Friday, October 06, 2006

dolls VS panic! is up

so, THE DRESDEN DOLLS VS PANIC! AT THE DISCO video is now up, and it's awesome:
everybody who has seen it so far seems to love it, but i did make a serious mistake sending an initial email to folks saying that "this is what i did in place of killing them or myself because the tour was so difficult". i guess you don't make jokes like that. i can't gloss over the fact that that i thought the tour WAS HELL when i was in it, despite the fact that i loved the guys in the band and, against all odds and everybody's assumption, really respected what they were trying to do.

i read their cover article in SPIN magazine the other night, which actually read like a 3-4 day tour diary of a chunk of time we were with them. it brought me right back to that month, which i have shelved as a distant nightmare. but the truth is the truth, even if it's only mine. if anyone watches that video and doesn't see the love and two bands having a good time, which we were, fuck 'em. that said: it's very difficult when a band exists as a concept in one world, as a musical entity in another, and as a group of human beings in yet a third. i know, because we are very much at the mercy of the same triple-edged sword. i've met or heard about tons of people who don't like my band simply because they think they shouldn't. and they've never seen us live, much less heard the music. sometimes it's hard to not take that personally.

why do i bring that up? because it's fucking difficult for me to try to navigate the fact that although i had plenty of love for the actual human beings in Panic! At The Disco, and beyond that a real sympathy and admiration for what they (and especially Ryan, the only one who I really got to know) were trying to achieve, i didn't have any fucking love for the environment i was in when we toured with them. some of their crew were downright mean, and many of their fans were the antithesis of Rock Love. however, since the tour, it's actually been really therapeutic to see some more crossover and gap-bridging between our fans and theirs via our forums (and plenty of our fans were just as judgmental and nasty as the panic fans) and i assumed that this video would dissolve that bullshit even further. so far, it has. i;ve learned more about who was there and paying attention. the panic fans that sucked the most were also the most vocal, and i'm only now seeing the nicer ones come out of the woodwork. people are way more likely to shout out "YOU SUCK!!!" than "YOU RULE!!!!" at an inopportune and quiet moment in a song. respectful and open-minded people will simply be listening. and plenty were. so thank you, you new fans who saw us on that tour. we're goddamn glad you're here. to any of the other panic fans who hated us: you're probably not reading this, but do us a favor...make yourselves useful and send us some concrete hatemail to post on our site. we're running low nowadays.

whatever, as i always say, this is how wars start. but for the record (and this IS THE RECORD, motherfuckers): it was also wonderful. i managed to have good times. i had fun making this video. i made some friends. i got our music out to the few people who were interested. i learned a lot of really, truly valuable lessons. i will never again regret i wasn't famous at 18. it could have been worse, the band COULD have easily been assholes and actively treated us badly. they weren't. they were sweethearts. looking back, would i do it again? fuck, yes. i don't believe in regret, and everything happens for a reason one way or another.

so that's the word on that. enjoy the movie.

meanwhile....i've been keeping a running tally of what to share about the last european/japan/aussie tour on paper and in my head, but i've been sleeping instead of putting it altogether. we leave for the US tour in a few days and i'll try to do it once i get my shit packed and together. i've been catching up all week, trying to act human, trying to pretend i don't feel buried. my right index finger is slightly sprained, giving me a wonderful excuse not to practice, but making me a but paranoid about how it will hold up on tour. i went to see the secret machines play in the round the other night at avalon in boston and they were intense, excellent musicians and fantastic people....if you have a chance to still catch them on tour, go. tonight, regina's playing tonight in the same club with her new band and i'm giddy....just about to leave to see her. fuck packing. i'll pack when i'm dead.

see you out there


go see "little miss sunshine" - best movie i've seen in ages.



jon said...

oh, amanda.

you're so awesome!

the video is quite fun, and looks to have been a great wonder of love and fun as well.

thanks for that.

stay well, and keep that pointer... pointy... or something else entirely healthy and rawkin'!

little miss sunshine does rock.
thanks for introducing me to devotchka, which is what directed me the way of this film [and steve carrell's awesomeness]

and as usual, thanks for... well, you.

Fongolia said...

I haven't had a chance to check out the video yet since I'm at work and, well, that probably wouldn't look too professional... but blog commenting, that's kosher.

Anyway, I would like to hear about your 2 Brisbane gigs with Ben Folds. Will we ever hear recordings of this material or are there plans for future collaborations?? You and Ben are among my favourite artists and my head practically exploded when your two worlds somehow came together. Take care and thanks for existing.

Battybaby said...

