not with art. If you seek it you will find it; if you hold it you will lose it.”


annie b said...

Your connection with your audience is there before you go onstage.
Saw you in boston at the brattle show..a dig nation...awesome...
videos...better than ever... your presence adorable...
your interaction with Pope....bothersome...
Stop giving your power know what that means..
Stay present and you won't lose things..but first find out why you can't be present unless performing..
Don't mean to be presumptious, it's obvious to us who have endured trauma and can easily disconnect..Well-I'm almost 40, so its obvious to me..
I love watching you develop..Can't wait till you actually see your own brilliance in a quiet way with no validation needed..thats the amanda I'm waiting for..
I have the record.. Got it from a friend who is an editor and got a copy...Brilliant...Arrangement left me anticipating you becoming even more uninhibited..
Just to let you know...I have a huge amount of over 40's loving you..
That i'll explain another time
can't wait to see you in Boston..

Jade.Simone said...

I wub amanda because she is pretty, smart, and talented.

Amanda should not be so down on herself when she loses things or breaks things, it causes too much unneeded stress.

Believe me I know. I rarely bring my crap with me even to a friend's house.

And I wish I could have seen you solo, or with brian. Either way would have been an honor.

I do hope you feel better, just try not to be so down on yourself.

wuirbqirbi said...

raaah amanda you are the awesome !!!

Sarah said...

I saw you play in L.A. I was so bummed to have to leave early, I had the stomach flu, but I couldn't not come see your show. Thank you so much for all that I got to see. And the Leonard Cohen with your dad was rad! Thank you for sharing that with us.

Chuck said...

What brand of ukulele do you play?

Your said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Your said...

If you take me on tour I promise to be the finder of all lost things and I swear to be the wrangler of all found things. Did you leave your hat in San Francisco? Cause I can check around for it.

I love you, you are awesome and hot tubs late at night are much more fun with you snoring in my car on the ride home!

I hope you don't work yourself too hard.

-Cat (Paul's Girl Friday) aka Your Catness

bug said...

I always wonder what happens to things when we lose them; I've always "lost-and-founded" when it makes sense, but on the other hand, I also pick up and keep the detritus I find; pieces of poetry and pressed flowers left in library books, plastic toys and beads and earrings left on the street. I lost my cellphone in the airport restroom last month, and it was never turned in. My best friend had doodled aliens and cats all over it; I can't really imagine why someone would keep something like that, you know? I can only imagine them, riffling through my never-cleared text message inbox, prank-calling my contacts, being woken up by my alarm; it's not like it was an especially nice phone, and you can't even really re-sell those. I wonder if it was just idly trashed. I think we all would rather lose something, especially if it's cool, before breaking it, because we can imagine it having all kinds of adventures. Or at least those of us who find things and take care of them can hope someone else does the same.
Good Luck to your Stuff,
and Much Love

Andy Pants said...

Your dad looks like Neil Young.

A Strange Boy said...

The photo collage is simply awesome.

Losing and breaking things is better than not living your life so you don't lose or break things.

Besides, your situations open you up to these other poasibilities and opportunities that presented themselves.

Amanda said...

i was at the chicago show.
it was magnificent.
that night a brigader gave
me a WKAP condom.
That condom was used
when losing my virginity
the next night.
That's something I thought
you could appreciate. maybe.
my boyfriend looked at the
photo of the album cover
which was on the wrapper
and said "heh, cute"
and then we fucked. :P


CarnivalCabaret said...


I am greateful you played at Pukkelpop in Belgium. You were magnificent and helped me out by being there, once again.

I'm also grateful that you made me wonder who this Neil Gaiman was and what he'd written. I am going to start on my third book by him in a timespan of about a month. Thank you!

Megan Frances said...

