Wednesday, October 31, 2007

me & the zombies

hola comrades,

here is a video that chip and i shot last week in seattle.
don't ask.
happy halloween.

this week: seattle, los angeles, san francisco, santa fe, new york. boston, sleep.

how am i feeling?i feel about how i look in this video: completely lost, clueless and isolated and yet somehow ok despite my total lack of direction (which, if you look carefully, is backwards).
the last few months have been.....enlightening is the positive way of looking at it. i'm not even close to out the woods yet. when i blog, prepare for four to five installments.

love and death,


Emma said...

OK, that's just plain made of awesome. *grins madly*

And you know what? You look beautiful when you smile!

Marrei said...

I love it!! What great fun!

I'm glad none of the zombies got you!

juey said...

I Love the song, fits strangely nice.

I like the end/beginning, when you smile, I like your smile, it comes from the heart.


David said...

I love this halloween video, it's so creepy and enchanted- thank you for sharing it. You look so euphoric, trippy, and drained, dear amanda. Your backwards smile is so timelessly beautiful. You only blinked 4 times. That backwards shit is so FORWARD. Get some fucking rest for chrissakes. Your fire won't go out.

And, do we ever really get out of the woods?

Sleep ... good.

David said...

Oh and a couple of questions ...

What are those two items in your left breast pocket in the video?

Have you any impressions of the music of Nellie McKay?

calebzia said...

you really are beautiful when you smile and otherwise

and yer a goddamn genious

Jessalyn said...

I love you darling, you are undoubtedly my creative hero, but, but but but......

I was crushed that you guys completely ignored the west coast on your "last tour for a while". I once flew from Nevada to Tennessee to see you play, I once drove from Nevada to Oregon to see you play, and I am just heartbroken that there is no way I will be able to catch one of these shows. Sigh....woe is me.

infinite said...

I love it. I was afraid that your music would have the "Dresden Dolls"-Style like so many soloalbums of singers, but that's something completel different. It sound almost underwater... like an inverted björk-song or something. Fantastic.

sexy said...