LOVE the video, sheer brilliance!!

atonalruss said...

Haven't had a chance to check out the video yet...I will tonight. I agree that "Sunshine" rocks - best I've seen in a while. And my wife is a huge Ben Folds fan (and a fan of yours, of course) so if there is any way to hear those gigs, it would rock.

Take care of that digit!

christie said...

Not only do I absolutely LOVE the video, I love those ponies. I had some exactly like that when I was a kid, probably circa 1991 or 1992, I think. I wish I could remember what they were called.

andrea said...

the video is great. it's everything you've expressed it to be.

you get to see regina. i'm jealous. but my time will come. i'll see her someday and it will be worth the wait.

little miss sunshine is spectacular.
my mom even liked it and she's picky. it's right up there with me and you and everyone we know, which i think i would watch if i didn't have to go to work in the morning.

it's all good
except for the hurt finger
i wouldn't become paranoid though
now that you've taken on Panic!
there's nothing you can't do

oh, and congrats on the bma's
not that it was surprising

see you on tour

all my love,


maze said...

After I went to your Sydney show I started to read your blogs and when I read that you got on with Ryan Ross from P!ATD I made it my mission to meet him when I went to Panic!'s concert a month after. Three days later I am happy to say I went to Panic!'s show and met Ryan and now know for myself that he isn't the ignorant person I thought he was and now shall never judge a person by what they look like.

lots of love,
maze xo

Alison said...

Amanda, just when I thought I couldn't possibly love you guys any more, you create this. I love your face when you pick up the ponies, and when the hush sound runs to panic! and you look up and go "fuck". haha Amazing. I was walking around school yesterday yelling "Brendon, look at all of these ponies!!"

I saw you in Cleveland before the show with Panic! walking around in the green dress & hat, and I wanted to run over and talk to you, but my friends said that they didn't think it was you, just some crazy fan. Ugh, stupid friends. It was you.

Please please please please come back to Ohio. We need to see you as the headlining show. :) It will make our lives a little more complete.

Hope you finger gets better

ainsley said...

How much did I adore you and the trail of ponies? A whole lot. You and Brian are the best, and never fail to make me giggle. Yes. giggle.
I hope your finger gets better soon. I wish you and your finger well.
And I'm definitely going to go see little miss sunshine.

Wishing you the best,

heliopath said...

"the science of sleep" by michel gondry is an unbelievable movie as well

for when u have time in between the chaos

take care

ainsley said...

Little Miss Sunshine was great, one of my favorite movies. I suggest seeing 'Running With Scissors', it comes out in november I beleive. The book was amazing, I have high hopes for the film.

[Lucent][Victrola] said...

That. Was. Hilarious.

I have a bunch of favorite moments, one of which, of course, was Brendon dressed in nothing but a towel.

I'm 14 and hormonal, don't blame me xD

I loved your bit with the ponies, and the cabasa-attack.

And, of course the "arting out" at the very end with Ryan acting like his cat, dog, and fish died and he's on too much acid

I hope a lot of the hostility will go away; I love Panic! AND you guys, and I don't see why anyone would have to choose

Stupid teenies -.-

Skye said...

i love love love dresden dolls vs panic! at the disco. the fact that you guys just go anywhere and art springs from the earth is amazing and truly inspiring!

also litte miss sunshine was great, and Devotchka was just made for soundtracks!

myrrh said...

"look at all of these ponies!"

the video's wonderful.... so much fun.

Clem said...

i looooooved little miss sunshine. i'm glad you liked it too.

if a movie can make me laugh and cry within five minutes of the movie first starting... it's really something.

I loved the video, by the way. Keep them coming. I absolutely love watching them.

Nikki said...

I was at your Brisbane show and just wanted to thank you so much for a brilliant night. (Despite the fact that I'm only 5"2 and was trampled by...pretty much everyone. But that's nothing new!)

Love the video <3

Hunger For The Great Light said...

Wow, the video is fuckgin a-mazing!

I just got done reading the entire diary (I only discovered it a couple weeks ago) and just wanted to thank you for it. It has been the best part of my morning routine for a while now and I'm sad that I've caught up.

Between your music (which I discovered this summer), diary, other various art forms, and general outlook on life you've helped me understand a great deal more about myself and I am eternaly greatful for that. Please continue, both you and Brian, making amazing music and sharing your thoughts in this blog.

Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart.

Chibi Akutenshi said...

Amanda Palmer, Amanda Palmer...

