Monday, October 30, 2006

randomness & CMJ & call for change

i am home for about 36 hours. the bus dropped me off at home this morning at around 9. i always love that feeling when the bus pulls up to my actual apartment building, suddenly being in a space warp, like the scene in the fifth element where the take-out chinese place actually comes to your apartment window instead of yo' lazy ass having to walk down the street. the roving coffin-bed and makeshift home i've slept in is mere yards from my actual resting place and kettle. it's, like, queer. we had a bona fide raging party for all of two hours last night after the show in sayreville, managing to cram all of member of the red the red paintings, sxip and dancers of ladybird, our entire crew, barnaby and his boyfriend and 8 other random people in the front lounge of the bus while brian DJ'd from his computer (lots of Boyz II Men and Jackson Five) and we tried to drain of all the leftover rider beer. it was truly wonderful to watch. trash and i slow danced, 8th-grade style. the buzz and the smiling and the wild hands as people talked about things with sore throats and mad gestures all around me, it's what i want, i only had to close my eyes and actually pay attention to it for a second, it's the only song i want to hear most of the time, all of those people talking at once.

i am sad to see this tour over, i am sad to say goodbye to the red paintings. trash (the lead singer) is from my planet, running around trying to make the impossible happen, organizing live painters and human canvasses (that are painted black and then designed with day-glo paint that teh band supplies during the bands'set). last night i painted a canvas on stage and actually created something not painful to look at. it was a wonderful goodbye present for me and them both. trash left a canvas out in the lobby of the starland ballroom and every person at the show painted a portion of the surface, creating a masterpiece of love. it will hang on the wall of wherever i live until i die. barnaby brought a pastel portrait he'd been working on and blew everybody's brains out with his genius, a bunch of brigaders brought birthday cake (the band is officially SIX tomorrow, we're getting OLD) and though i can barely talk today, i don't mind. i fucking love my band, i fucking love our fans.

i went to desi's new loft a few hours ago to get my hair cut, and stared into the void of his brand-new stainless steel kitchen sink with my eyes closed and the water swooshing over my head and mark came up behind us to offer the information that the news had just announced that elephants were self-aware. then he walked away again.



I rarely post about politics but fuck it:

from a email i got today:


We've got less than 192 hours to go before Election Day. So if you've never made a political call before in your life—now's the time. This week can be a turning point, but we need everyone pushing together to tip it over the top. You can get started right now by clicking here.


YES: the scary 2006 elections are in a few days, comrades, and many people my age or younger don't really see how they can change an increasingly fucked-up system. it's huge and daunting.

However, it's also the future. the internet and the magic of PHONES has made it possible to take a couple hours out of your life, or LESS, and help change the course of events in what's going to be an HISTORIC election. lots of the races in many states are PAINFULLY close.

You can use your phone, call voters, even attend (or throw, for fucks sake) a party in your neighborhood where everyone makes calls together.

Using this resource to call active voters to convince them to get out and vote is crucial.
Even if you're too young to be registered to vote: YOU CAN DO THIS, your voice doesn't have to wait until you turn fucking 18.

from the website:
"This year, victory will come down to voter turnout. We've found the Democratic-leaning people who often don't vote in mid-term elections like this one. If we can just get these “unlikely voters” to vote, they'll provide a winning margin in a whole bunch of races.

Over 30 races are in a dead heat – margins of a few thousand or few hundred votes. We’ve tested these calls, and we know they work – the people we talk to are much more likely to turn out. Your calls could tip the balance – but we're in a daily struggle to make sure we're reaching more voters than the Republicans’ infamous turnout program. Can you help?"

if i know anything about our fanbase, you're not shy folks.
please give this a shot and also pass the info on to others via your blog, myspace page, whatever you can.

here is the link again for emphasis:



on a less serious and more rock note:
if you're in NYC or in town for the CMJ music marathon this weekend, here's what to see:
(venue info up at

if you personally run into any of these folks (lots of these venues are small) say hello from me, they're all allies.



mo pitkin's
Tue 10/31 9 pm
*NOTE, this is not an official CMJ event*

last chance to catch the red paintings before they jet for aussie.
also, ask anyone who saw him open for us this last tour: sxip is a one-man wonder of amazingness.


Rocks Off Boat Cruise
World Inferno Friendship Society
Tue 10/31 11:15 pm

the legendary punk rock big band. prepare to get sweat on and possibly punched. dancing/drinking is obligatory.



Jake Brennan
Wed 11/01 11:00 pm

a boston hero, jake sings true blues rock and roll. wicked old school solo guitar, for fans of the rock.


The Tank
Thu 11/02 10:15 pm

another boston band, very experiemental jagged rock. awesome guys.

Union Pool
The Fatales
Thu 11/02 12:00 am

beautiful hooky indie rock, i've been trying to see these guys live for years.

Living Room
Casey Dienel
Thu 11/02 12:00 am

casey sings gorgeous flapper-y and sweet piano tunes.
she's native, so if you miss her (or can't make it to see her open for me at the paradise in boston on nov 27th),
check out her site and find her some other way.


Hiro Ballroom @ Maritime Hotel
Erase Errata
Fri 11/03 07:45 pm

grrl indie rock, very post-punk-wave-angular and jarring but somehow awesome.



Canal Room
Saul Williams
Sat 11/04 10:00 pm

saul is a force of nature, electro/rapper/spoken-word/poet bad-ass. amazing stage enrgy, fucking inspiring.




p.s. i'll see a lot of you fuckers at the roundhouse in a few days. it's going to be epic.


Carpe Noctem said...

Saw you in Philly. Loved every second of it. You guys are amazing!

feral_sherryl said...

i fucking love my band, i fucking love our fans.

