Thursday, May 05, 2005

Christpher Lydon

Christopher Lydon just emailed me and told me that he owes me dinner.
I think I'm going to die.


Zozo said...

If that happened to me I would have a seizure, anneurism, and a stroke all in the same milisecond. Good luck. I hope none of those things happen to you.

I can't spell and I'm proud of it.

Zozo said...

Wait, is dying better or worse to you than what I said? I'd rather die. Just an afterthought.

loser said...

who is theis christopher guy, i think im missing somthing ?

loser said...

who is this christopher guy, i dont get it ?

sushiesque said...

Christopher Lyden who, you know, denounced her love.

Stephanie said...

christopher lydon is one of the songs on A is for accident, he is a radio guy into which she proclaimed her undying love for... one of the best songs..and he shot her down... .. now the question is, will she take the chance to go to dinner with him.... hmmmmmm

catastrophecashier said...

Look out, Commanda! He's looking to hitch a ride on your rising star!

Zozo said...

Okay, I slept on what I said first. I realize it may seem that I am mocking you. I am not. I am sorry. I make myself want to vomit when I do this to people. Am I coming off as a hypochondriac? Well, I'm half hypochondriac so it could be.

I send my love to you.

Matthatter182 said...

Careful, kid.

MintyFreshDeathThreat said...

My grandma once called into NPR and Ira Glass picked up. She got so excited that she hung up on him. I always enjoy that anecdote, what with NPR being the background hum of my very existence. I'm happy for you Amanda.

Stu said...

christopher lydon is my favourite song from a is for accident, i hope you play it when you come to the uk next, i've been to see you twice in london now, and shook both your hands, (amanda said my t shirt was cool :D) but it would be amazing if you could play it live, i think i'd die through bliss

MarkFarley said...

Hi There Guys,

I saw you play at the London Astoria with Nine Inch Nails and I just wanted to say how impressed I was. You guys really rocked and I think there was a lot of people in the crowd who really appreciated you aswell.

I know you are up for a bunch of shows again over here in the Summer, the Patti Smith/Brecht show at RFH and Glastonbury, Festivals in Hyde Park and Download but will you be treating us to your own show here in London?

Plus, my friend is doing the Patti Smith show and was wondering what your set will comprise of... covers or your own stuff?

PS I loved the Morning Becomes Eclectic set aswell, you did "backstabber" aswell as the astoria show, where can I get that? Is there another album that I do not know about?

The album is beautiful also, please come and see my blog if u have time. xx

emma said...

I saw you Saturday night in Chicago, and thought you were absolutely amazing and breathtaking... when you came on stage I couldn't wait for you to get off so Trent could come on, but once you started playing, I found myself wishing you'd never get offstage. I went out and bought the CD the next day. Incredible, I'm not even kidding. You were one of the best live acts I've seen in a long time. So... thank you.

Plus, an added bonus, when I started listening to your CD, I got snapped out of writer's block. So thanks for that as well.

rain rain go away, come again another day said...

whoa..shit..that song is enough by itself to make me want to kick this cat's face in, and I'm not even a particularly violent person. STAY AWAY FROM HIM, although I'm sure you are more then intelligent enough to do this without having to have a million random people tell you :D. Have a good day, and keep away from the leeches

ixnay said...

"I saw you Saturday night in Chicago, and thought you were absolutely amazing and breathtaking... when you came on stage I couldn't wait for you to get off so Trent could come on, but once you started playing, I found myself wishing you'd never get offstage. I went out and bought the CD the next day. Incredible, I'm not even kidding. You were one of the best live acts I've seen in a long time. So... thank you."

I absolutely feel the same way.

emma said...

i find myself checking back here to see if there's more.
i find myself constantly listening to your cd and wishing for more.
i find myself far loving the dresden dolls.

Jen said...

I took my friend to go see your show at Northern Lights for her birthday and she bought your live album. We discussed that particular song for a good portion of the ride home. It’s such a brave expression, the perfect juxtaposition of confidence and vulnerability. Beautiful.
Anyway I saw you at Hammerstein last night as well. Just want to express my deep love and appreciation for your music, humor, and intellect. Oh and the fact that you dig Arcade Fire just won you brownie points like whoa in my book. Not that you needed them of course.

Be well.

Nessa said...

Go, darling, but please don't die. In my humble opinion, these things have a way of working out...not necessarily for the best or worse. I think its always good to see the bad man in person. He never looks as shiny in person as he does in your mind.

AudreyVan said...

oh my god. i just saw and MET you guys at the electric factory last night. you guys put on a great show every time. it was so fantastic getting to hug you guys and actually tell you how much i love you.
keep on keep on, i'm loving it!
i wish you guys could've played longer, although NIN was awesome too.


m said...

i too saw you guys at the electric factory shows in philadelphia.
i was impressed to say the least, and now your cd is eating up all the cd players in my home and car.
you signed my posters :)
thank you, thank you. thank you.


Mindesign said...

I'm not sure why you allow some posts comments and some not but I was happy to find you blog...I've been listening to DD for the past...when was the NIN Chicago show again? I'm blurred...well since then when before the show I was told not to expect anything great from DD then I was sitting there and they start to play..(you start to play) and I think I said "Damn" like 20 times, I was...very impressed. anyway, good luck in your artistic adventures, i love what I've heard so far, which isn't A LOT. Girl Anachronism rocks my face off though.

wild harpie said...

Dear Amanda,
I don’t have any idea if you are going to read this comment, being from a previous post... Anyway, maybe you do. My name is Maria and I had the chance to see you live in México City last Thursday. I not a NIN fan but I work for a kind of newspaper from another city and I went to review the concert. I have to say that I didn’t knew you existed, but before the concert I went and bought your cd, and the songs I could hear on my way to the Palacio de los Deportes leave me breathless. I was kind of curious to se Trent, but you guys made my day. After NIN, I had to get back to my car, cause I left it outside the parking lot and I was kind of afraid someone would steal it (u know, is Mexico city...) so I couldn’t go to see you signing autographs. Nevertheless, I’m very happy I had the opportunity to se you on stage. If you ever want to come back to Mexico, on a "pleasure trip", you have a house waiting for you.
I’m very impressed with you work, and your writing is amazing. I decided to post this comment instead of writing you by email because I think is a little more personal (running the risk that you would never read it).
I’m 27, a translator and I studied philosophy, so if you ever need some Mexican girl to work with u or a friend, ill be delighted.
Good luck!
A kiss, maría

quadrophenic said...

Hi. I wanted to post a comment for may 18th, but its not possible. So I'll write here, anyway. Hope you get to read it.

I just wanted to say: Hell! its fucking David Bowie! Cool!


I really like your music because it's quite different from everything else I hear around. And its dramatic. yeah. and I too have scars on my arms.


BlackReflections said...

I would... god go for it. Make sure you go. Make sure you take the oppurtunity. You will regret it for so many of your days if you don't.
*smiles slightly*

Simone said...

Amanda, did you go for dinner with him then?

androgenouskim said...

i just have to say that you both are really great,intelligent song writers. and mad props to amanda palmer i know exactly how it feels to be a girl anachronism yes being falsely diagnosed and unheard and put on so many stupid antideppressants and other anti meds and always feeling stupid, and numb and under thier mind control just to fill their fucking bank accounts. brilliant. i would love to see you both play. very talented and true and passionately sincere musicians you both are.

androgenous kim