Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What Would Perry Do

the tour has left me in a sorry mess, coughing up interesting things as i lay in state among a pile of tissue and phlegm.

last night we finished in boston. today i was supposed to go into the studio and keep working on the record....doing vocal fixes, mixes, nixes....instead i stayed home, played Stumble Through The Luggage in my kitchen, making tea and dragging myself out to dinner with my family, where i assumed the role of humanoid for a while. On the drive back i listened (i was in lee's car, there's a tape deck) to an old mix tape from college and my mind went into a kind of dream state. oh, my mind went. the pink dots, tones on tail, philip glass, laurie anderson, morphine.....i sank into reverie.....old tapes....the jane's addiction song made me pull over at a record store, which was luckily still open, and i made an impulse purchase of "three days", their recent tour dvd. i don't know why, but i needed an injection of perry farrell like medicine. i think it worked. i think he healed me. i think if i had to pick a single man in the universe for something tonight, it'd be him. for what, i don't know. i just know he'd be it. i've decided tonight that all concerts should aspire to the condition of jane's addiction. if perry wouldn't come, then maybe flea would. i think i love flea. if i could pick a brother, it would be flea.

the bus was stuffed with bodies. half of us ended up getting sick at one point or another. along with our regular crew came some extras....jessica foxxx, who filmed and documented....jonas and krin, who organized the brigade and did circus for the masses....and wonderful dawn the faun, our opener in her lonesome, faun fables. we were 11 on the bus. the back lounge was filled with suitcases and boxes, there wasn't room for everyone to sit when the bus was moving. we moved horizontally. the back lounge and the front lounge would often splinter into two camps. wander to the front and watch the "trailer park boys" DVDs and talk about soundgear or wander to the back and talk about love and the naturalists. craig, our merch guy, was flown in as an import and met us on the first day of tour. nice guy, clean cut, bleached-haired, leather-jacketed, earringed and well-spoken. he's been on a lot of tours with a lot of bands, but i swear i've never seen a man look so confused by his surroundings. it was like they mixed up animals in the zoo. one night he sat there watching jonas and dawn screaming out of a harold pinter play (dawn held it steady) while brian washed his lace tights and hung them from the window to dry and i walked through in my underwear with my electric toothbrush to grab my vitamins with jessica filming the whole circus and i just saw the "does not compute" look flashing in his eyes. beer, yes, girls, yes, pot, yes, cocaine, sure, but plays? what fucking band reads plays? by the end he got into it. we did get really pissed that he secretly sprayed febreeze on everybody's stuff the night before he left. i saw that as a passive-aggressive move.

i caught the flu somewhere around detroit and was sick for about half of the tour. i assumed it would be the typical 2-day cold, but it sank it's claws and stayed attached like a yippiyuc. some shows were worse than others but the last half of the tour is just a blur of tissue and toilet paper. for a few days i rolled from my bus-pod to soundcheck, back to bed, then stage, then bed. left the phone off. pretended i didn't exist. after i while i just stopped fighting and relegated myself to the fact that i was plagued. being sick on the road is about the least fucking fun thing i can imagine. i was well enough to gather my energy every night and get on stage, but barely. i almost passed out in buffalo, NY. i wonder how these things work. i just close my eyes, pray and walk on stage. i assume it will work. when it doesn't i fake it. i skip songs. i change octaves. i adjust and pray for the end to come. and a few minutes into the set i forget about the end and forget about being ill and forget about the bullshit emails and negotiations with the label and the deadlines for the album artwork and the fuck fuck fuck and just see brian. he saves me just by existing, by being there, his fragile self, the two of us just trying to stay afloat and not collapse, like two drowning people hanging onto to each other for dear life. this may sound dramatic. when two people with the flu have to play to a sold-out house, it feels fucking dramatic. we only lost it once, in pittsburgh.