It sounds like your life is at a really pivotal place. Don't let yourself get too discouraged because you're doing an amazing job!! I know because one of my very best friends, William, works at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago. He called me and let me listen to your sound check and it seriously made my day. Then, he emailed me the footage of you saying hi to me and I got to be giddy as a school girl for the next few days. You are a huge inspiration to me in that you go after the things you want despite any fears or apprehensions and I definitely need more of that in my life. Anyway, sorry I'm such a gushing groupie! I hope to get to see one of your live shows soon!

Lisette said...

Amanda, I lose shit ALL THE TIME. I forget my keys in my room and lock myself out. I forget my car keys and have to go back around the corner and up 11 stories to get them.

As much as I want to be on time, I always squeak into work one or two minutes before I need to punch in.

I lost the A/B cable to my external hard drive and freaked out for a week.

While I was writing this, I realized I forgot to pay a parking ticket. I think I'll go do that now....

Inga said...

Actually we managed not(!) to loose anything in cologne yesterday ... and that was the first time that we came home with all our stuff BUT without a poster of your tour! So we had to get along with two t-shirts and this terrible phenomenon called Ohrwurm in german ( no idea what it is called in english) that makes us sing your songs all day (all our collegues hate us ^^ ). And now we have to buy tickets for Berlin (which is really really terrible :) ) and pleeeease tell them to bring enough posters!
Lotta & Inga
PS: Aaand it is impossible to find your cover of seeräuber jenny and that means we have to sing it by ourselves *sigh*

Kelley said...

Oh my dear amanda,
After traveling the world myself and losing many phones, ipods, and ALWAYS the phone and ipod chargers, among random clothing items, etc., I have discovered a trick to keeping everything in order. I bring a single back pack with me that i keep with me at all times. The only things it contains are: laptop, cell phone,ipod, sweatshirt/jacket, and a pack of gum so my ears don't pop on the airplane ride.

get a backpack with just the right amount of pockets for these things, and wham! you never lose anything.

unless, of course... you lose the backpack...

hope your having fun in deutschland,(last time I was there I lost my cell phone) haha.


Blackbeard said...

You know, time was, rock stars would have sex with a dozen groupies in a sitting, trash hotel rooms and shoot TVs (Granted, I think that may have just been because remote controls hadn't been invented rather than the whole rock star recklessness thing).

And here you are letting yourself get upset about cracking the screen on a laptop. Back up your documents and use the laptop to level a short-legged table! Throw our your iPods like yesterday's newspaper. "Oh, I already listened to these songs. *Crumple.crumple.toss*."

Elise said...

Rawr. I want to preoder the record. NOW

Katie Rush said...

I love James' comment! Brilliant. As for you, Amanda my dear, I wrote this:

Aimee said...

ladyface palmer-

i attended your chicago show (a triumph in itself, much love to craigslist and mothers and generous middle aged men). the show was emotionally exhausting in the best possible way. i couldn't speak afterwards, completely reeling off of the music.

i waited in line. i introduced myself and i asked for a hug, which you gave me. i just wanted to thank you for that. feeling connected to people isn't something i have been particularly good at in far too long, but your performance did it, and the hug sealed it. you give really fucking good hugs, just so you know. yeah.

cheers and thanks and take care,


lentower1 said...

don't sweat the small things.

you're blest with a livlihood you adore, as well as friends and fans who you love and love back.

stuff can be replaced.

you'll have a new favorite jacket in time, etc.

best -len

Jessica said...

actually, somebody did take video of the cohen cover with your dad. the lighting is bad, but i saw it on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda,
I'm sorry you lost a lot of your stuff. That totally sucks. On the bright side, your New York concert blew my fucking mind. So thank you so much for giving me something I've been thinking back on for the past week and a half. You're amazing. And I was inexplicably happy when you played "Creep" and walked through the crowd. So a huge thank you and all the best.

June Miller said...

Well..I've read other people on your message board make comments similar to the one I'm about to make, so, I'm not too worried about sounding too out-of-line here.


