Monday, July 10, 2006


i think i may start to blog purely in haiku

o! camera phone
nine billion megapixels
that they cannot feel


the Kate said...

if they could listen
and not just hear your lyrics
they would understand

Pirate Aleksei said...

Blog like the mountains,
for all to see, all to feel
only some to climb

That’s a great idea! But I’m glad you’re (probably) not very serious; I’d miss your writing too much. Maybe only half your blogs?

Alyssa said...

I also would miss your writing a very large amount. Probably more than a person should. But the fact that you wrote a haiku about a camera phone makes me smile.

generic said...

That entry is very similar to one a friend of mine made not to long ago. She shared a similar sentiment about posting in haiku form and followed it up with one about how James Dean makes her cream her panties. Small world, eh?

generic said...

Oh! My friend had this to say in response to your entry:

"dear amanda p,
technology sucks we should
sing karaoke."

deermilk said...
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schicagos said...
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connor said...

i caught you in milwaukee and floated through your too short set. the heat and scenester kids were well worth getting to be there to see you guys. i have been for you for years and just now found the diary. haiku away, i have some back reading to do.

thegiantmidget said...


andrea said...

I don't have a camera phone.
But I do have a foundation bottle next to me that, even though not a haiku, inspired this:

This time
let’s try
clean makeup

creamy natural

complication free
won’t clog
porous emotions


ron said...

Fuck me Amanda
wear the black and white stockings
who needs anything else?

twilightembrace said...

I can't help but love
that you dipthong words and don't
where I don't and do.

ashlee said...

i'm curious.

June Miller said...

WHALES kill children
They cannot be stopped by man
We need big robots

Despite the fact that the first line is only four syllables, that haiku was quite a hit in our Creative Writing class. I believe it got second place in the UkiaHaiku (it's a palindrome, you see) contest, for that matter.

I'm also against the rise of camera phones.

Dave said...

fantastic idea
it has kept me sane so far
inspired by this

The Not-So-Dreadful-But-Not-So-Nice Puppy Boy said...

I am forced to keep
My words down to seventeen
To write to you, friends

A difficult task,
To write in verse ever terse
To communicate.

I throw my hands up,
Resigned to keep my cpmments
Truly short for you . . .

I give up!!!!

- Frankie

veritas said...

haikus are our friends;
the words in them are shorter.
i hate camera phones.

you know what is fun? image haikus! linking an image to each word. tee hee.

lame entertainment for the semi-computer literate.

Captain Nikolai said...

This has nothing to do with haikus.

I tend to daydream a lot while listening to music. Usually I start out with something fairly normal, an upcoming show or event etc. From there it's get's a bit rediculous depending on how much time I've got.

Today after about 45 mins on the Orange line I ended up with this: During a visit to Ireland I randomly bump into Amanda in a pub and after a few pints we end up jamming with the local band to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush.

I sound creepy, but that would be pretty sweet, right?

Ok, ok to make this relevant, a haiku:

Amanda and me
Rocking out to the classics
I'm not a stalker

Jason said...

A real person
Finds another on the Net...
and yet we don't meet.

You would be a very interesting person to spend time with.


Chrissika said...

I don't mean to gush. But I want to kiss your eyebrows.

Evansvillehousewife said...

in milwaukee town
much beer flows over the crowd
your drinking song ruled

Your summerfest show was wonderful. Thank you.
Your line "a whore who has given her body to a thousand other men" kept playing over and over in my head while my husband and I were having hot sex, even though he's the only guy I've ever been with.

Odd. But thanks.

Natalie Rose said...

gushing fangirls* may
easily mistake cell phones
for real connection

*may be replaced by "fanboys" as per the reader's preference

amanda, how i
sit and ponder your hatred
for capitialization

did the tall letters
do you harm in a past life?
I thought them harmless

delightful haikus,
though they are, i would miss your
your prose dearly. i love.

Vankook said...

Saw you on the 13th at the Deltaplex. 35 minutes do not do you justice, me group of 6 came for you and you only. We missed the Hush sound and I hate...hate...HATE the generic sound of Panic! I wish you could have been up there longer, although I did like the War Pigs cover. 8)

Caitlin said...

