Wednesday, December 20, 2006

nine awesome things


since i often use this as a tablet in which to mourn the negative aspects of my existence, i thought i would share some nice/awesome things to make up for all the recent darkness.

then, of course, i will follow up quickly with a very dark and self-absorbed post.
blogging karma.

1. last night i watched THE ENITRE INDIANA JONES TRILOGY...yes, all three, back to back, me & cormac in our pyjamas, pomegranate juice, pumpkin and corn soup, fresh guac and chips and gingersnap cookies. we took a break between each episode and walked around cormac's neighborhood in chilly moonlit allston, in our pyjamas, coats and hats and scarfs. raiders is classic, temple of doom sucked even MORE than i remember it sucking (WTF with that one???? did they fire ALL the good writers? ech...) and last crusade was a triumphant comeback. very few movie stars i could actually admit wanting to bang, and harrison ford is one of them (jack nicholson is another, and i think the only other is heathers-era christian slater...maybe judd nelson from breakfast club...ok, and maybe buster keaton). anyway, it was AWESOME. only the penitent man shall pass.

2. i managed to get ALL of my christmas shopping done in UNDER three hours by deciding i would but NOTHING BUT BOOKS for all of loved ones. luckily the amazing harvard book store was at my disposal and i walked through it's graceful aisles and i found something for everyone. i overfilled one eeuuuuge shopping basket and had come back with my car because i couldn't carry it all. spoiler: here were multiple copies purchased for various friends of "towelhead" by elicia erian (AWESOME). i am free.

3. cafe pamplona, which is cosmically located one block away from the zero arrow theater where we are putting on The Onion Cellar, has had garlic soup almost every day i've been in. they also added an extensive tea menu to their kitchen. need i say more? it's AWESOME. i sit there, journal in hand, and feel bliss unending.

4. my apartment is a fucking mess but i DONNNNNNNNN'T CARE. i haven't opened my mail for two weeks. i used to get excited about opening packages in the mail and now i get excited that i have the willpower to step over the pile without feeling anxious. it feels: AWESOME.

5. during my book shopping, i found a coffee table book of bansky's work. i didn't know he was so known and published. if you don't know his shit because you live outside the UK, go look and feel hope for the universe and the future of art and mankind: he's: AWESOME.

6. sand from someone's hair from the sky from the theater in my bed. music left like a gift. AWESOME.

7. december and NO SNOW. global warming blows but AAAAHHHHH AWESOME.

8. coconut green tea from tealuxe alone every morning. my apartment. alone. my piano, untuned. my CD collection. my clothes. all the things i miss about my life. FUCKING AWESOME.

9. being able to look at my life next month and actually see blank days and time to do WHAT I be able to say yes instead of always no no no, i can't, i'm sorry, i'm be able to choose what i am doing instead of being a slave to an unrelenting an unfamiliar gift....time to spend around things that make me happy, time to make music, time to write, time to collaborate, time to read, time to listen to music again without irritation, time to clean, time to sew, time to drink, time to plan, time to laze, time to travel, time to sleep, time to be around good and nurturing company, time to breathe out, time to waste.....time to do AWESOME and i've waited so fucking long to get here....

next installment: compliments, complaints and reflections about the current theatrical state of things. i'm over the worst of it.

we're doing nine shows a week. brutal but not as hard as it sounds. it's like vegas, i assume.
for those of you who are local and coming to the onion cellar, instructions to follow.

holiday cheere



10: this was just too perfect not to add but i had to come back and edit the post. as soon as i posted this, i literally i got up from the computer and went to the bathroom to pee and my cell phone was in my back pants pocket and LANDED IN THE BLOODY FUCKING TOILET. i fished it out and and it's FINE. it turned right back on, lit up like a fucking christmas tree. god is on my side. c'mon. must i point out how AWESOME that is? i think not.



Anonymous said...

mmm i just drank half a glass of vodka . awesome? i often keep my cell phone in my back pocket. it has come close to a watery death many times. i'm glad "god" had the good grace to allowed you to stay connected during the holiday season. by the way christmas fucking sucks. be glad you've purchased all your presents in one fell swoop. i wanted to knit caps for close friends. but i don't have the time or energy to do it. so off to the store it is. depressing. =( fuck

Anonymous said...