I've been a great fan of yours for years. +Since 2002+ I've had to buy your first CD twice because of my mother, but I've stayed in touch with your music all the way through some over hard times.
your music spoke to me as music has not for me in some time. It got me out of my use of SI +by using it to express my angry at myself or my sadness at the world and all it's stupidity.+
I really identified with Bad Habit. All of your songs really. They all speak. You're my hero. A true inspiration in a world so darken by the new cancer that is the human disease +"Make me want to give mankind a beating."+ You're a sight for some very sore eyes...
Thank you for just doing what you do. Don't ever stray no matter what those with their uninformed opinions +have you ever noticed the less informed the more opnions when has? lol+ say.
-Chibi Akutenshi (Kayla)

ashlee said...

1. the video lifted my spirits like whoa.
2. i'm brigading at the vic and i can't wait to see you again. it really excites me.
3. the sience of sleep was good, too.

Gina said...'s a silent movie!! Yeah!! How very hilarious! And silents are not dead--they're not!! Thanks for helping to bring back a rare art form, as well as entertaining us kiddies.

Just came back from the Orpheum show in L.A. What an unbelievable show you guys did!! Not only did you do many of my favorites of your songs, but you did "Mein Herr" and "Mad World", which I just about went mad upon hearing, as they are also strong favorites of mine! I just finished learning the lyrics to "Mein Herr" a couple of months ago, so I was able to sing along, fully. Thank you SO, SO much for the wonderful surprises!!!

You both are such incredible artists, and you give till it hurts. Just want you to know that us fans really do appreciate it so very much...

Life IS a Cabaret!!

Sierra said...


the video is simply fantastic. as all of your stuff usually is.

keep being you and making good music!

I want to see Little Miss Sunshine...

moelost said...

I was always told that if you were to write about someone, you should give give them the courtesy to read it.

Hence, I figured I'd at the very least inform you of a blog that featured you as the main subject:

maia got new stitches said...

Thanks for coming to Sydney before october and doing an all ages gig. you guys were absolutely mad, i introduced my best mate to your music - and she fell instantly head over heels for you. please take that in a complement way, nothing voyeuristic. i loved your drum playing and the beer trajectory all over the kit. That word is not in it’s kind context, I kno. quite amusing though. i watched the video - i think it's very well edited, the music really adds to it.
you don't need to know this but i am making a film after the HSC is over called 'the eggshell theory' and i'll send it to you if it works out.

yorrick said...

video is great. mime speaking scenes are pure fun to watch. can't stop laughing.

too bad, that dd fans and panic! fans weren't that good as well during the shows...
polish fans would act great for sure, keke... hope you guys play someday enough close so i can come and see your gig. i've found on youtube vid with you playing Mad World, and i would give my left nutt to see it live. i love mad world after watching donnie darko [amazing movie ], and just thinking about mixing this great song with you guys make me want to cry with joy. so please! come!

btw, you really need to listen to a band called CocoRosie. pure sweetnes mixed with making people cry [or just me maybe...]

and a movie. Science of Sleep. made ma Michael Gondry [dude that made Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind]

hope you'll like it.

some dude

Eden27 said...

Hellooo Amanda,
I think that video was one of the best things I've ever seen in my entire life. And also you and Brendon should have a baby.
I'm SO INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED that you aren't playing with Panic! at the Brixton Academy. grejhhdsgdksfjbgkdfsb!!!
Even if you found the tour hard and hated the teenies and people threw stuff at you - it allowed me to discover your music as I listened to it because i THOUGHT you were playing. Although you can't hear me I will shout a big fucking loud "YOU RULE!!!!" because, well, you do.

Sexycookienummers said...

Amanda and Brian I think you guys are amazing!! The song "Girl Anachronism" is the only song I have ever been able to relate too... well my personality anyway. Love reading new stuff here... keep it up.

Peace and stuff... Angie

nihilistwaffles said...

Plush! brilliance

leely said...

i had actually never heard of you and brian until i saw that "backstabber" video, and now, i'm a huge fan of you and your music. congrats on a successful tour, looked like you had tons of fun shooting that video! you all are just hilarious!


hugoball said...

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Even your own mother would tell you that. If you need time to rest and write you should have it. Little Miss- great soundtrack!
Bet it will be hard to get Devotchka tickets now though.

UKAnthony said...

that video is ace!! i've shown it to almost everyone i've ever met, and some strangers as well!
i'm hoping for some fun antics like that at the roundhouse. see you there, i'll be the guy in that big croud o', thinking about it, you might not acctually see me, darn.
hope regina is awesome as always!

UKAnthony said...

croud=crowd, yeah, i can type...

Steven said...

