Saturday, October 04, 2008

to my american comrades....PLEASE REGISTER!!!!


often i'm out on the road at registration time, but this time, i'm in europe. so i can only heckle you via email.

many people don't realize that in most states if you're not registered to vote by Monday, you can't vote in the presidential election in november.

then start asking everyone you know if they are registered to vote! before you say hello, ask, "hey, are you registered to vote here in (name of town)? 'cause the deadline is monday, and you have to be registered where you live." (Click here to find out what the deadline is in your state and click here to find out what the procedures are to sign up and vote. If you are a college student and want to find out where your vote counts most, click here.)

for the next couple of days, each of us has to do whatever we can to get people registered. especially people who have recently moved, or students who are at college (students can vote where they go to school). obama's two strongest bases -- young people and african americans -- are traditionally the two groups who have the lowest voter registration and the lowest voter turnout. for obama to win, this must change -- and it has to change today or tomorrow, not next week.

the more enlightened states allow you to register the day you vote.

but in most places the deadline to register is this Monday, October 6th at 5pm.


(lifted in part from michel moore's mass mailing!)




Anonymous said...

Sing It!

Caroline said...

A few friends and I went out to register voters yesterday.
22 black voters registered, probably most of them going to vote for Obama. There was this one black woman, a janitor at the cafe where we stopped to get a drink, who dragged all her friends over with this manic smile and told us not to let them walk off because they were gonna vote, and if not she was gonna kick their asses!
Pretty much made my day, no lies.
I may not be able to vote yet but I can go out and harass others to, dammit!

Chris the t-rex said...

As someone who has done some voter reg drives in my day I just wanna say thanks to you for posting/talking about some political matters and encouraging your listeners to get informed and involved.

I have always put a lot of stock in the political power of artists. I mean real artists not music label profit products.

AMANDA FOR PRESIDENT.... orrr something as important like White House pianist.

Blackbeard said...


You talked politics briefly at your show in DC three years ago.

I liked that you played War Pigs, but boy are we tired of hearing celebs tell us what to think/how to vote/who to be.