Friday, September 28, 2007

Moon Over Marin

Playing Moon over marin by the dead kennedys at paul's warehouse in san francisco.

shot by paul nathan himself. he also has watermelon and made me a bath.

i can't believe how fucking tired yet happy I am

i will write for real sometime soon
meanwhile I am recording all day every day and getting not enough sleep

i love my record



utterly utter said...

there is nothing quite like being absorbed in your work to make everything seem possible...

andrea said...

Keep the love flowing


Amanda said...

i just saw this on the box, and thought it was just the video.
confusing, amanda...
can't wait for a new post and the new album!!! : )

Sara said...

"i love my record"

And that is all that matters. I appreciate your lack of sleep in exchange for the sublimation of your passion. <3

Rob Chalfen said...

to heck with your record, where's my casserole???


bram said...

Sleep after youre finished :P Am excited.

Anonymous said...

yea! record!

yaqi said...

i'm a great fan of dresden dolls:D
do blog more often!
and visit my blog when you're free!

juey said...

I'm all torn between: Oh I hope the record comes real soon (I've been waiting so long). And: Oh Amanda please watch your health, we all love you!
I really WANT that record. *gulp*
*gasp* It will come out over here in good old europe, no? I mean I live in a big city an all, but I can't afford to come to boston for the record.... I would, if I could, but its not in the budget. I mean I can't even come see you over there.
(I'm not as crazy as I sound, but only the loud ones get heard these days, it seems... so many people ignore people close to me, just because they're more shy than the rest of us.)
Maybe this is not the best time for it, with you having so much to do, but why not now?
Thank you.
I don't know, what I'd have done without your music in the last few years of my life.
I've learned from you, I got inspired by you.
Your music is always something that gives me a quiet place to rest, when the world gets to awful to bare.

Marrei said...

Ooh sounds pretty! I can't wait for the record.

Suzanne said...

I second the above: We want the record, but we don't want you to kill yourself making it.

Sometimes I'm sitting in front of the piano thinking "I should be practicing" and then I think "Amanda sorta taught herself to play; why can't I do that," and then I think, "Because I'm not Amanda, but oh well," and then I play Coin-Operated Boy and then I feel better.

But I still can't play the bridge. Oh well.

A Unique Alias said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this upcoming rekkid - - I hope it's a success, I hope you're satisfied with it, and I hope I like it as much as the first two (or three, depending on how yer counting.)

June Miller said...

That was fucking wonderful. Thank you.

My friend/partner in crime/co-host and I walked past that big barn you're recording in a couple days ago. I could only hear it from the distance, but it sounded like y'all were jamming out. It sounded awesome. We didn't hear enough to spill anything juicy. Promise.

I was talking to my therapist, once, about how I was delirious without sleep one day, but that same day I had a pretty big epiphany and started connecting shit together. She went on to comment about how certain religious or spiritual practices sometimes involve lack of sleep for just that purpose: sometimes, when you're that out of it, you start to realize things a hell of a lot better, and everything seems to get clearer. You must be kicking some musical ass. Funny how those things work out. Just try not to get too tired, knawmean.


I wonder how bat-shit insane it makes a person sound when starting a sentence with 'I was talking to my therapist this one time....' Oh well.

Bus Bus said...

I love that your shirt is inside out

WRHornbeck said...

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It's just getting started and looking for good gigs. It's free to add a show.


David said...

I love your record too. And I haven't even heard it yet.

Mia said...

In terms of the sticking out tag: Fruit of the Loom eh?

dunno said...

simply can't wait.i'm a new fan and i'm stilll lost into the older stuff of yours with the dolls,but i'm looking forward to hearing some new stuff as well

David said...

Please don't die Amanda Palmer!

Laura said...

So let me get this straight, you were arseing around with a piano, when you could have been working on your CD, have i got that right? Priorities Amanda Priorities! :O)

Suzanne said...

I thought of you yesterday as I started reading "A Clockwork Orange" and Alex said that he "made with the noga..." It means "foot," but it still made me smile.

L said...

Good things can come from sleep dep...

You may've seen this twirling dancer:,21985,22556281-661,00.html

To my surprise, I couldn't get her to switch directions at all until I tried again late at night... (That sounds vaguely smutty...)

So, sleep dep favours the right brain? Maybe. Woo!...


dynysis said...

amanda-i youtubed edward ka-spel and found your performance with him for "missed me". beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. you are beautiful. you are my new girlfriend.

Emma said...

OK, so here's a Melbourne fan who is totally and completely stoked about you playing at the Spiegeltent!

And, insert fangirlish squee here, Dec 12th is my birthday! I get to see you play on my birthday! Eeeee!

Cannot fucking wait for December!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Amanda.

A friend of mine convinced me to check the Dolls out about a year ago after my repeated insistence that I hated all female vocalists. But your music edified me: I do not actually hate all female vocalists. I hate chintz. I hate insincerity. I hate this "blahblah rain blahblah pain" thing that we females are supposed to be stuck with. I'm a beat poet and I've been warring against my own gender for years. You showed me the depth of my own bullshit. For that I thank you.

Reading through your blog (particularly the bit about Jack White) reminded me of a line from a poem I wrote a while back: "resurrect your culture motherfuckers!" It was a battlecry for me at the time, but you are actually acting upon it. For that, also, I thank you.

We need more resurrection-minded people in the world and less of the burial-minded.

Fuck yeah! Hail Eris! And all that bullshit.

- emily jane

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog in my state of "what can I do besides make music" mind and I feel (pardon the cheesiness) blessed. Finally, I found something honest. I've been struggling as musician lately in the areas where it all used to be so easy.

"I can't believe how fucking tired yet happy I am". Those words got me thinking. I used to be that way.I was creating all night, not sleeping, just enjoying the process without taking it seriously, well not too seriously. It's amazing that the moment I realized this career was becoming a reality and not just a dream I lost the flow.

You represent an artist that has moved beyond the hazards of knowledge. To be able to let yourself be naive and just let things happen after learning , for lack of a better word, "rules" is what I find so inspiring.

Thank you

Anonymous said...
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Live@theGrouchoClub said...

I want Amanda to post again. I miss Amanda. But, also: I know she is busy which is also good, beacause then, we'll have a new album. Go, Amanda go!

Jason said...

That was pretty, Ms. Palmer.

sexy said...







Anonymous said...