Hey! - i mean, Boo! -or something.
anyways, thank y'all for existing! i was introduced to your music about a year ago by a younger friend and was enraptured instantly-and that was only a recording! this past july the same friend(s) and i saw your performance here in Boise with panic! after waiting in a long entrance line consisting of 97% panic! fans(teenage girls and fashion punks)we saw a dynamite performance that i(we) will never forget! we then waited in a shorter line after your opening act and during the other 'performance' to meet the two of you. it was a marvelous evening. i can say, with certainty, that you made many new fans with that show. i look forward to a return visit(Brian mentioned to me something about a tour this spring, and you implied that Boise was a possibility--FINGERS PAINFULLY CROSSED!). so, thank you again-for that special night!

Socrates Volkova said...

^ ^ *has modern moonlight stuck in her head*

By god, I love communicating!

Am I the only one here who wants to see marie antoinette?? *is clobbered by an angry brigade of dresden dolls fans* -.-'

*jess dies, but still loves amandA's writings* ^.^ *nod nod*

Atul said...


The video looks like a blast. Doesn't look at all like 'lemonade out of lemons', but then again maybe it never was.
My favorites: Your facial expression to Brian across the knife blade. Diabolical. And, like many others, the ponies. You may very well need a paddock on that field on your "KurtWeill". But, actually, I have to admit that my most favorite part is the "making of"-like section at the end...with Pope directing you...directing arting out. It's very sweet because, even with all of the directing, we can hear your voice and see that you're having an artless (if I can use that in describing 'arting out' :), fun moment with Ryan and with the whole process.

And that's priceless for me, and I imagine other folk, who feel like we know you from reading your blog but probably don't (as you mentioned once)...because I fill in the blanks in my own imagination, and for me, snippets like that make me feel I'm not too far off.

And then there was another moment two nights ago: the look of relief on your face after poured that new, encore song out of your heart in Chicago ("Goosebumps!", is that what he said?). And, for what it's worth, I don't make it out to many concerts these days besides Lollapalooza and the odd opera or choral concert, but the whole night, stolen equipment notwithstanding/included, felt special to me and my wife too. Wish I was a guy who could have found the line to stand in to tell you personally...but doing it here isn't so bad.

Thanks for sharing,
and being a powerful, vulnerable, sexy performer, as well as a person, that we all want to know.


la di dah said...

I'm so glad im not the only one who gets really frustrated at people who just dismiss music because its uncool or whatever, I was actually like that, until i heard YOU, then my mind just opened to everyone and everything, but one more thing, i know im just an extra blob in the whole wide hell BUT if I dont get to meet you and buy you a drink when your in Camden THEN im affraid im going to have to ask for an extra £1000 on my uni grant and fly the fuck over to the states and meet you that way

la di dah said...

I'm so glad im not the only one who gets really frustrated at people who just dismiss music because its uncool or whatever, I was actually like that, until i heard YOU, then my mind just opened to everyone and everything, but one more thing, i know im just an extra blob in the whole wide hell BUT if I dont get to meet you and buy you a drink when your in Camden THEN im affraid im going to have to save about £1000 and fly the fuck over to the states and meet you that way, and then by you a drink.

Pocahontas said...

hey amanda!

i saw you and panic in concert, when you guys were in Los Angeles, CA! it was the best show i saw!
when i saw the video of dolls vs. panic, i was laughing so hard. i thought it was really great!

well thanks for the laugh, and thanks for your music, it's the only thing that gets me threw a rough day.


sven said...

I did very much enjoy the video. I liked the concept and the fact that this video helped clear some of the gossip bullshit. Im not for sure but I'll go ahead and give my opinion on the matter, but I thought that backstabber was a wonderfully appropriate song as it gave such a sarcastic flair to the rumor mill that everyone and their baby's momma seemed to start after the tour. fuck them. go you and panic!...
Now with praise said and done. yay.
Im very much looking forward to hearing the bands next album and am hoping that it is in development right now.
*not to be rude but I would love to hear "glass slipper" on it. Of course if there is one in development...
~ a very devoted fan

Socrates Volkova said...

*looks sadly at the paper plate coated in ketchup and a lonely garlic french fry that has been sitting beside her trash can for a few days...* yeah...i'm really stupid. I freaked out yesterday because ((3:33 in the afternoon right at this moment...just thought i'd point that out)) i noticed that the dresden dolls cd i'd had for a few weeks had the girl anachronism video on it...ach.
Yeah...anatakohoshi. lol nya, i miss life.....*sobs uncontrollably*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA*laughs uncontrollably*

sexy said...