Funny you mention Banksy - I took a photo of one of his pieces while standing in the queue for the Roundhouse show:

ainsley said...

Your cell phone must be the messiah of all technology. I'm glad things are going well, this blog made me smile.
Wishing you the best,

Anonymous said...

That's a good book. He's brought out a few; i think some were self-produced/-published.

'S good to see you're in better humour.

Hunger For The Great Light said...

I have to say, I agree 110% with you on "Temple". It blows pretty hard. And not in the fun way. ;)

Glad to see there are, in fact, rays of sunlight in the darkness for you.


Anonymous said...

thanks for that post amanda, it made me laugh and grin a few times, and i really needed that. your entries always have a strange ability to make me feel better after i read them. i just smile and picture you sitting on your couch/bed watching movies and i am happy that you are happy. sometimes all we need in life is to hold on and wait for the good to arrive. it always does, eventually. sending some holiday cheer right back at you...

Anonymous said...

i love reading your entries. i check the website when i've got lab in school, and they always cheer me up and keep me going for the remainder of the school day. you're lucky you've finished your xmas shopping! i'll probably end up buying everything at Joie De Vivre on Mass Ave on christmas eve. i'm hoping i can see The Onion Cellar, i live nearby (winchester) but my parents are uber conservative, and i'm a little skeptical of whether or not they would approve or take me. merry christmas:)

andrea said...

Perfect Fucking Time for you to post an entry. After the revealing night I had yesterday, that's left me all to unsure about things and with a headache this morning, i needed a little reminder of the good things out there. Books, tea, friends, art, valued alone time, being free in my life to just be me (when I have the time, of course)...I almost forgot what was important to me. Anyways, thank you, sincerely. You really did help me today.

And number 10 is on my list for best laugh of the day. It's a sign of new, good things.

All my love,


andrea said...

and now I must come back too and add that when I read this that "towelhead" sounded familiar, so after posting my comment I looked it up. And yes, i found this book in a bookstore before, read the back, thought it sounded interesting, and set it back down with the hopes of coming back to buy it...and then completely forgot about it until now. Again, thanks for reminding me.


Irene said...
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Irene said...

You totally deserve this Vacation.

I want it to Snow.

Apparently MA is too big for the both of us SO....

Either you mud wrestle for it


go to your all expense paid trip to Acapulco.

Anonymous said...

Pomegranate juice is liquid heaven. Yay for free time! You so totally deserve it after working so hard on tour and such. Isn't it blissfull to just have time to do whatever you want? May I recommend that you go and see Body Worlds? I know that you were interested in seeing it and I am not sure if you got the chance to but you should go with a sketch book and a small group of good friends. Oh, and pay the extra dough to get the audio tour. It is so mandatory...

Since I am not sure if you really read your comments (i know it is hard when there are so many) I am going to try and make this really eye catching...







fuck i am a loser.

goodbye, and hello, as always.

eleanor ruby said...

you need to learn to keep your phone AWAY from the toilet, dear. really!

- michelle

[Lucent][Victrola] said...

I'm glad you're not all bitterness and sadness at this time :)

I HATE Christmas shopping. So I'm avoiding it by sewing octopus dolls for each of my close friends (long story involving evil squid, secret agencies, and the infamous and fictional Cup Coral Gang), making paper flowers for my mom, teaming up with my mom to buy a DVD player for my dad, and that's the end of it. Happiness.

Thank you for introducing me to those beautiful Bansky photographs; they are works of genius.

Okay, Sing just came on my iPod (Yeah, I know, they're evil, but they're so damn convenient. It's a necesary evil.), so I'll take a short break from typing to close my eyes and sing along at the top of my lungs ♫

GOD, I adore that song. So inspirational and beautiful. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you're having fun

♥ Miranda

atonalruss said...

Your post was exactly what I needed to start my morning. I'm off to the Middle East in two days - Doha, Qatar to be exact. My first ever visit, I'll be spending ten days there and then four in London on the way back. Then I'll see you at the Onion Cellar on closing night. Glad your past the worst of it with the OC. And I don't know what the fuck the dealio was with Temple of Doom - I couldn't agree with you more. But I can't seem to bring myself to watch just I and III, without putting that crapfest inbetween. Crazy

Anonymous said...

Heh... This was awesome. :) Way to 'count your blessings' You rock.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to see this.

