Friday, August 01, 2008

me, neil & the children

shot amazing photos all day.
exhausted, not ready for tour, fine.
in. love. with. life. and all it has to bring, good and bad.

in other news....
scaring children, again, amanda?
got to stop that.

neil gaiman posted this to his blog yesterday and got the following comment.
we tried to make up for it today and take some nice WHOLESOME photos on the set.

it's been an excellent week.

(well, it IS a bit of a crotch shot.....)

Hi Neil, is that lady wearing a slip? It looks nasty. What does Maddy (neil's 13 year old daughter, -ed.) think about that picture? My mom says it's in bad taste. LOL Patti

I think Maddy's been around film sets and photo sets enough to know that film and photo sets are fictional. That was Amanda's costume for the photo shoot on the roof that preceded the photos you saw. (Below you can see three out of six of today's costumes in pictures that, I hope, will be more reassuring and family friendly. Except possibly for the first, now I come to think of it.) Kyle is shooting a book of photographs called "Who Killed Amanda Palmer". Amanda is in all the pictures -- which are a lot like scenes from movies -- and I'm writing very short stories to accompany them. I'm trying to do the majority of them while I'm here, as my plate is scarily full right now, and it seemed easier and faster just to come out while many of the photos were being taken and see what was going on and write.

The photos yesterday, and the ones below, were all taken by Kyle between actual shots, because the man does not put down his camera.

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me & neil downstairs

neil, me & kyle...

note the re-appearance of the famous "fuck me when you're ready to text" shirt.
it will be available soon from post-war trade. yay.

love love.


cursed out said...

if you keep posting like this you're going to spoil us.

Jane said...

I think maybe some people are just jealous...

Seán said...

Okay, it is a bit of a crotch shot, for both of you.

More importantly I'd like to say:
"OH MY GOD! You had Neil Gaiman staying at your house? That's the man who created Neverwhere!" (and a lot of other things, too).

With you and him in the same house for a week, is it still standing or did the waves of concentrated creative genius start knocking holes in the wall? I want to sit at your kitchen table and listen in raptures!

Oh dear, I sound like a starstruck teenager. At 42 I should have given up on this nonsense by now but I'm just too flabbergasted.

Looking forward to your gig in Manchester even more now.

Love (and amazement),

LMS said...

Madly in love with the American Gothic inspired shot.

Karma said...

I am absolutely in love with the photos. I can not wait to see the book. If you are ever in Phoenix, I would love to take your picture (hey, I can dream right lol)

Alameda Green said...

You cannot keep me waiting for this solo album. It is cruel and inhumane.
Also, whoever had a comment about the picture needs to drop that whole "nudity is gross" attitude. I don't care if you were dressed or wearing a fucking fig leaf; the longer people equate the human form as "gross" or offensive, the longer the lag in advancement becomes.

Keep 'em coming.

Laura said...

uh! Amanda you have a little something on your face.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was just me, but was your signature a Regina reference? ...Bon Idée?

HeartofGoldPlate said...

You have to be sure to thank Mr. Gaiman for keeping himself "scarily busy". The majority of us love him for it.

This book might be the end of me, what with interesting photography, interesting Gaiman, and interesting Amanda thrust upon me. It will be magnificence overload: as in, so good I start making up words, damnit.

sarah said...

hazzuh! (:
those pictures are awesome.
just like you & neil.

Pelle said...

Text me when you're ready to fuck Tee shirt + your face = brilliant.


ninchns said...

I also feel spoiled by your posts this week. Thanks and keep us updated on your life (even if we can not be there) we all love you.

Your friends in California

Kyle said...

i dispute it being a "crotch shot" -- it's a THIGH shot, okay, but there is nary a crotch in the photo.

Zach Shurden said...

Was "Fuck me when you're ready to text" an accident? Either way, it's just as awesome as the original.

Half Mar said...

Neil and Kyle killed Amanda Palmer?!

Can't wait to see the book, no doubt it'll be awesome!!
Thanks for giving us the nice preview shots, and all the love ;)

June Miller said...

That was definitely a double-crotch-shot.

It seems you're wearing a Wednesday Addams-esque sort of outfit in one of the photos.