In just shy over two weeks since I got to see your solo in SF, you've gone across the country, ending in one amazing art fest in NY only to hop over to Europe and play downright bad-ass festivals over there. What has my ass done? Worked on moving four hours south to something, better, but still up here. Not EVEN met a new face. Put some fliers around town?

I guess what I'm saying is, it's amazing how busy your life is. There doesn't seem to be a moment where you stop. It makes me feel like I'm slackin', even though I'm trying to work with what I can around here. I just get so down on myself, sometimes.

And my roomie is currently in (MOTHERFUCKING) China, so that's been making things a little slow, as far as the move goes.

Anyway. Try not to beat yourself up too much. I know how it feels. Lame.

I usually just end up calling myself a douchebag, only to pathetically whine back that I'm not. 'No I am not!'


I can only hope the universe smiles down on me in some fashion and grants a little luck my way.

In the mean time, I'll stick with plotting and working.

Very nice with the free Mac screen hook-up, though. Well played.


Why did the Vermillion Lies not like me when I met them? That broke me inside.

How do I always manage to make a bad first impression? It's almost guaranteed. EVERY TIME, DAMN IT.


I always end up breaking my shit, as opposed to losing it. Very frustrating.


I still need to check out Emilyn "Cupcake Punk" Brodsky's stuff, if only out of principle. Her name's pretty close to mine, and I've never really seen that before. Plus Brian seems to have pretty good taste, so he'd be a bad-ass producer. Will check it out soon, I will.


I finished a song about a werewolf. Oh yes, I know you just laughed. Trust me on this one. I don't fuck around. :)

andrea said...

Everything sounds great...except the losing shit part. Maybe you should keep all the small things you love and really really don't want to lose in some kind of small bag that you could easily carry around with you. Just don't lose the bag. Eh, but I'm sure you've thought of this. Hope you find something that works.

I just got a new laptop. On Sunday. Actually it's my first laptop. Toshiba. Can't afford the Mac but they look really nifty.

I really have alot to say but I'm getting ready to go out of town for the weekend for a friend's birthday. Packing and all that shit is taking up my time. Waiting on the laundry right now. I'm in charge of making sandwiches. I think I'm going to cut up some gouda cheese and bring that too. Love that stuff. Anyways, I'll be listening to you on the trip down and back and probably inbetween. My laptop isn't hooked up to wireless yet so it gets to stay.

Keep on keeping the art rock love alive.

All my love,

(Sue Majeski)
(just felt like adding my whole name, don't really like the middle....and I'm done)

Jorine said...

If I'd known you were in Utrecht, I would've gone there! I study there and hardly ever are there nice artists coming to the Netherlands, so this was an unicum and I missed it :( But.. if I happen to find your case, I'll ship it to you

Emma said...

Man, there's totally another 'Emma' commenting on this blog. I've lost my individuality! You'll all have to start addressing me as, I don't know, something crazy from now on.

Whatever, I'm drunk, and it's late.

Just thought I'd say that I lost my iPod to an unfortunate water bottle leakage incident last week, and it makes me a sad panda, so I know how you feel. Stupid accident, lost all of my stuff.

Also, this:

i'm sure it's similar to the feeling you have when you get divorced or break up with a long-term lover.
you're excited by the liberation but you also miss the routine, however complicated.

You hit the nail on the head. That's pretty much my life right now.

Be well, and I'm totally jealous that my friends get to see you in London soon.


(the other) Emma

michaeljwalker said...

Dear Amanda,

I did not know you were going to be in NY on the 11th and now I'm kicking myself for missing seeing you again.

But I wanted you to know that I love your work and appreciate everything you do.

And I cannot wait for your solo record.


Len Tower Jr. said...

i wanted a hat for a certain german documentary video shoot, i was invited to be background for.

i walked into a random thrift store in brooklyn, and the first one i saw was perfect.

the universe will be kind to you too.

so go do some shopping!