It's good to see we're on the same wavelength. *g*

Hunger For The Great Light said...

I have to agree that Dolls fans are probably the best in the world. I was lucky enough to make it down to Knoxville last week to see you guys for the first time and I was blown away. Every single person was nice, polite, accomadating, and patient. When you and Brian came out to sign autographs nobody fucking pushed their way to the front or tried to mob you. Everyone followed the nice officer's directions and was very respectful. At least untill I told you you changed my life and then ran away all embarassed. Sorry about that....

deadbolt said...

i am looking forward to the roundhouse...with all my heart. me and a few friends are going and we are really excited...expect us front row. i am looking forward to all the support acts, i need some inspiration. i have to also let you know, i have chosen a line from 'half jack' to illustrate for my photography project... and i face the deadline on friday...the day i am coming to london to see you perform at the roundhouse. its not going to get handed in on time. i can't push myself as i am not satisfied with what i have done so far...and its not completed. maybe one day you can see it.

Jonas Marczy said...

Wow, I am so looking forward to the last show. Good opportunity to make some friends in London I guess, since I just moved here.
I hope you and Brian have a good time at home and relax thoroughly so you can give it your all.

Anonymous said...

I am still fresh off the Chicago show at the Vic. You are so talented, a natural performer; you feed off the audience, this was clear to me even though this was my first DD show. I was in awe.

I'm a pianist and a theatre girl and a general lover of the arts and you are an inspiration.

What's next? Buying my ticket to The Onion Cellar and the plane ticket to Boston...

APandBV said...

i don't mind. i fucking love my band, i fucking love our fans. <-- that made me smile. we love you amanda.

APandBV said...

Oh p.s.

Happy anniversary.
It was today 6 years ago a fucking amazing band came together that consists of the two most talented people out there. LOVE IT.

ainsley said...

Happy Birthday, Dresden Dolls! I'm glad you guys had an awesome party. The 8th grade slow dance comment made me giggle. As did Brian blasting Boyz II Men from his computer.

Love you guys,

Natasha said...

I just went to your show at Starland Ballroom and I have to say it was truly amazing. It was my first real show and I'm really glad I picked that one as my first. I let myself go singing, I don't usually do that. "hunger for the great light" said Dresden Dolls fans are the best, and I have to say everyone there was amazingly nice and polite considering it was a rock show. Keep on being an inspiration.

andrea said...

I'm happy to hear this tour has been better for you than the last, but of course it would be, you're amongst your people.

And yes, I'm going to vote, and hopefully some good will come of it.

Your first cd is my fall album. Most likely because I first got it in the fall. Anyways, I took the opportunity this morning to ride around aimlessly in my car, listening to it from start to finish. I had no idea where I was going, I just drove, and you were my soundtrack as I relished in the beauty of the turning leaves and the winding roads ahead of me. It made me feel better about everything. Thanks for making that possible.

I read your interview with Bauhaus in Under The Radar. Good stuff. Beautiful pictures. I completely understand what you mean by using music as a means to perform; you're not alone on that issue.

take care and have a great time doing the dvd and your play.

all my love,


tabatha said...

My friend and I just saw your show in Raleigh. It was the most amazing night of my life, so I must thank you.

You probably don't remember me, but you loved the art I had of you and Brian. Thank you for your compliments.

buddhalicious45 said...

SAUL WILLIAMS! Wow, you're officially the only other person I know who's ever heard of him aside from the person who introduced me to his music/poetry. Now I've got both of his studio albums and 3 of his books. He makes me want to write everywhere about everything.
I confess, I'm a relatively new fan. I bought Yes, Virginia on a whim at my local record store and I enjoyed it a lot-not like anything I'd ever heard before. Naturally I came to your site to find out more and I found this amazing blog. It's kind of scary, but I almost enjoy reading this more than listening to the Dresden Dolls, haha. I sort of need to be a musician but I can't find anyone who wants to help me out and I really don't want to do it alone, but it's interesting to read the ideas of someone who knows the vile part of today's music: the "industry" involved as well as the beautiful parts. Anyway, I was at the Sayreville show and was blown away by you and everyone else that played. I squeezed my way to the merch booth and told the guy there to give me every cd he had by The Red Paintings, haha. I almost started crying when you played Two-Headed Boy...I couldn't even believe you were playing it, haha. I was singing along with that kind of gusto/abandon you just have to sing it with and getting lots of funny looks from the kids around me, haha. That and Mad World were two of the best moments of any show I've ever been to. I'm sorry I know you're busy, I'll stop here with many thanks to you for making music and blogging and being a beautiful person.

twilightembrace said...

Christ, Amanda: you sure know how to throw a party.

I may have to come back tonight for more.

silky said...

Last night's show was the shit. THE SHIT.

aaron said...

the starland show really kicked ass, it was amazing. one of the best shows ever. i'll never forget it.

Jonas Marczy said...

I just saw you two at the last show in London.
Yes! YES!!
But why couldn't I get the cymbal? ;)

broken0wish said...


Thank you so much for promoting the voting. As an Australian we have to vote, as in we are fined if we do not. I find it scary to think that America of all countries can be led by someone like George Bush. How much trouble has that got us all in?!! We have to follow your lead otherwise other countries will eat us and no one will protect us, so please America, set a good example.

I hope your pleas to get your fans to vote helped get many to do so.

Love you!

Collately Sisters said...

i think i fell in love with a band from boston this weekend. thank you thank you thank you for coming to the roundhouse, for being so fucking amazing. you have been on my itunes all day - in between and during the lessons i've been teaching. i listened to you before, and loved your music, but seeing you live, feeling the energy and the love in the roundhouse just made my year.
you guys totally and utterly rock ... come back to these shots QUICKLY!