the brigade was beautiful and bright and as uneven as some cities there was literally nobody to perform and on boston and new york things were chaos. in chicago we found mucca pazza, who were a free-roaming marching band, all punk rock delight. they took over every space in the club at one point or another. emily's story of "we're the noise artists" coming in with their jackets and dark glasses and expecting rock-star treatment was classic. they set up in the lobby and sounded delightful, but most people wanted to strangle me (or them). there were statues, winged girls chained to poles, magicians, burlesque dancers, lots of lovely cigarette girls and's beginnning to take on a life of it's own, it's a beautiful site. having krin and jonas, who are trained circus performers, was a fucking relief....i could finally focus on soundcheck without having to rally the brigade. krin did an aerial act in the cities that would permit....she hung material up to 60 feet in the air, tied herself into it for aerial stunts (most people are familiar with this sort of act through cirque de soleil) and performed a rocking piece to "gravity"; jonas played the bashful coin-operated boy (a gift from lovely krin every night). volunteer brigadiers were rounded up every night to act as brides with krin during "perfect fit"....secretly low-lit, flower-bearing, they moved through the balconies, backstage and audience, barely noticable and then threw their angry petals at the crowd and onto the stage during the last chorus. "girl anachronism" used the same cast dressed as wounded and confused cheerleaders with various neck braces and bandages. all the guys in DeVotchKa and dawn the faun joined us every night (well, almost every night, it took us four cities to learn it) for "The Flesh Failures" from the musica Hair. we threw ourselves into that every night as the last gasp and tried to coerce the audience to join in. they usually did and we left stage feeling covered in love. perry'd have been proud.

i tried to find quiet. i tried to read. in the first week or so, the schedule was less erratic and there were mass yoga exoduses. we piled in cabs and went to bikram we found on the internet. the strange world. krin and jonas put us all to shame with their circus-bodies. time disappears on tour. any writing i thought i would get done, any catching up....a joke. once i got sick it was a survival game. the most exciting and creative part of the day was making oatmel on the bus with extra ingredients from last nights rider. ooooh, peanut granola bars. put it in the oatmeal. we bought a turkey candle and a santa candle at a salvation army somewhere in the midwest, in order to bring cheer to tge bus environment . they ended up being art film porn stars. jessica filmed willingly.

the show would end. we've stopped going out after every show to's gotten too much. i would abscond to the bus, change and shower if the venue had a shower, hoark several times for everyone's benfit, and crawl into my pod. sometimes i would sleep for 11 or 12 hours. wake up in another city and get my shit together for soundcheck so i didn't blow my voice just testing mic levels. a drag. a routine. a sick blur. pull the curtain shit, listen to the blur of conversation coming from the lounge, the clinking, the re-cap, the talk talk tallllking....pick up my copy of berlin stories and read a half a page before crashing dead asleep. i barely had the energy to whack off. i was sick sick sick.
waking up in a bus is disorienting. it's black. there are no windows to tell time. try to locate phone. phone lost in pile of clothes. shuffle to the bus kitchen. bleary look at clock. if before 10, shuffle back to pod and repeat. if after ten, put on water for tea. watch other shufflers. dawn was a morning person. we would sit there alone, sometimes, drinking tea and watching america. i came to love that woman. i still think of her as she-ra, princess of power with a guitar. i also fell hard for all the guys (and gal) in DeVotchKa. truly great people. lance and his whole tattooed body made me melt. for a while everyday i would provide him with a fake mustache using my eyebrow pen. he then took on the character of "phillipe". i rode with the whole DeVotchKa van to madison, since the bus went on ahead of me so i could take a day off in chicago. i Remember The Van. it wasn't long ago. it's a shit way to travel but you gotta do it. my theory was confirmed Yet Again.....every touring band, whether it's NIN or punk or Salsa or whatever the fuck, ends up making poop and fart jokes after a few hours on the road. it's like a law of nature. DeVotchKa had a wonderful ongoing list of poop band names written with sharpie on the inside of the van. Steppenpoop and Coldpoop were the two best ones. Runners up, the red hot chili poopers and queens of the stone poop. the road does this to everyone.

i am wrapped in my quilt. the heat is up full blast. i cannot sleep but i also haven't really tried. i'm not into the upcoming days, i don't want to work on the record, i don't want to catch up, i don't want to answer everything i've ignored. i just want to sleep and read and disappear. a few things i keep knocking into remind me where i just came from. the mug i bought in iowa city. the humidifier i took from the bus. i am unpacking one item at a time. a few objects every hour. in a weeks' time i'll be finished.

