Sunday, September 14, 2008

i smell like paint marker

going at breakneck speed.
i'm at home.
i signed a shit ton of CDs tonight.
geeta took pictures...
this is only about half of them.

2000 got driven to my house by some fantastically kind people after the more traditional mail delivery service failed us.
fuck the postal service! fuck UPS! long live random friends of friends driving from New York to Boston with 2000 CDs in their car.

the pre-order has been SLAMMIN. we're all sort of in shock. the response to the pre-order was so overwhelming that it shut down the
server of the host company. they were impressed.

according to them, we outdid ACDC.

take that, ACDC.

if you haven't pre-ordered, there's not much time left and the prices are going to go up come tuesday when the record's actually out.
do it:

on that note: the REAL website ( is going to house all the album artwork and credits and suchlike) will be up later in the week.
i was hoping to have it done sooner but life is a fuckshow.

i had a minor nervous breakdown last night after going to see a chorus line with my mother.
it wasn't the musical that did it. i was just ready to pop.
this whole last week has just been packed with weirdness.
i went to new york to do a bunch of stuff and felt disoriented the whole time. good things did happen, random things.....
i got to hang out with regina in new york, which was really nice because we haven't connected much lately (read her latest blog....she talks about how i bitched at her for never posting any personal blogs, yay! i've infected her).

karma happens....a few days after i posted about tegan and sara on my site (i plugged their record, the con, it's OUTSTANDING), i wound up - totally coincidentally - being in a photoshoot for out magazine with them. i'd met sara before, but only in passing.
they're both amazing people. tegan took some photos of me for the neil gaiman book and the hair and make-up people tried to make us look like a bunch of 1950s degenerates....

note the switchblade comb i am threateningly holding.

my inner theater dork came in her pants when THIS dude walked into the photoshoot -

yes, virginia, you're correct. it's edward albee....incredible, groundbreaking playwright (author, most notably, of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Zoo Story). i very rarely get shaky and fan out. but i got shaky and fanned out. i gave him a copy of the record. maybe he'll listen to it. he was so kind in person.

in other recent news:
the impromptu soccer game in london was a smashing success.
about 60 people showed up all told. most people watched and drank beer. we who played didn't bother with actual positions....we just ran around trying to kill each other.
goalposts were made of shirts.

we started the day by splitting into teams:

my team:

the OTHER team:

team love:

the AFP was max's idea. they were out of Ms.

the local drunks LOVED us:

among those who were too cool to play....max, robyn, steven, olga, becca:

we were ultimately challenged by a group of ACTUAL soccer-playing londoners to a match.
these dudes were from trinidad and jamaica and it was about 12 of them against 45 of us. it was a fair game.
we won....4 to 2.

these two from:

this dog was awesome.....

then we all loved each other:

these three:

bonus pic:


and a little youtube clip someone posted....

i'm going to post up some teaser photos from the past few weeks of video shooting soon....
two totally different experiences (leeds united in london, oasis in NYC).

3 days til the records out, comrades.
this week i'll be doing in-stores in boston, portland (maine) and new york.

and i MIGHT be doing my dawn record giveaway. stay tuned, i'm trying to hook up a superfancy texting system to let people know the night before where i'll be hiding.



ps random dept:
voltaire has posted a parody of coin-operated boy called coin-operated goi up on his myspace.
it's hilarious:


Crissy said...

ahh i need to get out more. that looks like fun lol

The Rouge Doll said...

Amanda, you took those pictures from my best friends Flickr. Tis ok, she won't mind. I burst into tears. It's been a tough time for me lately. She was the one who gave you my comic, I hope you liked it.

Thank you for looking after her. I love her.

The Rouge Doll said...

Also Amanda, when is Leeds United coming out? My best friend (mentioned above, she was there as Alice in Wonderland by accident) was in it and we really want to see it.

Also, I made some manips of you as the Joker if you want to see them.

Sorry for the double comment, I fail.

xtine said...

hot damn i wish i were there to root for AFP United.

Decidedly Bookish said...

Argh, you know what, I'm fucking IN London a lot of the time, being from the good south of Ye Olde Englande and I COULDN'T MAKE IT. I was in Berkshire riding horses and driving carriages and being a Medieval geek with really old maps. GUTTING. And now I see the photos, even more gutting. Please come back! xxx

dr. finkelstein said...

amanda, you rock.
just remember that we all appreciate the hand cramps you'll have from signing all those things.

and i hope i get one of the albums with the heart drawn on it. mwahaha.

sarah said...

AAAAH! i love how you had to put breathe at the end of the blog, 'cos i totally forgot to when i saw you're doing in stores!! <3333

I'm seeing Tegan&Sara in boston. you should totally go.

Petsky Rosalie Piyamaradu said...