Sadly is less-poetic form, I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the songbook. It's clear a LOT of work went into the was definitely worth the wait.


Provanity said...

I'd much prefer if you wrote odes. Like my ode to a goldfish.


Salokin said...

I just returned from
the greatest dresden dolls show
To grace the planet.

I *just* saw you, and I can now die happy. You were sooo good, much better than even *I* expected. *squee* I was the third person in the signing line, wearing all black with a red tie. And I was so amazed by the fact that YOU'RE REAL that I couldn't say anything but a choked "hi". So I'll just have to go see you again, and make you sign something else. I LOVE YOU!

88keys said...

Bombs yesterday........I fear for the future... FUCK BUSH cough..
in all seriousness,

TL said...

Hey Amanda I'm 13 I love your music very much. I am from nebraska I went to ur kansas city show and it rocked!

crazyjaneski said...
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crazyjaneski said...

haikus are nice, they
offer a kind of restraint
that makes me happy.

I understand the
urge to cameraphone that
some people have, though.

Sometimes, a thing is
so beautiful, that you just
want to take it home.

Distracting, from where
you sit I have no doubt, but
you are beautiful.

Not that I have been
guilty, at a recent show
of such an offense!

However, I did
take loads of pictures of you
once, and I love them,

though the project did
did prevent me from giving
my full attention

there was another
sense in which I saw you more
clearly than ever.

My pictures are here:

postsuicide said...

My timing is horrible as this comment will have absolutely nothing to do with the post. I have just purchased Yes, Virginia, and I'd like to thank you for making me want to play the piano again, for making me want to learn new things. To dance and sing, when I can't do either. I have work tomorrow morning and I don't care because I am now tinkering with my much-neglected piano.

the Kate said...

Also, did you know this was a haiku...

Dance your cares away
worries for another day
let the music play


down at fraggle rock

GoodCosmicStuff said...

I am so FUCKING tired of paying scalpers triple the amount of the face value of a ticket to see you open for some band that I don't know nor do I have interest in. It's obvious Panic! at the Disco doesn't need the extra exposure and it's very clear the Dresden Dolls doesn't need to open up for a band like Panic!. Maybe someone can start making better business decisions and you'll start opening or doing double-bills with bands who need the extra exposure. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AMANDA!

cathal_ogara said...

blue is nice
for i like blue
i hope it doesnt rain

gabrielle said...

After a harrowing search for tickets my darling friend and I got on the list via her myspace relations with Lucent Dossier. My dreams, however, are dashed when we got there too late to see you. I would have never imagined that you went on so early. And no FTBC to tide myself over with. Not that it could have been helped. I hope if you come to KC again you get a chance to check out the 'again' place I recommended on that napkin you so daintily tucked into your skivvies... My apologies, but I had utterly no time to craft a proper communique. enjoy denver tonight.

Modern Classic said...

But only these words
Have a set of silver wings
To reach the corners.

Kels E. Moe said...

Wow. Haiku is def. amazing. I just wanted to tell you how much i loved seeing you two play in Pittsburgh I left you a comment on myspace but who knows it might not even be you two checking it on there..this might not be you either..but I hope it is. I'd love a comment from on myspace or something..i know your busy but I just wanted to know you got my comments..You're music is fantastic and your style is two. I hope you come back to PITTSBURGH soon..i'll be there..

just another fan, Kels E. Moe

myspace =

Kels E. Moe said...
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Kels E. Moe said...

i underatand the haiku too!! I took a pic of you guys on my camera phone but no one can feel how I felt seeing you live and in person..the pic came out wonderfully though<33

Katie said...

Saw your show in Denver on Sunday and was so, so happy. Loved the covers, and the originals, and all of it! Absolutely incredible.

And do so many people pass out in your shows? I guess they weren't ready for the intensity.

Hope you come back again and play a real set. With DeVothcKa. Because not only Boston should get that.

Rob Downing said...