as the new york show approached i started to get really worried about the flu. we had an early load, radio to do, press to do, and a full orchestra to rehearse for three numbers. but it wasn;t just that, new york always has this icky sticky You Better Not Fuck This Show Up, Amanda, You're Selling Out Webster Hall and Everybody's Watching To See If You Are Hip feeling that will not leave. the label comes, the publishers come, the famous people come, the blaaaaaaa. it doesn't matter of the rest of your tour has been stellar. if this show is shit, one gets the impression that that is the impression the world will get and then go impress on everybody else. most of it is in our heads. go figure. it was a fantastic show. my flu fled for a few hours and the orchestra (, those in NYC go see them this month at galapagos and say hello from amanda) kicked ass. we covered "one" by three dog night and i got to do my impersonation of a lead singer sans piano. then we pulled out a really old song, "have to drive", and the conductor had done an incredible job orchestrating with strings and horns pounding heartbreak in every direction. we finished up with "girl anachronism" which i fucked up. i got so distracted by the beauty of the conductor throwing the used-up pages of sheet music in the air i totally forgot where i was. it was a close save, but if you listen carefully to the recording, you'll hear me basically pounding on the piano with my fists and saying "and you can teff fron they ther geeyy ffffeeer ste fer the des akk" for about 12 seconds.

providence goes down in history as most insane We Should Have Slept Longer show ever. I retained my Girl A braincramp from the night before and had the stop the song and restart. radio interference in the monitors. the club was was 55 degrees. it started to rain. i was so sick i could barely talk coherently. we got on stage and just kind of oozed loudly all over the audience. we had a day off in boston during which i slept, slept, checked my email, slept, made tea and slept. then we played the boston show, also sold out (about 2000 people) and i just went for broke, reminding myself that i wouldn't be onstage for months to come. i screamed my voice away and used the last reserves. it worked. the show was brilliant. i collapsed. i remain collapsed.

i don't care about the new record right now. i could give a fuck. i have come to terms with the fact that certain things cannot be multitasked. i will start caring when i am able. right now i care about my poor lungs, which hurt when i cough, and my nose, which is blistering over with a very attractive cold sore that i must resist picking. this was supposed to be a month off and i can already see what has happened. as i predicted - and nobody listened, or cared, rather - the time that was supposed to be sacred time off is getting swallowed by the record. we'll be finished with the record by the middle of the month. thanksgiving will come. time will disappear. nothing will come out of me. i won't even catch up. i'll keep dying this sad artistic death that i deny is happening even though every fact proved otherwise. i haven't written a song i'm really proud of in over two years. i was supposed to spend this whole month in new york, writing. i just cancelled the sublet. i've nobody to blame but myself, i let other people make bad decisions for me....and when left to my own devices i make my own bad ones that don't prioritize any free time. then i suffer.

when i stopped at the record store tonight i asked the store manager, who i chat with sometimes, if they had any jane's addiction DVDs....actually, if they had it, a compilation of their videos. i've only seen snippets here and there and i wanted to see the full collection to inspire some of our own work. they had "three days" in stock, but that had no videos...only documentary and live footage.....he said he'd dig around and he came back with a weird 90's collection of videos and documentary that had about 16 bands, including jane's addiction. if i wanted, he'd unwrap it and throw it on the display player. sure, thank you. they were closing up anyway. so he cued it up and there i saw footage of perry farrell, circa 1991 or so, cut together with a beautiful hand-held video of them playing live somewhere outside on venice beach. between swaths of pure rock love energy and beautiful bare chests and guitars and glitter and skirts and dreadlocks and tattoos and chains and nail polish, comes this face looking at me, this face like death warmed over it (he must have been on something, either that or he was Damn Tired), the face looked at me in it's three-foot hi-definition dispair and started talking to me: I don't know anything anymore, it said....i used to think i had advice for everybody, but now i know nothing....i thought when we signed with warner brothers i was the shit, that we'd made it....that everything was going to be easier....i haven't written a song in months....i used to write three or four songs a i'm having fights with people twice my age, people who have screwed everybody to get where they are....and i just wanted to make art, man, to create something beautiful...they've been talking about banning the cover and it just makes no sense, i'm not hurting anybody, i'm not trying to hurt anybody at all....i just want to think that when people see us play they'll be transported, they'll lose themselves....they'll forget about their lives and their problems and this world, because this world is so sad and terrible, it's so's so (and here his eyes glazed over and he slowed down and choked up)...i don't know....

