Tuesday, July 08, 2008

life is obviously working


i am insanely behind in my blogging. this is now usual. i keep collecting piles and piles of thoughts and photos and never collecting into concrete enough form. bad habit.

in the past few weeks, i have played with a symphony orchestra for the first time, gone to several cities in europe to promote the record, taken many dead photos, finished up the artwork for my record, made 6 music videos with pope, and last but not least...........(this past weekend) curated a circus tent we called "the establishment" with all my best friends & favorite musicians at a huge hippie music festival in rural michigan. i was approached by dave matthews, who admired my make-
up job. go dave!

of all of the photos that i could post now, i think this picture that steven from the danger ensemble snapped - from the last day of the festival - speaks the loudest.

love live the punk cabaret, motherfuckers.


(from left to right)
amandacera, beth, michelle & katrina of Gravity Plays Favorites,
amanda fucking palmer & some random Man taking down our tent


Mitchell said...

The make-shift tent looks bad ass! And why are you only 1 state away from me!! Please come to wisconsin soon.

mdip226 said...

you guys played an amazing set. the neutral milk hotel cover totally made my day. you guys fucking rule.

sarah said...

sounds like a productive time! <333
p.s., nice tits! (:
oh, and pps, you NEED to come to falcon ridge folk festival in NY. total hippie fest. you'd love it.
details: http://www.falconridgefolk.com/

Laura said...

We forgive you for the late blog update for 2 reasons 1. you made 6 vids and 2. You got your tits out! and that alone makes everything better :O)

.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. said...

i missed your show in austin, but reading your blogs will do when they have video updates and pics. im excited.

im holding my breath till sept, amanda, your new album is gonna be fucking great.

allison said...

amanda.... it's left to right in that photo.

can tell you're tired. but. nicely done. WKAP promises to be one of my top albums of the year.
but really, do you and ben have to release your albums on the same day. that's like making me pick a favorite child. :(

Joshua Minnis said...

maybe she meant her right to her left?

way to think outside the box diva!


Caffeinated Cassadie said...

Excuses, Excuses. Just kidding.. they are great excuses. Lucky, you got to play with the symphony orchestra that I hope to be a part of in a few years... congratulations on everything. Can't wait for WKAP!!!

Camille said...

honest to god, i adore you.

dude, that totally makes up for the late blog.

gaaah, boston pops show? bloody brilliant, yeah? yeah. meeting you made my day.. really, my week. you are a wonderful addition to this planet.

OH YEAH & WE'RE ALL COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 16. hell, it's going to be fabulous.

lastly.. get some rest. you need it, you deserve it.

love from arlington mass -

Desiree said...

That photo fills me with joy. Oh, by the way.I live in San Diego and know May. You guys rocked House of Blues.


LK said...

Haha at least you're busy enough to have excuses like that!

Ah and september, I'll hope your album will be available in the Netherlands, and I don't have to wait for ages before I can buy it here :-).

Nicholas said...

Bad freaking ass! I was totally getting sad without being able to read your current, well anything. But that many videos, and a picture to make my heart jump is worth it in like eight thousand different ways. Keep writing!

Arlington, Texas

Iris. said...

wooow i wish i could be near to all the amazing things you do
please come to Mexico!!


Jazzy Stardust said...

Sounds great, and can't wait for the new record! Congradulations on everything you've got done, and I really really love your Astronaut video.

sundownsensei said...

Hooray for tits!

eleanor ruby said...

hooray for random man!

June Miller said...

The videos from your performances with the Pops looked fantastic. It made me wish even more that I could've been part of it. The first night especially. Congratulations, ma'am.

Six videos? Shiiiiit. I can't wait to see 'em all, and see how they play out. "Astronaut" was wonderful, by the way.


Sigh. Oh, Palmer...you're such a bad-ass, when it all comes down to it. You and your globe-trekking and album promoting and hippie festival-invading, as well as your boobage. All of it. You're a damn pimp.