You + Wednesday Addams = my head/heart exploding with joy.

But only adding to that joy would have to be the fact that you TOTALLY LOOK LIKE A ZOMBIE in the bloody shots. Cool!!


How out of the loop am I? It didn't even click that Neil Gaiman is the guy who did The Sandman comics. Duh. I'm an ass.


'Fuck me when you're ready to text' kind of has a nicer ring to it than the original, eh?


I scare children all the time.

Y'know, I don't mean to, or anything.


andrea said...

life sounds good

all my love,


Marian said...

This is what I just posted on my LJ:

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something about Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman being in pictures together that rocks me.

Maybe it's just that it's really, really sexy, these two hot, smart, creative people working together. They have a great photographic presence together, too. Don't you expect them to turn to each other and start making out?

Well, except in the last picture.

melissa. said...

that does not a crotch shot make. you don't even see a freakin labia.

spectacular photographs, by the way.

and is it bad that i've actually told someone to text me when they're ready to fuck? <_< didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

So. This is going to be that children's book you were starting... Right?

Pastichna, aka Kristina said...

Hi Amanda! I know you're amazingly busy with things you love to do, but I thought I may as well ask a crazy question just in case you are temporarily insane or I am incredibly lucky or you have a sudden itch to tell your life story to a stranger on the other side of the world...I have to write a biographical piece on someone with a public profile for a class I'm doing, and I thought I'd take a wild chance and ask you if you might be interested in being biographed for strickly student work (oh, not so strickly, I guess, because it would also be way awesome for me). ?!

Toni_Trauma said...

this is mad.... funny pic's

Kat said...

I love the American Gothic photo too. The Swiffer brings it all home.

Aimee said...

hey lady,

big fan from minnesota here, dropping by to say hello, thanks for doing what you do, and please dear lord come up here sometime for an all ages show. was going to go to your chicago show but unfortunately by the time i got paid it sold out. still, i'll be one of the five disheveled suburban teens sitting outside the venue two to three hours before doors open, trying to scalp. come say hi if you can? we could talk love of jeffy mangum and eyebrows.

take care now, ladyface


Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't get more commments like that because of your shirt saying "fuck" this time around.

You naughty girl you.

springkuikentje said...

Great pics!

You are really up to date with posting aren't you? :-)

entropyartist said...

i've been out of the internet-that-doesn't-run-at-a-maddeningly-slow-speed loop lately, and thus have just caught up on the videos and the photos.

i 1) like so many many others cannot wait for the book.
2) would just like to say that the videos - the four of which are posted here - are in-fucking-send-shivers-down-my-spine-credible.

will they ever be available en-masse?

xx so much love xx

Elise said...

fuckin' neil gaiman is the man! I worship him almost as much as i worship you!

bug said...

"Runs in the Family" has touched me today more than any song has in a very long time. Usually it takes a movie, an act...some kind of other visual stimulus to make me cry. I am 18 now. You are a wonderful human being. It must be exhilarating (in a seraphic-terrible way) to be a part of a web that extends so far from yourself. I hope you know that you are still doing great things. Please don't be afraid that you are losing momentum/sanity/friends/chances/life. You are a hurricane. I cannot wait for the new album!

fancyjane said...

wow, amanda, thank you for the LA show. how great for you to get to share a song with your rad dad.
when you mentioned camille, i had one of those small world moments because i lived in ireland for a year and while there i saw camille in a cabaret and i absolutely adored her and she signed my cd and all was good. then to hear you sing the song i first heard her sing (a song i deeply connect with that time in my life away from home) was surreal for me. thank you for all the moments. you sounded great and i love you and all of your creations. rock on!

also, vermillion lies were awesome and so cute! i bought one of their albums! yay for new music!

Vivez sans temps morts!


Desirée said...

Ace show in SF last night! We love you out here and if you love the town so much you should move here! Rent a warehouse and throw those wonderful hang-out parties you were talking about. I'd totally drive up from Santa Cruz for that. Thanks so much for a great time and also for Vermillion Lies; they rock!

Wolf said...

I'm jealous that you've even MET Neil, nevermind actually talked and hung out with the guy.