...and with that i found myself crying, like a baby, in the middle of newbury comics in boston.


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aagje said...

get better amanda! and don't let them ban any cover art. be your great fucking self...

maxrob said...

rock on amanda! you can do it. take the time you need.

JN said...

You painted such a vivid picture that I can see how crummy you are feeling now. But know that the overwhelmed feeling is the natural byproduct of your brutal schedule, being sick, working hard, eating and sleeping erratically, which will do a number on anyone’s body and your mind. I can’t compare my travel to a tour, but I come home from business trips and am always in a foul mood – angry, weepy, hungry, totally incapable of dealing with the mail that has piled up. One night I came home late after a particularly bad trip, walked into my living room, turned on the light switch and the light bulb blew out and I just stood there weeping in the dark because it was more than I could deal with. Your body has taken a beating, but sleep will do wonders for you.

As for your writing, know that you will write again. You know the saying “You can have everything. Just not at the same time.” Well, you’ve been doing THIS for the past couple of years. There’s only so much energy that anyone has to give. And if it’s time to adjust your priorities, then give yourself permission to do that. But don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t written anything lately. Look what you have done.

But I’d suggest taking a little time to write before it becomes some overwhelming, looming, accusing, daunting thing. Let yourself write crap. Because you’ll feel better than if you don’t do anything at all. And it will make it so much easier when you’re ready.

MonkeyAxis said...

Ugh, I have had the same cold you've had and Yuck. Your show in Chicago was the last thing I did before I turned into a phlegm producing machine. Prolly got it there.
Great show, ranks as one of my favorite show experiences ever, up there with the likes of Diamanda and Einsturzende Neubauten. You were inspiring and for a Chicago crowd we were enthused, warm and into it. Most Chicago crowds stand still and glare jealously coveting your equipment and thinking to themselves that they could have done that!
I feel the lethargy of the post coldness. I have piles and piles of work all pressing on me and all I want to do is lock myself in my den and read books. Nobody seems to understand that I feel no desire to do anything else except hide from the panic of not getting things done. I am thinking it doesn't matter what the work is, just that it is and it looms.
This will change, the better if sooner.

the green monkey said...

You need a hug. here.

Andrea said...

I empathize with you.
I think we all have in some point in our lives, in different ways, experienced the physical and emotional drain you feel. Sometimes things just don't work out like we want or expect them to. Things that we think should be happening or should feel right don't. Things do get better and back on track though. Slowly but surely I'm sure your normal self will begin to reemurge.
On another note:
As a fan who only sees what goes on in front of the scenes at your concerts I have to say the Kansas City show you played was riviting, spellbinding, and was everything and more that I expect to get when I go to a concert I'm really looking forward to seeing. You wrote that when people see your show you want them to be able to lose themselves and their problems, well for me and I'm sure many others, you did just that. For a few hours I had nothing on my mind but the beautiful music I was hearing and all the good things it made me feel.
So, when you're feeling like you are now remember that you are accomplishing that feat and that your fans really are being positively impacted by all you do and we appreciate it. We always see the greatness even if at times you can't.

Shawn T Lippert said...

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Baron said...


I'm sorry you are feeling shitty. :(

What you need to do is take some time for yourself. Go on a weekend meditation retreat, get a massage, get some Reiki and relax.

Your body cannot heal itself if all it is doing is being tired.

Once your body is healing, you will be able to heal your mind and your anxiety about the new record.

One thing that might be best to start out is just start writing. Who cares what it is. Do a stream-of-consicousness brain dump. There is something lingering there that needs to get out, so let it without worrying about the "end product".

In any event, be safe and be well and I hope you and Brian et all get well soon!

katastrophika said...

hi i don't really even have a blog here but i created and account so i could say that if it counts for anything you made mine and my friends halloween last monday amazing and that was deffinatly the best thing i have ever been in my life.

feel better :-)

Yumcup said...

i saw you at kansas city...i was up front, the one with the blue hair...there probably werent too many people with blue hair..kansas isnt big on wild things like that...but anyway: you are so awesome and i hope you get well...the flu sucks...bye bye

Bryan said...