As such, pimpin' ain't easy. You're tired. Rest easy, for a while. Blog whenever you think up something and have the time. Nothing to fret about.


You might like this. You've probably already seen it, for all I know. I happened upon it in the wee morning hours, recently.
There's this woman from Spain in it who sings and performs amazingly. She doesn't just bellow her notes and she's not just conveying emotions through her singing. She makes you stop everything and you make damn sure you pay attention. It's a really good documentary all around. Anyway, that was completely out of left field. Just thought you might dig it.

Blackbeard said...

The guy on the ladder couldn't have been bothered to even look?? Must be gay.

KK said...

thats awesome. wish i could come. are you going to have any more boston/cambridge/area shows any time soon? i'm missing your video screening becasue i have to go to nantucket. the one fucking week i'm on vacation i miss the best thing ever. anyway, i'm really psyched for you and your new album. see you soon, love!

-Kelley K

Gina said...

the establishment made my rothbury expeiance complete! it was utterly mind blowing seeing you guys play live, it was the first time i've ever seen you live and i have to say youtube doesnt not do you justice. war pig... epic! guitar hero, equaly as epic. i loved the fact that the establishment was so different from all the other stages it kinda became a home away from home for me, if that makes any sence at all. i cant wait for next year and WKAP! i love you guy, and what you do, i sent good vibes your way.

p.s. when everyone mobbed you after your dresden dolls set to get there shit signed, how the fuck do you handel that!? its was soo chaotic, i would of thought people would of given you two alittle more respect. w/e your probably used to it

p.p.s. im just curious what happend to the secrite show during dave matthews? i was bummed when it didnt happen.


Elise said...

I'm officially a fan of "The Establishment". You guys are so cute. I wish I could've gone to one of the POP's shows.

P.S. I love your tits :D

Katie Rush said...

oh no. i am so angry that you fucking LIVED your life instead of spending the whole time uploading, organizing, and blogging! damn internet. of course, I plan to make a living blogging about music. hence the whiff of jealousy and admiration in what you do. care to create an establishment in NYC sometime? please please please let me volunteer to help....and blog about it, ha!

you are fucktastic!

masharrrgh! said...

i loved this tent. fuck john mayer, i spent my rothbury nights in the circus!

Solangel said...

Thank you soo much for The Establishment. Rothbury was one of the best experiences of my life because of that tent. I was devasted that I had to leave Sunday morning. I can't wait for WKAP, but in the meantime I plan to see you when you come to the Speigeltent in NY.

L said...

Yes. But did it bring all the boys to the yard?...

Iris said...


Calling Amanda Palmer or Brian Viglione (or ANYONE who can help)!!!

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I'm the same person that Amanda had previously linked up to with the "Fight For Your Right" video on YouTube. I know the Dolls are fantastic artists that seem to do all they can for their fans. If I got any help with this I would be eternally grateful!

This is the picture I submitted of

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Thank you SO SO SO much for your consideration!

David said...

Jeez, those are some pretty fuckin' good excuses amanda. :o)

meredith said...

you guys are fucking awesome...you should come to New Orleans (I know you probably hear that a lot... "you should come here" but I genuinely think you'd really like it

Abby said...

Ohh my sweet god buddha.

There are NO WORDS to describe the way I fucking love you AFP! You and BSO was one of the most awe-inspiring things I've ever seen. Symphony Hall has never seen anything like that before! ;)
Next year I'm backpacking around Europe and when you're overseas I'm gonna follow the tour- can I be a roadie?

Also... I have a massive crush on merch girl Amandacera. Someone help!!

michaeljwalker said...

I am so terribly excited for whatever new theatrical endeavor you're planning. I'll be there multiple times.

Andy said...

I'm up in Michigan for just the summer doing internship stuff. And even though I live in Austin, Texas, Rothbury was the first music festival I ever went to. Now I definitely want to go to more, and y'all's (excuse the Southern drawl) set is one of the big reasons why. Please revisit Austin soon!

sexy said...