I can Write Haiku too.
Damn it! I screwed that up.
I wish I could be cool.

raquel (not avaliable?) said...

to haiku
cheers xx

the bitter mediocre artist said...

we will save your brothers
we will save your cousins
we will drive them far away
from streets and signs
from all trace of bad mankind

Sugar Rush said...

I wonder when will be the day I can write on my blog about a fabulous show by The Dresden Dolls.
¿When will you come to Chile?
¿When will I be able to send you both a kiss live?

i adore this haiku...

her body
curved on a couch
a smile

but stick to your writing.

Jaggy said...

i can do haiku
with some effort, do it well-
fuck it blah blah blah

Clem said...

Have you ever read a book called A Separate Peace?

For reasons that I can't name, something tells me that you'd like it.

I alsways try to use as much passion as possible when I talk about a book but that's difficult to do over the internet.

Anyway, check it out if you're interested.

Leslie said...

I wish that I could
write, a fantastic haiku,
just for amanda.

But for some reason,
air guitar to J. Hendrix
is all I can do.

Plus I feel real blue.
And think I will be murdered
tonight in my sleep.

I think that I'm scared,
because I'm reading this book
all about murder.

It's called In Cold Blood.
It's by Truman Capote.
It's really damn good.

Haha, I'm proud of myself. But I would like to apologize to the world for slaughtering the art of haiku.


And I've decided from now on, every time I comment on your blog I'm going to give a book recommendation. Just because....if someone did that for me, I'd be happy and have lots (more) books to read.



Mikaela said...

Well for you there are
So many fucking comments
One more wouldn't hurt

My sister has been making all her livejournal entries in Haiku form. They are all about how crappy computers can be. Very interesting that you should show an interest in leaving Haiku entries as well...and about technology. How about that.

Ramsey said...
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Laura said...


I think you should take up crocheting. it will give you something to do while you are waiting around in airports and whatnot and also let you express some of your creative side. start very simple...

much love,


Ramsey said...
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iamdesires said...

hello. i just got your album and now i am cold. i want someone to love me. my eyes are wet. please come to my house. i will pay you lots of money to play a song for me. i dont have any friends so no one will be bugging you. it will just be me. you will like my bedroom it is red. the lady in the music shop recomended it me after i asked her for something that sounded like nightwish. which is kinda strange cus you guys sound nothing at all like them. oh well. is it good being a mega super star? i listened to your album 3 times in a row. the first time i was confused. the 2nd time i was getting that feeling you get in your chest like when your throwing up and then i got cold. so i came on the internet to look for you guys. my legs hurt. now im going to read through all your blogs. i expect you will have removed this by tomorrow because you wont like me because you will think im just like everyone else. if you ever want a kidney im just a phone call away. if you love me you can email me

maybe one day when im famous we can hook up. maybe you will notice me if i come to one of your shows and get trod on and my head gets squished. im not mad. goodbye :)

Ramsey said...
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Salokin said...

I wore one of my Dresden Dolls shirts, and when I was at the grocery store, I saw a girl with the *same one*! I didn't say hi, or possibly even react, but I was so happy that there are others near me! *evil laughter*

A Unique Alias said...

I miss most of all
When everything was still new
For now, more beer, please.

mad_dude said...

I'm depressed, my girlfriend is a fan of yours, you're too much, too great, such a nice person. I'm still depressed, though. Why did she hang up on me? Why am I posting this in the comments section nobody reads? Who cares? I'm depressed, I haven't slept in a day, not so long, but after taking 3 sleeping tablets its quiet troublesome. If my girlfriend ever calls me back I will pledge myself to the dresden dolls. That's a promise of a lifetime. Love is wonderful, but troublesome.

Ryan McGovern said...

I smile
because theres nothing
to smile about.
Im happy
because theres nothing
to be happy about.

Ryan McGovern said...

the greatest
statements ive EVER made
are when i said............

Ryan McGovern said...


Ryan McGovern said...

seriously though, im a juggler and musician and i met one of your members the other day i was juggling in the shop where i work(with milk cartons) and in walked this french girl who told me about the dresden dolls, so i checked out your website. unfortunately i dont know her name but if you see her say hi.................