Anways, been listening to the songs posted on your myspace at work, and I have to say it's incredibly cruel. I don't dance or anything, but I'm having trouble sitting still during Runs in the Family and Leeds United. Still, I can't. Stop. Listening.

Can't wait for the album.

~ Wolf

tu peor pesadilla.. said...

I wanna say something about what I just read, mostly because in a deep-weird-almost-emotional way i'm in love with you, and i'm also a big fan of neil gaiman's work.
Beutiful pictures. But I'm mesmerized for the idea of you reading this.
I've decided, just now, to star stalking you cybernetically here, so maybe someday you would considere coming to Chile to play some of your music. It would be great. And maybe I can get to interview you, who knows?
In here in Chile, we listen a lot. But we need to be listened...a little more often.

Amanda said...

AHHHHHHH!! Dude, I am so fucking stoaked that you and NEIL GAIMAN have teamed up! It's like two of my very dear friends have finally met and are getting on splendidly. Its quite adorable. How can you handle the fabulousness of the both of you? I imagine sparks flying whenever you get close to eachother because you're both so crazy amazing. ANYWAY,totally gets my stamp of approval. Just thought I'd say :D

Tessa said...

:3 Today is 08/08/08. It rained heavily. 8 is my favorite number. Rain is my favorite weather. Sometimes I really love the world.

Kelley said...

love the pictures. who cares about a crotch shot, as long as nothings stuck up there anymore!haha

i just had to tell you that one of my friends dragged me to Kohls the other day (i don't know why, but i've alwyas hated that store.) and RIGHT in front of the door as I walked in was fucking Avril Lavigne land. All of her clothes were EVERYWHERE.

I saw the ROCK ON! (rock on) shirt, and actually almost bought it so that I could vandalize it. maybe sew something to it, write on it with sharpies, tear it apart, something. but then i figured it wasn't worth the money.

it reminded me of you though!
good luck on your tour! can't wait for the 16th.

<3 kkip

skeebers said...

Amanda! I just got home from your speigeltent show, and it was wonderful.

you asked for landmarks: balto.


HARLEQUiN said...

w00t!! its the shirt!

Joni said...

I'm naughty, I downloaded the album but I admit this to you since you are awesome.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roll on October 6th when I see you in Manchester.

I can't wait to pay for WKAP!


Joni said...

p.s. Oasis/Melissa Mahoney is fucking amazing!

I regret it took me so long to discover your music.

periculum said...

Okay, so, I was at the New York show on Monday (female, purple shirt, front and center, and I visibly panicked when you jumped down next to me for your crowd-walk during "Creep"), and I recall you asking for landmarks for your album give-out next month. May I suggest The Cube? It's in the village, Lafayette & east 8th I think. I'm having trouble recalling the exact location. It seems suitably quirky, and not too obvious but easy to get to.

Anyway, great show, seriously. It was definitely worth getting home at 4 am. My friend Jen wanted me to tell you you're awesome for covering Regina Spektor. And in case you haven't seen it, someone posted a video of you performing that cover by Dilly Keane:

I can't wait for your next U.S. tour! I hope the Webster Hall thing works out, that venue is very special to me and I'd love to see you play there.

P.S. I hope you don't mind... I may have stolen your "Hi" sign. I wasn't going to because I felt bad, but then you said you'd have to make new ones for Europe anyway, so I snatched it. It's a fabulous souvenir. I'm definitely hanging it up in my dorm. It should make a great conversation piece.

Timothy said...

Off topic, I just had to write, I'd like to say, having just seen it yesterday for the first time, and since then, about 40 times, Night Reconnaissance is just, sublime, and I've fallen completely in love with you and brian all over again. Please forgive my loss of faith, I promise to never doubt you again and I can't wait to see you guys in concert in again! Much love!

Belinda said...

Amanda, I would love to know if you are ever going to release a studio version of The Astronaut. I Love it with ALL my heart and I want to have a nice version of it instead of fuzzy live version.

asundaymourning said...

You know, I was just thinking about this today. What an amazing night, and what a goddamn amazing festival. Meredith is truly unique.

You should come again this year! We miss you in Melbourne.

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