Friday, September 19, 2008

margaret cho is my hero, brooklyn TONIGHT, news from the front...

You can check out the new blog HERE, or HERE (for you MySpacers)...


Laura said...

Wow! that was amazing! Im a theistic Satanist but even I want to know her God after reading that!

Audrey said...

Dearest Amanda Fucking Palmer
You are my inspriation, my aspiration and my comfort when I feel like topping myself.
On your tour are you coming to Australia?
Please please do.
Come to Adelaide, the fabulous Ben Folds was born here!
Even though it's little I am sure me and my friends could generate enough rock love and promotion for thousands.

Vigor Mortis said...

Margaret Cho is simply fucktastic. I love her almost as much as I love you!

Anais said...

Amanda ... No RSS feed on the new blog? :(

David said...

Are ya leavin blogspot then dearie? I've really enjoyed your posts and will follow you to wherever you blog. Rock on!

faeriewings said...

That last email you sent out made me that much more upset that I'm not 18 for the NY show. D: Ya know, sometimes I wish I looked older.
It's okay. I still love you & will gladly let you stay at my house when you come to NY. (: Just say when.


Silje pilje said...

I really enjoying reading your posts, and the other pages were really cool. hope I one day might see you guys live. Love the new cd by the way.

Anonymous said...