I really hope I get the WKAP copy with the heart. Your signature on my Onion Cellar program got smudged. :(

Thanks for doing that. I know from college applications that it's drag to sign your name 2000 times.

I think my thoughts about the album are too intense for a blog comment.

Danielle said...

Deadly! You better do something equally awesome in Dublin.... OR ELSE!!! :O Puppies won't get their medicine!!

David said...

Hello Amanda and congratulations on the new album. I've preordered and it's downloading now. I cannot wait to hear it. So glad it's going well for you. All your hard work is paying off.

Really enjoyed this blog post too. That soccer mob was incredible. You are pretty amazing, aren't you? So glad I happened to check your blog today. I would have ordered it anyway whatever the price. Love your music!

Happy Autumn!

smitten said...

Congrats on the success of the presale. Was there really any doubt?! :) Those stacks of CDs look overwhelming. Thanks for all you do for your fans!

And... Edward Albee! How cool is that?

TweakLights said...

Mmm, I love it when people freak out over theatrical things as much as I do.

Looks like you had a lovely day there.

That's also a crap load of CD's.

Adam said...

I love you amanda!!!
not like that, god, amanda!!!
i know... i'm a freak...
<3 love!!! <3
just wanted to say you're awesome, because awesome people really need to hear that they're awesome...
WKAP was EPIC!!!
it's my new favorite album...
you're really all i listen to anymore...
it's kind of sad...
but you're amazing, so i can live with that...
come to boise, idaho soon!!!
you know you want to!!!
i <3 you, amanda...
lots of love,

Brad said...

You're so awesome! I'm really excited to receive my cd/t-shirt. The album is stupendous!

chelsea.brannon said...

yes, ma'am....indeed...kudos...and....


shit, amanda.

and my fingers hurt, haha. as do yours, i'm sure.

*mary* said...

How cool! I also freaked when I myself happened upon Albee outside the library in a small town. He was a guest there and I had no idea but serendipitously went there that day. Rad.

Elise said...

Oh my god. You are so amazing. I wish I could afford the super sooped up signed package. I got the next best thing with the shit (which i will wear until it looks sluttier than lingerie). Sign my cd anyways? I was one of those people who instantly downloaded as many songs as I could find...but was still waiting impatiently for the actual album to come out.

Elise Herrera-Mishler

Elise said...

*and by Shit...I mean shirt. There is no shit wearing in this establishment.

Ashley said...

You are in a picture with Edward Albee and he is holding your album. Lady, what a life you have.

Kai said...

I love you dearly, and I also adore Tegan and Sara. And to see all three of you together just about made me cream my knickers.
...Okay so maybe not, but it was still fucking fantastic.

And Albee? Jesus. How amazing. I'm jealous, I must confess.


faeriewings said...

Your life looks very exciting (with the exception of the signings). Although, they will pay off literally and by making people very excited on the 16th and beyond. I will be one of those and I am proud to say that I partook in the overthrow of the presale site. Please post the locations and times of the in-store signings. I'd be really happy if I could make it to one of those. Your CD is epic and so much more.


Yoshiki said...

Hi, I can see you go to the UK and back to the states as if they were very close but... Which is the main reason of not visiting México, the fanbase here is big, NV was a "hit" in here... and yet no DD show but the one you guys did with NIN, Is this because you guys are afraid of loosing your gear as the last time?


Laura said...

I love your sig, You signed my t-shirt after a dolls gig at the cathouse in Glasgow and thought at first "what the hell kind of autograph is that?" but now I love it it's just so Amanda lol

A Typical Suggestion said...

Ya know, every time I read your blog I can't help but realize that we're all just in the same boat with this crazy thing called life. Granted, we're all unique and have our subtle quarks and abilities, but the best part is knowing we have people there (aka: 2k Cd's - DUDE, WHAT THE HELL!) willing to help when we need the chance.

Not only are you loved by millions, but few will always be in love with you for your talent, but most of all - your failures that show you're a true person at heart.

... Don't forget to work the hand out every once in a while.

- J. Shoemaker - Keizer, OR

Mary said...

'...small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. Isn't it? Mmmmm. Marvellous.'

I did the pre-order for the nifty $100 jobbie, but it lists everything as 'unsigned' apart from the CD. Nevermind - it's still full of win!

Blackbeard said...

It's too bad your corporate sponsor for the football is truly in the shit . . .

Kelley said...

Congratulations, my love.
Today is the day!


Kelley said...

p.s. you have some awesome movies on that shelf behind you. They're not easy to read, but I could make a few of them out. Including Spaceballs... haha

Laura said...

Your video shelf ROCKS, Finally someone like me that still has all their VHS tapes.

Rachel said...

Amanda Palmer Killed the Who

June Miller said...