Dear Amanda,

You give me hope and make feel things about music i didn't think i had the ability to anymore. I am 23 years old and i have been in bands since i was 14, this last year has been hell for me creatively. I have been on the edge of giving up many time this year, even though i have enjoyed some relative success. Please don't forget the difference your honesty makes to other artist and just everyday people. Don't ever let people, record execs or even fans dictate who you should be, always guide yourself by your unique muse as you have become in many ways my own.

i hope this finds you feeling better

long live punk cabaret
i heart you
Bryan Casselman

Rachel said...

hey, you need to say fuck the record. take you're time and do what you want to do well instead of fast. don't let anyone push you around...this is your art. and come to san francisco when you recover!!! im looking forward to the dvd and the song book, but i'd wait ten years if it meant that my favorite pianist would be healthy and happy.

veiled_static said...

i just want to think that when people see us play they'll be transported, they'll lose themselves....they'll forget about their lives and their problems

I got this feeling seeing you guys in Chicago. Something happened in that smoke filled room that for a few days, pulled me out of my funk, and let me feel. Numbness was goine. For the first time in a long time, I felt light and airy, as if all was well with my world, and nothing could bring me down. Shows have always been cathartic for me, but never like this. Singing/screaming every word right back at you (with proper choir posture and breath support!) made me feel so...connected. I loved everything, and can't wait to see you guys again soon.

I hope you start feeling better soon, being sick is terrible on a 'normal' day, but even worse when you don't have time to loll around. With your vitamins and sleep, I'm positive you'll bully your immune-system back to its proper level of efficiency.

Lack of Motivation seems to be running rampant everywhere now-a-days. Do not succumb to its ways!

Decongestants = everyone's friends.

David said...

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your suffering. It would be completely unfair for any one of us, inspired by, fell in love to, wakes up with, hums, who learns to play, your music and performances, to ask for all you've given. I hope you’ll find some time to be a human again and release the words and music that are clearly begging to be written! If you reread your post, you might find a song there.
Congrats on your tour, you and Brian are tremendous, thanks for your humor.

Nichole said...

You're such a fantastic writer, even in a blog! I found myself going on for a good 20 minutes yesterday just about the complexity and validity of everything you write. I'm getting ahead of myself, I would like to say that I attened both the Providence show and the Boston show. In Providence, my friend and myself thought that you and Brian were incredibly brilliant. Unfortunately we were running late and didn't catch the first opening act but we did see Devotchka and I must say that my hears were more than satisfied. When you and Brian came on stage and started singing "Science Fiction Double Feature" my eyes and ears were glued to the stage.
The fact that you took the time after the show to meet with us(your fans) is just an example of the wonderful musicians that you are. My friend and I remembered hearing you mention that you had caught the flu so we brought you a get well card at the show on Halloween. He may not remember but Brian seemed quite amused by it at the time.
You are unbeatable performers and the talent that you both possess will be difficult to beat (should anyone have the courage to take on the task.)
although I am not near your admirable ability to write, I do tend to write songs and poems and I understand how it is when your brain shuts off and convinces you"everything from here on will be horrid" and you can't get a word onto the paper. Just hang in there I've had my downfalls as well as any other artist. You're remarkable and the talent is there, you just need to let it come when it chooses to do so.
We all love you Amanda (and Brian of course)
I just noticed that you mentioned wanting people to become lost in your music and I would just like to make it clear that the combination of lyrics and tantilizing melodies do just that for me. Until first hearing your band I was never able to completely emerse myself into the entire being of a musical piece. Of course there were musicians I liked but no one that I felt as though they were real and their emotions were real. Your music has been a healing tool for me the past few months and is something that I know will never leave me. You have a gift of being able to reach people and that is something that most people can only dream of. Keep doing what you do because no one even comes close to being as amazing.
-<3 Nichole Gauthier

Jenny G. said...

The NYC show was wonderful, don't feel bad about "Girl Anachronism". Knowing now that you performed all that while being sick makes it more impressive.

LazerSadda said...

Ive seen you perform twice, once at home in Clifton Park NY and just a couple weeks ago in Buffalo.. i have never seen a more amazing show in my life and dont think that i ever will. Your music really does make me feel like im not anywhere but in those notes- it takes my mind off of everything. I brought two friends to the show in buffalo with me.. they had neverd heard the music before- not its all they talk about- your making such a big impact of people- Hope your feeling better.