Jonathan said...

You are a braver person than I, Gunga Din, to actually voluntarily watch Raiders II. I knew it was going to be bad right from the start. Just compare the beginnings of Raiders to Temple:

Raiders: Scary, fascinating journey through the jungle, into the cave, solving problems, getting caught, avoiding death

Temple: Big fancy dance routine with way over the top violence (a true harbinger of things to come).

Also, check this link out for what to do if your cell phone gets wet:

Jonathan said...

Sorry, link got truncated:

marisa takes a chance said...

my bestfriend tries to write down nine things she loved about her day and seven things she likes about herself every day :] seems like a good daily ritual.

response to each good thing:

1. sounds like a great night. annnd MAJOR props for wanting to bang Jack Nicholson and Breakfast Club-esque Judd Nelson. especially Breakfast Club-esque Judd Nelson, he's to die for in that movie. Comedy Central is playing Breakfast Club all weekend and i'm watching right now.

2. oh my goodness. i wish i had finished my christmas shopping early, but i actually had to hitch a ride from my friends' brother to go shopping on friday, last-minute cram shopping x.< i couldn't find what i wanted to get and i was ready to throw a FIT. ergh.

3. ahhh the comfort of a cafe. i would like to feel unending bliss for a while.

4. HAHAHA. i'm supposed to be moving in a month and my room is... basically what you'd expect to see as a result of a tornado passing through. it's horrendous. and my mother and i have fallen into the habit of not retrieving our mail for weeks at a time. i'm pretty sure the mailman hates us ^^;

5. haven't heard of him, but i'll be sure to look him up ;D

6. uhm... pardone me?

7. NO EFFING WAY! sadl;hgasdlkfj. no snow in december... means no snow for christmas... means i'm horribly depressed. oh gosh. global warming ruined my holiday :[ it doesn't feel like christmas to me.

8. coconut green tea... that sounds charming.

9. oh goodness, sounds like my current situation, only on a larger scale. i've finally reached break. finally. last week i figured i'd either kill myself or make it to the end of friday. ALL TESTS, QUIZZES, LAB REPORTS, ANALYSES, AND THESIS PAPERS ARE DONE. thankyou baby jesus.

wow. your cellphone probably hates you for dropping it in the toilet. that's pretty nasty. ahahaha, but if it's a-ok then, well, you must be one of god's favorites :]

hasta luego,

Anna said...

At the final performance of the play, I asked if I could touch the sand. Just one small handful. Please?


But...but I know Nicole!

Still nope. It's silica fiberglass (or something). Now you know. Run along!

Manda said...

go get your mail AMANDA.
your package from me should be coming soon.

Len Tower MIT '71 said...
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Len Tower Jr. said...


if you want an Onion Cellar,

go and create an Onion Cellar.

professional hi-brow theatre companies

punk carbaret rock group

are contrary to what i understand of the joint ...

(though with value of their own)

best -len

ps the Gunther Grass story, now heard of, is on my to-read list, even on the part of it, i'll get to it in this life.

Anonymous said...

My cell phone fell into the toilet at a restaurant once and I fished it out covered in pee, washed it with soap and water and left it to dry for two months not expecting it to work. I pressed the on button after forgetting about it for that time and was surprised when it actually turned on. It still works 4 years later, it is a magic cell phone.

Sebastian said...

My cell phone once fell into a canal in France (well, i fell into a canal in France and had it with me)and it was dead and out for five month. Then it miraculously came back from its coma and kept on working just fine. However the whole experience seems to have traumatized it because whenever I'm close to a lot of water like the sea or big lakes my phone blacks out and won't come back until I left the proximity of the hostile water world and it is save again.

ps: I really liked your gig in Berlin. thanks a lot for that

mdhatter said...

banksy has that same thing you've got.

June Miller said...

'it just broke off it's track and jutted out of it's window-bed like a huge menacing triangle. it wouldn't roll up or down, it was just stuck and letting in all of the freezing rain.'

No way in fucking hell. My passenger-side window is EXACTLY the fucking same; menacing triangle and all. And it's been unseasonably chilly in California, lately.

Pinch the window edge and just...wiggle it...a bit. Upward. Like, without breaking the glass. That's how I got mine to go up a little.

Caffeinated Cassadie said...
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