I was lurking on the message board the day of the pre-order, and it was one of the funniest events I've ever experienced from the comfort of my own bed.

I'm wondering something: No one was told when the exact time the pre-order would start, just what day it would take place. People from different countries all on there at different times of the day, yet all sitting there as one collectively waiting for something to happen. You're all about connections.. Amanda: Did you or the record folk do that on purpose? Because that was brilliant, and I loved it. Some folks even noticed it, when it happened.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing there is about you would have to be that you always seem to bring the record to a scratching halt, and make everyone turn and pay attention to what's going on. Good idea for the pre-sale contest, by the way.

Please don't get too exhausted, though. You need to breathe, too.




Your 'GET OUT OF MY HOUSE' face is hardcore. I wouldn't fuck around. Lovely photos, those are.


Stranger and stranger.


David said...

I love your solo album.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

andrea said...

this pretty much sums it up.

all my love,

Emma said...

Wow, I can't believe you outsold ACDC! Awesome! I jumped on the pre-order site, too, and I'm damn happy I did, because I managed to snag the $100 bundle!

Stuff signed by you! Stuff signed by Neil! Could that be any more awesome?

Looks like you had loads of fun mucking about playing soccer! You look adorable in your gear, too!

Next time you're in Australia, put out the call and we'll show you how to kick a football!

(And that dog is awesome, it looks just like my friend's puppy, and it made me burst out laughing...)

Seán said...

I wanted to let you know how FREAKING AMAZING the solo album is! I haven't been able to turn it off...I slept with it playing. :D

mustangwriter said...

Aw, man, you should come back to Australia and play footy with us in Melbourne! It's like soccer but not. It's more like rugby. By which I mean it is evil incarnate and you get to tackle people and knock down pretty girls then take them out for drinks afterward.

...also, I did't have the money for the preorder (hello, poor college student on exchange) but I have a birthday-money gift card to Dymocks and I plan to visit them EVERY DAY until they get your CD and then buy it instantly. Because I've heard some of the tracks on youtube and I adore them.

It's funny. My hometown is in Westford Mass., and I miss it a lot. So whenever I'm feeling lonely downunder, I listen to the Dresden Dolls and feel at home. Especially I blast Truce, because I know the places you talk about in it - I drive Route Two from Concord all the time, to visit my girlfriend in Lexington. I walk up Mass Ave whenever I'm in Boston. And my sense of "home", of a place where I am comfortable and loved, is all tied up in your music.

I may have told you this before - my memory SUCKS and I can't be bothered to go check. But thank you.

Also - a touch late, but I love the pony sweater. And your general mania about ponies. I am a pony NERD and owned one for years.

Anthony said...

This comment has nothing to do with the post, put I had to comment on something SOMEWHERE and hope Amanda sees it. I just finished watching a YouTube video of you guys singing "Sing" at the Boston Pops and I was moved to tears. What an incredible show that must have been. What an incredible song. I did not tear up from sadness, but just an emotional reaction I guess from just such a powerful performance. Anyway, please keep doing what your doing, and know that you are touching people in ways you don't even know about.

Conor Courtney said...

Wish I could've been to the football match, it looks like it was a blast!

Aside from that, just chiming in to say I'm looking forward to the concert you'll be playing in Dublin soon! Its going to rock so hard!


Zvlyhanna said...

can i have one CD :D

Alameda Green said...

New album. Amazing.

Listened to "Another Year" and cried in the shower for no real reason, but god it made me feel better.

This whole THING makes me feel better.

Long Live A F'n P

Lhynnan McDonnell said...

I love you

thankyou for signing my copy of your album

it will make my world go round...


STRU_A1_Sam said...

Rock stars in the park, jumpers for goal posts. Isn't it, aren't they? Oh-hoh, enduring image.

Matthew said...

Dear Amanda,

Your album is lovely as lace!

I'm stuck at a very rural university and your art is one of the few things helping me retain a sense of inspiration--


Kyle said...

you can tell that edward albee TOTALLY DIGS MY PHOTO on the cover of wkap. at least, that's the way i see it.

when the WKAP soccer team plays the Iron Maiden soccer team, i want to be there.




Leerie said...

That looks insanely fun, wish I were in London!

BTW as Neil Gaiman was signing my book today in DC, he recommended I show you the shirt I made using your stencil. It's here:

Shots of the making of it are here:

I think it turned out pretty cool!

Renée Vivien said...

Lool ! Amanda Palmer playing soccer, i had to see it to believe it ^^ Do you know you're kinda... HOT on these pics ? even in a soccer outfit... O_o
Anyway, see you in Paris in october, in great shape i hope and... i'll try not to get shaky and fan out :P
I know i can do it.

A frenchy girl

EU said...

Fantastic !!!!
love from Portugal!!

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