Karl said...

You know it's just the cold talking right? You sound like one of those stereotypical melodramatic "poor me" musicians right now. You'll be fine, and don't be so down on yourself. If you need time off, take it off eventually.

lisasaysface said...

i was at the boston show on halloween and it fucking blew me away. you guys ae incredible. that had to be the best fucking birthday present ever. thank you.

Juliette said...

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sian_shoe said...

Get well soon. You music inspires me to pick up a pen, which never happens.

And if those suits start pestering you, say you'll burn the master tapes. Oh yes.

crazyjaneski said...

So good, like always. I love the crying over Perry Farrell in Newbury Comics.

Last time I saw Perry, he was DJ-ing it up at Coachella, dressed from head to foot in beautiful white, with a dove-grey hat, and when he put on his selections, his face eyes would close with pure, beautiful enjoyment while a tentful of gorgeous shirtlessness grooved before him.


laureate1 said...

hey Amanda laureate1 from Stoughton mass here I figure you should take your time and the songs you write will become more deliberate and driven because deadlines naturally confine us And being confined naturally kills inspiration and without inspiration we can never fully be proud of our works.p.s. I am impatiently waiting for the DVD to come out and prey that it will ease the want for new Dresden dolls material I hope you are coming back to mass sometime because I missed the Avalon show You know in cooperative female accompaniments enjoy the rest you will naturally overcome these deadlines music is in you and your heart will be enthraled soon

mollixs said...

i thought your show in pittsburgh was fantastic.

Psi-anide said...

It does seem that people get sick right after starting a tour, and then everygets it and it never leaves because it's being passed back and forth between everyone on tour.

my take on writers block and the absence of any "great" songs you've been able to write would be to just find something that inspires you, be it something from your past, or search for something new to observe and also learn about. Writing is a strange beast, But i would say that it's only hard when you press yourself into doing it, once the creative juices start really flowing you can't stop it.
Giving into the "waiting" Demon can be be a good thing, when you find that through waiting you can see yourself unobscurbed from the evils that inspire art.
Art is within, just waiting to be let out, hence the waiting for it to come out.

ashenthorn said...

Amanda, thank you for coming to Buffalo. I rate you up there with Catherine Blake and Robert Smith and Edward Ka-spel and Alison Shaw and John Balance and William Reid and Antony and Pete Shelly and anyone else that can make me laugh and cry at the same concert. And make me see Boston as well, even though I haven't been there for 10 years. Although my naive promise to myself at 20 to care passionately about new music forever has been long broken in favor of other more mundane pursuits, the Dresden Dolls bring that long dormant feeling rushing back, if only for a while...

Skithee said...

Eventually, it just goes away. Or your head asplodes. But usually, it gets better. In the meantime, you do whatever you can to steal whatever feeling better you can get.

Also, no more skipping Saint Louis. You need more saw playing musicians, and I need more posters with water spilled on them to be autographed on my back. Also, I will withold my stash of big gay irishman if you don't come back.

Olivia said...

Aww, I do hope you feel better soon. Rest is the best, and what an awful time to get sick; when on tour!

Hee hee, Red Hot Chillie Poopers. I was reading that part while I was in school, and I could not contain my laughter. People in the library were staring at me like I was insane. ^__^

You guys did a GREAT job on tour! I saw you at St. Andrews, and Krin's arial act was amazing during Gravity.

I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy. I hope your spirts are lifted soon. Just remember that you have so many people that love and care about you, whether it be your family and friends, or your thousands of fans. ^__^ We all love you and Brian no matter what.

I hope you have a good day!


Fabrizio said...

Ciao, Italy here... I hope love for you, (sorry for my english grammar), good luck!

scibberfidget said...

A big plate of mince and tatties is what you need!

scibberfidget said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RiverLotus said...


Good to see you blogging again. I was the tall chick in Madison. My friend was the one whose really good costume (think tassels!) you commented on.

Thank you so much for coming, and I hope you feel much better soon! We'll see you in March in Minneapolis! Do you plan to take DeVotchka and/or Faun Fables again?

LazerSadda said...