Dr. J said...

I just wanted to say that I saw you guys at the Highfield festival in Germany and had a fantastic time. Thanks for a great show! I hope you find your jacket. I'm afraid I'm in Berlin, not Hamburg, so I can't scour the city for you.

PenguinKye said...

I am sad about your stuff! D:

I hope you do not kill each other! D:

(Or stuff each other in drum cases/under pianos/stab each other with plastic swords.)

I love your signs! :D

I wish that I could see them! :D

Alex said...

Whenever I travel I'm always afraid I'm going to lose something.

More than anything, I have a bad habit of forgetting anything not attached to my person, like coats, bags, etc., to the point of just not carrying anything if I can help it. I can't tell you how many blue sweatshirts or fall-type coats I've lost!

More frequently I've been losing data on my computer. It's what happens when I save stuff on the desktop, then I think I've copied it somewhere else and then delete it... Once I also kept my most up to date files on a flash drive... and then lost the flash drive.

That's awesome about the Apple Store people. I've heard it's hit or miss when you want to get stuff replaced not under warranty. I suppose it helps when you're an international performing artist. ;)

I did laugh a bit at your picture with the email in the back and all the folders on the left. I used to think I had a lot of folders, but it's nothing compared to yours!

Also glad to hear that Emily White is back with you again.

Len Tower Jr. said...

do a poster:

wanted AMANDA PALMER's lost blazer


Who Killed Amand Palmer's Blazer?

with photos and contact info

get the poster around to where ever the jacket may have been lost: venue, hotel, restaurant, city, train system, train stations along the route of the train(s) you took, and airport lost-n-founds, however that works in germany?

Scarlett said...

I'm sad you don't seem to have pictures of the show in Toronto. I know it was a small venue and not a huge crowd but it was still a great, no amazing, no, awe inspiring in a really fucked up way that nobody but me will likely understand, show and I know lots of people who would love it if you came back cause they couldn't make it out.

Russty said...

The photo collage is great!

I'm sorry you lost your favorite coat. I totally understand how that feels. I travel a lot as well, because of my work and I've left pieces of me all over the world. The worst moment had to be when I realized I'd left my coveted Doc Marten boots someplace. I'd had them for like a decade. I was crushed. Thankfully someone located them and returned them to me 6 months later! Yeah!

I have to say though, the pony sweater was a good score!

I really enjoy your blog. You always seem to write from your heart. Its refreshing to see in this day and age of plastic people who are always hiding what they really feel. :)

DitaDoll79 said...

Hi Amanda,

This has surfaced on youtube:

You and your dad at Troubador. not great picture butgood sound.

Thanks for a day of fun and cake in all sorts of places yesterday xxx

infinite said...

Hi Amanda... I'm one of the three professional photographers who took pics of you at the Logo in Hamburg. Seeing these tour pics I wanted to ask you if you're interested in getting some high-res-versions of mine, because I think they're better in terms of quality. Don't want no money or anything ;). Here's a sample, not even retouched in photoshop:

Drop me a note, mail or something and I can zip and up the photos somewhere for you :).

Sebastian Baumer

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President Hamid Karzai ed hardy mens longsleeve
was inaugurated Thursday for a second term, ed hardy mens jackets
saying the Afghan Army should assume full control of the country’s security within five years. Ed Hardy chothing
“We will decrease the role of international forces,” ed hardy womens jackets
Mr. Karzai said at a ed hardy bedding
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The ceremony ed hardy jackets
was the culmination of a fraught ed hardy longsleeve
and chaotic electoral process that began on Aug. ed hardy cap
20 when Afghans went to the polls. ed hardy hat
Mr. Karzai was proclaimed ed hardy bedding
the winner earlier ed hardy belt
this month when his main challenger, christian audigier womens hoodies
Abdullah Abdullah, a former foreign minister, christian audigier hoodieswithdrew from a run-off christian audigier hoodies
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