My roomates watching the show One Tree Hill, i happened to look up and noticed a girl wearing a Dresden Dolls tee shirt.. thought it was pretty cool!! i know...

emmyhennings said...

heal. and thank you for Devotchka. hope you'll feel like a solo night on the town again before March. not only do we miss you but there is a wonderful inexpectedness that can't exist in NY Providence Boston. not that we didn't love every show.

Alexbt said...

Hey Amanda,

We all had no idea! I met with you very briefly after the Providence show. I'm a good friend of JB (who's working on that project with my theatre). My first DD concert I stood in that long long line for the DVD taping, got inside, and then had to leave to catch the bus back to Providence.

Didn't see you play that time, but there's always the DVD. ;) And I'll say you did a hell of a show the 29th considering all the crap you're going through.

Anywho, yeah. Thanks so much for scrawling on the back of my ticket. I feel kinda guity now!

Best wishes,


SaneTeapot said...

My friends and I in Columbus LOVED your concert, all the acts were awesome and we loved you so much! Thanks for being so gracious with autographs, and when my bf spilled ice water on your butt!
(I too, just created an account so I could post a comment, and tell you how much Columbus loved you. And in case you didn't realize, the drunken bitch screaming "fucking whores" was screaming at the audience, not you, she was apparently upset FOR you, because not many people were dancing - I almost punched her, because she was right behind me, but then I figured out what was going on; also, the guy she was with was really Big :P )

PIG said...

My favorites were always "Repooplica" and "Pooping Westward".

mazeofmemories said...

I sort of feel like a dolt leaving a comment on your blog, a stupid little fan who has unimportant thoughts that you probably won't read. Regardless, I would first like to say that at your Boston show, I cried. When you covered "Lua" by Bright Eyes it was sincerely one of the most beautiful meldings of my favourite musicians. It was amazing.
Secondly, this is just stupid really, I live in Boston, and the thought that you do as well is sort of, surreal I guess. I have this image of you as a musician that you're this glamourous wonderwoman who would live somewhere insane and unfathomable. The idea that somewhere two streets over or so, I'm assuming, you sat up writing your journal thing is comforting. I feel foolish, but I thought I'd share regardless.

sunjoy said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. Hope it gets better soon, now that you're done with the tour.

Here's a news tidbit that I hope cheers you up:
From an interview with Jimmy Carter: Asked how his views of Christianity differed from those of Mr. Bush, the former president said, "I wouldn't want to criticize President Bush's Christian faith.... I don't have any doubt he is very sincere about his Christian faith."

But what followed was pointed. "I have a commitment to worship the Prince of Peace, not the pri[n]ce of preemptive war. I believe Christ taught us to give special attention to the plight of the poor. In my opinion this administration, I am not talking about President Bush personally, has committed itself to extol the advantages of the rich."

And if you're ever stuck for a song-idea, you can always write about transparent fish to which scientists have added firefly DNA in order that the fish glow in the dark when the water is polluted. The firefly enzymes are called "luciferase" and "luciferin". I kid you not:

OK, it's more a David Byrne topic than DD, but ya never know.

-One of the NYC crowd who sang when you addressed us using the proper vernacular of "sing motherfuckers!" (-:

jwandke said...

Perry would do a lot of drugs. A whole lot of drugs.

God said...

God here from down under here.

You are a true blue rock God in my book. Love the blog, you're the only one who opens up so much in your diary.

Get well dear, God is with you and can't wait to catch you live sometime in our future

God !!!

Lindsay... in the sky... with diamonds? said...

Take care of yourself, lady! Fuck the deadlines and fuck the label and fuck everything right now. You need to get better. Fuck everything. Get well.

When I'm sick, I make myself hot water with orange, grapefruit, and lemon rinds; it makes me feel better.

And I share your sentiments on being sick for a long time -- I've been sick since the Chicago show. I can't imagine being sick on a bus though. Poor baby.

The Chicago Show was awesome. Best show I've seen in a long time. I'm excited about the new album.

Feel better.

<3 lindsay

zuravin said...

this entry put a lump in my throat towards the end... its a different experience altogether to look up to someone who is more confused and lonely then you are... i wish i could have met you before listening to your music, before being a fan.. i think we could have been great friends in another life or something.. take it easy...